A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Shocked

Arielle understood Marcus’ concern. Thus, as much as she wanted to clarify things with Aaron, she hesitated and went to Vinson instead. “Let him go first, Vinson. You shouldn’t do this in a school, no matter what.”

Eyes flashing with hostility, Vinson looked as if he had completely lost control.

Having no other choice, Arielle could only pretend that she was injured. Drawing in a deep breath, she groaned, “Ouch! That hurts…”

His spine stiffening, Vinson finally loosened his grip on Aaron and turned over to hold her. “Where were you injured?”

Arielle immediately grasped his hands, shaking her head. “I wasn’t hurt, but please pull yourself together, Vinson. We’re in a school.”

Hearing that, Vinson clenched his teeth unwittingly. He could not believe he had just been carried away by his concern for her and had gotten fooled instead.

By the time he turned back toward Aaron, the latter had already moved almost ten meters away from him but was just as unwilling to back down.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Vinson Nightshire. Now that we’ve finally met, then let’s show each other what we’ve got!”

“Mr. Aaron!” His subordinate immediately hurried forward, whispering into his ear, “Vinson’s not just any other man. We can’t go head-to-head with him lest he discover our true identity. Think about the big picture! Since we’ve already done what we came here to do, then let’s get out of here now.”

Aaron was truly reluctant to do that.

It had not been easy grabbing hold of Arielle this time. He had even been thinking of bringing her straight back to Turlen with him.

He absolutely refused to leave just like that!

“Please, Mr. Aaron!” His subordinate’s eyes were red with desperation as he went on urgently, “We really have to leave now. Don’t forget that you still have another task!”

Hearing that, Aaron had no choice but to grit his teeth. He then waved his hand, signaling for them to leave.

However, Vinson stopped them from leaving.

“Stop them! Bring them back to the Specialized Forces!” came Vinson’s command suddenly.

The men from the Specialized Forces immediately charged forward to surround Aaron and his men.

However, in the same instant, Aaron retrieved an unknown object from his pocket and tossed it on the ground. A thick, yellow gas immediately rose from the ground and filled the air.

“Cover your noses!” Arielle called out at once, and those present instantly heeded her advice.

However, by the time the yellow gas dissipated, Aaron and his men were already nowhere to be seen.

Even Vinson, who was standing beside Arielle just a moment ago, had vanished as well.

Despite that, Arielle knew he was not abducted but had gone after Aaron instead, as she had heard his footsteps hurrying after them earlier.

Marcus was utterly stupefied.

“What on earth just happened? Is someone shooting a film here?”

“It was a smoke grenade. Not the type typically used by the military but custom-made in Manchernius,” Arielle explained.

“Will it cause any side effects?”

Arielle shook her head. “No. It’s just a colorless and odorless gas. It could cause weak hands and feet if too much is inhaled, but the effects should go away soon.”

Hearing that, Marcus hurriedly ordered everyone to open the windows backstage.

“This student… I can’t let him stay here anymore. I should make a police report. Yes, that’s what I should do!” he muttered as he pushed a window open.

“Don’t worry. I don’t think he’ll ever appear here again. Besides, there’s no need to go to the police. The Specialized Forces are already here,” Arielle responded.

Marcus froze for a moment and then scratched his head, somewhat embarrassed. “Gee, look at me.”

“This isn’t the time to worry about that chap, Mr. Brown. We should be reassuring the others instead,” Arielle reminded.

Only then did Marcus realize most of the students backstage had just been frightened out of their wits by what had just happened.

Students nowadays were mostly raised in protective bubbles. How many could possibly have experienced such a terrifying event before?

Even Wendy was still slumped limply on the floor next to her mother, unable to overcome the shock.

In fact, it was hardly a shortcoming on her part. After all, Vinson’s and Aaron’s auras were indeed exceedingly powerful and perhaps too much for ordinary people to handle.

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