A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Shut Up

“My God! What an embarrassment!”

“Do you guys remember how Wendy was just jeering at Arielle for bidding for something she couldn’t afford? Well, I just saw our goddess paying fifteen million without batting an eye! Looks like Wendy’s the one who’s really feigning affluence after all!”

The students from the preparatory class shook their heads in disdain.

“Tsk! Tsk! Our goddess just spent fifteen million on a vase for the sake of charity, unlike that mother-and-daughter duo, who cared only about challenging our goddess despite not having any money! What a disgrace indeed!”

Sharp-eared, Cecilia had no trouble overhearing those gossips and immediately bellowed in anger, “Shut up, all of you!”

“There’s no way our family can’t afford fifteen million,” Wendy stated coolly as well. “This machine’s definitely broken.”

The attendant shook his head. “No, I’m sure it’s fine. Arielle just made a payment of fifteen million a moment ago. Don’t you have another card?”

Arielle again!

Her fist clenched tightly, Wendy reached into her purse and whipped out her own card.

“Dad’s probably contracted a few big projects this month and used up all the credit limits. Here, Mom, use mine instead.”

Cecilia nodded in agreement, unable to find a better explanation for what was going on. “All right. Let’s use yours for now.”

Thus, Wendy nodded and confidently extended her card to the attendant. “There you go.”

The attendant reached for it expressionlessly. After performing a series of actions on the card machine, he returned it to Wendy again.

“I’m sorry, but your card was the same.”

“W-What?” Wendy’s face became dark as thunder, and her voice turned cold. “Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? How could my card not work as well?”

She knew for a fact that there was more than a hundred million in that card.

The attendant shrugged. “I don’t have the answer for that, but I did try that card twice with the same result. Do either of you have a spare card?”

Wendy’s jaw tensed as a wave of panic surged in her chest.

She had a sudden premonition that something had gone wrong with their family business.

However, she brushed that thought aside as quickly as it came.

After all, Greene Corporation was considered one of the most accomplished businesses in Horington. What trouble could they possibly face all of a sudden?

“No, my card is definitely fine. Besides, I haven’t even been spending much this month, so there’s no way it’s***t the credit limit. Please try it again.”

However, the attendant was already fed up with it.

“I just told you. I tried twice, and it still didn’t work. If neither of you has another card, then why don’t you step aside and give your bank a call to find out what went wrong? At least others could make their payments while you’re at it.”

Wendy had never been embarrassed because of money in her life before.

She glanced at her mother peevishly. “What’s going on, Mom?”

It was then that Arielle stepped in. “Why don’t you swipe my card? Then we’d know if it’s the machine’s problem.”

Wendy loathed Arielle with a passion. The thought of accepting her money was revolting to her.

However, she did want to find out if the machine was indeed being faulty.

Thus, the mother and daughter merely exchanged a glance, silently agreeing with Arielle’s suggestion.

A pleasant smile came upon the attendant’s face when he saw that it was Arielle. “Sure. Let’s try Arielle’s card, then.”

With that, he quickly ran through the same series of actions on the card machine again.

Seconds later, a long beep sounded from the machine, and the payment went through at once.

“Looks like the card machine works fine.” Arielle turned to Wendy with a half-smirk. “Now you owe me fifteen million, Wendy Greene. Don’t forget to pay me back, all right?”

She had not offered her help out of kindness. Far from it, she had done so with the sole intention to disgust Wendy.

That mother-and-daughter duo simply did not know how to watch their mouths, and it had finally gotten on her nerves.

Just as she had expected, the moment those words were uttered from her mouth, a look of plain disgust washed over Wendy’s face at once.

Seeing that, Arielle felt her mood instantly lifted.

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