A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Flee

“Mr. Greene, I have bad news! The Specialized Forces have sent their men here!” His subordinate barged into the room in a frenzy.

“The Specialized Forces?” The news was so shocking that Daniel collapsed to the floor as he began to break out in a cold sweat.

Usually, the Specialized Forces only investigated corporations located in Jadeborough. This was because their main headquarters were also based in the same location. Hence, they rarely handled matters in Horrington.

When the Specialized Forces were first established, Daniel made sure to keep a low profile, as he didn’t want to attract their attention. However, as time passed, he assumed they would not inspect other corporations outside of Jadeborough. Hence, Daniel revealed his true colors and made reckless decisions.

Who knew that these online articles had incited the Specialized Forces to come knocking at his door?

Who on earth leaked it to the internet? These articles are all filled with the most nefarious deeds! Even if only one of the articles was published, it would be enough to cause my demise.

“Who is the culprit behind this?” Daniel was infuriated that the veins scattered across his forehead had protruded. Judging from his crazed appearance, it was clear that he was beyond livid.

“Mr. Greene, please calm down!” The subordinate tried to soothe Daniel’s temper. “Let us form a plan first. They are currently at the entrance. It looks like they plan to capture us for interrogation.”

Finally, Daniel seemed to regain his senses. With the help of his subordinate, he rose to his feet. “Block them! We can’t let them step foot inside.”

In the past, every suspect captured by the Specialized Forces had spilled the beans once they were interrogated.

Even if Daniel could withstand their secretive methods of questioning, there was no guarantee that his subordinates would not betray him.

“You need to make sure that they are stopped,” Daniel stressed.

“Yes, Sir!” Without another word, the man rushed to carry out Daniel’s orders.

In the blink of an eye, he instructed all the guards to stall the Specialized Forces.

As soon as he relayed the message, his phone vibrated with another incoming notification. It was another breaking news article about the Greenes.

In haste, Daniel’s subordinate hurtled upstairs to report this news.

As Daniel scanned the article, he realized it was about that time when he ordered his men to kidnap Arielle at Jadeborough University.

The man who had exposed this incident was none other than the mercenary he hired.

In the video, the mercenary was dressed in a hospital gown. There was a dazed and empty look in his eyes as he recounted the incident.

After the video ended, footage from Jadeborough University’s surveillance cameras was also released. The high-quality footage clearly depicted Daniel’s car leaving Jadeborough University. Worst yet, his face was also captured in the video.

With such glaring evidence against him, Daniel had nothing left to defend himself.

Promptly, Daniel’s legs gave way as he nearly crumpled to the floor again.

Similarly, his subordinate was also stricken with panic.

After all, the incident regarding the loss of workers’ lives could be compensated with money. They could also find a few scapegoats to take the blame for the illegal transactions of guns and drugs.

However, if Daniel was charged with attempted murder, there would be no way left for him to escape because the surveillance footage depicted Daniel’s face in it.

“Mr. Greene, what do we do?” his subordinate mumbled fearfully.

All of a sudden, a light bulb lit up in Daniel’s head.

“I get it now! Vinson must be the one behind all this. That b*stard has been keeping tabs on me ever since he found out I tried to kidnap Arielle!”

“Mr. Greene, now isn’t the time to figure out who the culprit is! We need to think of an escape route. The guards won’t be able to hold them back for long!”

Meanwhile, loud yells echoed from the entrance. “Please stop resisting and cooperate with our investigation. We will have to force our way in if you do not open the door!”

“Mr. Greene!”

“Let’s flee first!” Daniel clenched his jaw in determination. “Since this is the second floor, we can jump out of the bedroom window.”

“Yes, Sir!”

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