A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Knack For Seducing Men

With that, both men quickly locked the bedroom door and leaped out of the window.

Unfortunately, Daniel was not as agile as his subordinate. The heavy fall caused him to sprain his waist.

“Mr. Greene!” His subordinate scurried over to help him as the duo stumbled to the road and hailed a taxi.

Once they entered the car, Daniel finally remembered about Cecilia and Wendy.

With lightning speed, Daniel dialed Cecilia’s number.

Back at Jadeborough University, the charity auction was drawing to an end. Right now, the buyers were heading backstage to pay for their bids.

Since all attendees were required to put their phones on silent mode throughout the auction, Cecilia missed Daniel’s urgent call.

Deep down, Cecilia was resentful of the sculpture that she had bid. Even so, she could not go back on her word because doing so would humiliate Wendy.

Left with no choice, Cecilia headed backstage to pay for the sculpture, with Wendy tagging along.

Along the way, Wendy could not help but ask, “Mom, has Mrs. Nightshire changed her mind?”

Immediately, a dark look loomed across Cecilia’s face. “Despite our best efforts, she remains as stubborn as ever. When I return, I’m going to have a chat with your dad. He’ll teach the Nightshires a lesson!”

“What?” Wendy was aghast by Cecilia’s words. “It’s fine if you threaten her, but you shouldn’t actually take action! If you do so, Mrs. Nightshire will make my life a living hell once I marry Vinson.”

“Relax, I’ll buy a mansion in Jadeborough for the two of you. This way, you don’t have to see Susanne on a daily basis. You won’t be pestered by her, too. Besides, what can she do? As time passes, she will simply forget about this incident.”

Despite Cecilia’s response, Wendy was still unconvinced that this was the best way to deal with Susanne.

However, she recalled the times when Arielle had repeatedly put her to shame. Susanne only had eyes for Arielle now.

Aside from brute force, there would be no other way to convince Susanne.

“All right,” Wendy agreed with Cecilia’s plan as she nodded, albeit rather reluctantly.

When they arrived backstage, Wendy instantly caught sight of Aaron.

Although Aaron had to pay a hefty sum of one hundred million, he didn’t even bat an eye. Given his nonchalance, it seemed like one hundred million was merely a number instead of a price tag.

Similarly, Aaron caught Cecilia’s attention. With a hushed whisper, she asked, “Wendy, when I came to visit you, I heard that he’s also a student enrolled in the preparatory class. Why haven’t I seen him before? Is he well-off?”

Upon hearing that, Wendy felt conflicted. “I’m not sure. You shouldn’t pay him any mind,” she replied with a shake of her head.

“Why? It won’t hurt to be acquaintances with him if he’s from a rich background.”

Without waiting for her daughter’s response, Cecilia began to head toward Aaron.

“Hi there,” Cecilia called out, only to notice Aaron approaching Arielle.

Cecilia came to an abrupt halt with a puzzled look on her face.

As such, Wendy seized this opportunity to block Cecilia’s path. “Mom, he only has his sights set on Arielle. He even humiliated me with money. It’s best if you ignore him.”

I can never forget how he disregarded me when I tried to give him a tour around the library.

“That wench! She has a true knack for seducing men.” Cecilia quickly took out her phone, intending to snap a picture and send it to Susanne.

Coincidentally, Daniel called her again.

To her surprise, Cecilia realized that Daniel had left countless missed calls.

What on earth happened? Why is he looking for me so urgently?

Nevertheless, Cecilia rejected his call and aimed her camera toward Arielle and Aaron.

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