A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Wendy Chickened Out

Initially, Wendy wanted to give Arielle an earful as well, but she chickened out when Aaron’s sharp gaze shifted toward her.

Just as Wendy tried to stop her mother, Cecilia opened her mouth.

“Did you know that my daughter, Wendy, was almost engaged to Vinson? During their engagement, this b*tch barged in and ruined everything! You must not be aware of her devious nature. Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance. She is nothing but a sheep in wolf’s clothing!” Cecilia remarked heatedly.

In an attempt to escape from Aaron’s arms, Arielle struggled and tried to squirm her way out.

Nevertheless, her efforts were futile. Aaron’s iron-like grip rendered her utterly immobile.

Upon hearing Cecilia’s words, Arielle came to a halt as she tried to defend herself. Before she could open her mouth, though, she heard Aaron’s cold voice echo in the air. “How noisy. Slap her.”

The moment Aaron gave the order, two guards in sleek black suits seemed to materialize out of thin air.

Before Wendy and Cecilia could react, one of the guards grabbed hold of Cecilia while the other lashed his palm across her cheek without hesitation.

Slap! The sound was so loud that it echoed in the air. Promptly, silence descended over the entire backstage area.

The guard’s slap was so strong that Cecilia’s head was whipped to the side. It took her several moments before she could regain her composure.

Wendy was the one who reacted first.

“Mom!” She hurried forward, wanting to rescue her mother from the guard’s grasps, but when she locked gazes with the bodyguard’s bloodthirsty glare, Wendy’s entire body froze up in fear.

It feels like he’s going to eat me alive.

Unable to move an inch, Wendy could only cry out pathetically, “Mom…”

“Listen up! If I ever hear you say such disgusting things about Arielle again, I’ll cut your tongue off!” Aaron thundered.

It was then Cecilia snapped back to reality.

Stinging pain flared across her cheek. When Cecilia caressed her face, she could feel it growing swollen from the blow she had endured. “D-Did you just hit me?” Cecilia questioned in a shrill voice.

“Oh? Have you not learned your lesson yet? I guess I’ll just have to teach you another one.”

Aaron glanced at his bodyguard again, and without warning, the guard sent his palm across Cecilia’s cheek.

The blow this time was much stronger than the last that Cecilia coughed, causing crimson blood to splatter across the floor. Along with her blood, a white tooth fell out of her mouth.

“Mom!” The grisly sight left Wendy anxious. Casting a glance toward Marcus, she pleaded, “Mr. Brown, please help!”

Throughout his entire life, Marcus had never witnessed such a shocking scene. When he heard Wendy’s desperate plea, he finally snapped back to his senses.

“Aaron, what on earth do you think you are doing! Instruct your men to let her go at once!”

Aaron scoffed and tilted his head to signal his men to stop. Following Aaron’s cue, the two bodyguards let go of Cecilia and vanished as quickly as they came.

Their sudden disappearance left the onlookers utterly tongue-tied.

The moment the guards let her go, Cecilia fell to her knees.

Finally, Wendy rushed forward to check on her mother. “Mom, are you all right? Your tooth…”

Remaining in her position on the floor, Cecilia kept quiet.

Wendy was panicking so badly that she didn’t know what to do in this situation.

Even though the incident had attracted a large crowd, most of them did not pity Cecilia at all.

“Serves her right for insulting my goddess!”

“Don’t you think something is going on between Arielle and Aaron, though? Look at how close they are.”

Their whispers knocked some sense into Arielle as she started struggling again. “Let go of me this instant!” she exclaimed furiously.

“Nope. Not gonna happen. What are you going to do, then?”

The sensual intonation of his words stirred up even greater misunderstanding amongst the gathered crowd.

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