A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Greene Corporation Exposed

I’m absolutely certain that he’s the man from before. He was on board the rigged cruise ship and even tried to kidnap me. Yet, he must have told me about the bomb by accident. In the end, he saved my life and allowed me to escape unscathed. Nevertheless, why is he here?

As Arielle pondered over the man’s sudden appearance, she heard a voice that jolted her out of her thoughts. “Sannie, there’s something I forgot to mention. Although he’s a new transfer student in our class, he has been absent every single day. He only drops by to ask if you are present. If you aren’t here, he leaves without a second glance. It’s like he transferred to Jadeborough University with the sole intention of meeting you.”

When Arielle caught wind of this, she was even more confused.

Clearly, this man has his sights set on me. But why? Is he a potential ally or foe?

Instinctively, Arielle glanced at the man in question, only to realize that he was looking at her too. When they locked gazes, the corners of his lips upturned into a s**y smirk.

Arielle scowled and looked away.

At the same time, Marcus finally recovered from his initial shock. “Are you sure you want to purchase this necklace for one hundred million?” he asked Aaron.

“That’s right,” Aaron confirmed with a nod. “Is there anyone else who wants to bid a higher price?” he questioned casually.

Wendy could not help but bite her bottom lip in frustration.

Initially, she assumed things would go according to plan because Arielle was not participating in this bid. Yet, there was an unexpected turn of events.

Worse yet, she could not overcome this hitch.

Although the Greenes could afford to pay one hundred million, Wendy was sure that her mother would disapprove of her lavish spending. One hundred million was too outrageous of a price for a mere necklace.

Reluctantly, Wendy lowered her paddle.

“One hundred million going once, going twice, sold!”

Bang! The gavel was slammed against the sound block, indicating that the necklace now belonged to Aaron.

Now that the hefty transaction was complete, everyone else lost interest in the subsequent biddings.

In the meantime, news about the Greenes caused an uproar on the internet.

Horrington’s Greene Corporation is under suspicion for monopolizing local merchants, causing the demise of many smaller businesses.

Greene Corporation is accused of bribing local bureaucrats and breaching Chanean laws. It has been revealed that they are involved in the illegal sales of guns and drugs.

Greene Corporation selfishly put their workers’ lives at risk and ignored the interests of their consumers. Their poor-quality projects are nothing but a scam.

One by one, these articles exposed the truth behind Greene Corporation. Furthermore, these reports were backed with concrete evidence that ranged from photographs to eyewitness reports.

Not long after these articles were posted, the Specialized Forces published an official announcement stating that they had launched an official investigation into Greene Corporation. Through this investigation, they had obtained all the relevant evidence and information regarding Greene Corporation’s nefarious deeds.

Once this news was released, netizens were both furious and shocked.

Oh my God! I read an article that said that the lousy bridge Greene Corporation built collapsed! Many workers and pedestrians lost their lives in this tragedy. Yet, there wasn’t any news reported about this incident. It’s obvious that Greene Corporation colluded with the local government to bury this matter!

Although I knew that most businessmen are good-for-nothings, I didn’t realize the true extent of their cruelty and greediness. In their eyes, human lives must be even less significant than ants!

We need them to get to the bottom of this!

Boycott all of Greene Corporation’s products!

Greene Corporation should be shut down as soon as possible!

I also heard that the daughter of Greene Corporation’s chairman is a well-known prima donna. She has earned this nickname due to her difficult temperament and horrible temper!

All of a sudden, Daniel’s phone was buzzing with endless notifications.

When he read the news, all the blood seemed to drain from his face as his cheeks turned deathly pale. He was so stunned that his entire body shook like a leaf in the wind.

How could this be? I spent my blood, sweat, and tears burying this news. Why was it suddenly leaked to the internet?

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