A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Locked In A Face Off

Arielle was thoroughly infuriated by him.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to stomp on Aaron’s foot with full force. However, the latter seemed to have read her mind as he dodged her incoming attack.

When Arielle missed, a pink blush dusted her cheeks. “Let me go!” she roared.

Marcus also stepped forward and tried to help Arielle. “Aaron, how could you act like this on a school campus? Let go of Arielle right now!”

Aaron’s brows pinched together into a frown. Just as Aaron opened his mouth to reply, a gust of frigid wind swept through the area.

Swiftly, Aaron pushed Arielle out of the way as he dodged backward.

In the next moment, a sharp dagger hurtled through the air where Aaron once stood before embedding itself into the front wall.

If Aaron had not avoided this attack, the dagger would have pierced his heart.

Everyone was taken aback by the scene.

Was the slapping incident not enough? Where did this dagger come from?

The moment Aaron sensed the attack, he had his hackles raised. Swiftly, he looked in the direction where the dagger had come from.

After gaining her long-awaited freedom, Arielle quickly backed away from Aaron before turning in the same direction, too.

Immediately, she caught sight of a broad-shouldered man who was dressed entirely in black. There was an icy look gleaming in his dark eyes.

This intimidating man was none other than Vinson himself.

Instantly, Arielle’s eyes lit up with joy. “Vinson!”

In big steps, Vison crossed the room. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he murmured softly.

When Vinson addressed Arielle, the coldness in his eyes was replaced with affectionate warmth.

The woman shook her head. Vinson’s presence alone made her giddy with joy. I thought he was still in Horrington.

“It’s you.” Despite the smile on Aaron’s face, his eyes were devoid of any amusement.

Vinson shifted his attention back to Aaron again. This man is a stranger.

Narrowing his eyes, Vinson questioned, “Who are you?” A domineering aura began to surge from his body.

“Me?” Aaron smirked and sneaked a glance at Arielle as he spoke. “I’m her man.”

Promptly, Vinson’s mood took a drastic turn.

With lightning speed, Vinson lunged forward and clamped his hand around Aaron’s throat.

When the latter noticed how quickly Vinson had closed the distance between them, disbelief flitted across his eyes.

Vison’s speed was frighteningly fast that even Aaron, who had been trained in martial arts ever since he was young, could not keep up.

How is this possible?

“Do you want to repeat yourself?” Vinson spat with clenched teeth. Mercilessly, he tightened his vicious grip around Aaron’s throat. It seemed like Vinson was moments away from snapping his neck.

The throbbing pain finally caused Aaron to return to his senses.

Despite the dangerous situation, Aaron did not even flinch. “As expected of the famous Mr. Nightshire. Your skills are impressive, but are you sure you can escape unharmed if you kill me here?” Aaron goaded him with a smug grin.

“I don’t know. Can I?”

When Vinson tried to make his move, a large group of bodyguards surrounded him in the blink of an eye.

“Do you really think you can stop me with these men?” Vinson sneered.

All of a sudden, a group of troops from the Specialized Forces rushed in.

As two groups confronted each other, the tension in the air was so thick that one could slice it with a knife.

Including Marcus, everyone else who had gathered in this area was at a loss for words.

With the appearance of the Specialized Forces, this face-off had escalated into something much deadlier than a mere fight.

“Mr. Nightshire, please keep in mind that you are on school grounds.” Marcus reminded. “C-Can’t you settle this somewhere else?”

As Marcus spoke, he looked at Arielle pleadingly. “Arielle, please say something.”

If both men engaged in a fight, this battle would have a negative impact on Jadeborough University’s reputation.

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