A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 999

Chapter 999 She Did It To Disgust Her

Stomping her feet angrily, Wendy pointed at Arielle’s face, reprimanding her, “How dare you! You were deliberately doing that to disgust me, weren’t you?”

“Of course,” Arielle admitted openly. “It was your own fault for not having any money in your card, or I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so.”

“You!” Wendy was so mad she could barely catch her breath.

Thoughts flashed through her mind—how Arielle had slapped her mother and caused her to lose a tooth, how she herself had been forced to submit to Arielle time and time again, how she had been nicknamed a “nutcase” because of Arielle, and how Arielle was taunting her in front of everybody right now.

There was so much rage built-up in her that she simply could not suppress it anymore. Taking a large stride forward, she raised her palm and swung it toward Arielle’s cheek.

However, Arielle caught her hand mid-air.

Wendy merely stared at her, utterly stunned. She knew how much force she had used, and Arielle should not have been able to seize her wrist so easily.

Nevertheless, it just happened.

She immediately struggled to break free from Arielle’s grasp, but she soon realized her efforts were completely futile under Arielle’s powerful grip.

“Trying to hit me?” Arielle sneered.

Narrowing her eyes, she swiftly raised her other hand and landed a tight slap on Wendy’s face instead.

Not only was she already a woman with incredible physical strength, but she deliberately put her might into that blow as well. With that, Wendy’s cheek immediately swelled up with redness before everybody’s eyes.

“How dare—” Wendy immediately started to scream, but before she could get another word out, Arielle had landed another hard smack on her cheek.

Caught unawares, Wendy accidentally bit down on the insides of her cheek, and blood began dripping down the corner of her mouth at once.

Seeing that, Cecilia immediately hurried toward her.

However, she had barely taken two steps when two men from the Specialized Forces stepped forward to stop her, holding her back by the arms on both sides.

“Now, listen carefully!” Arielle swept her gaze across Cecilia and then turned back to Wendy, going on frostily, “I used to put up with your sh*t only because there was a reason to do so, but that reason no longer exists now. So, if you ever dare to disrespect me again, I will slap you over and over again until you stop. Do you understand?”


Arielle immediately cut her off with another smack. “I asked, do you understand?”



Another brutal slap hit her face.

“Don’t talk. Just nod.”

Wendy was unable to break free, nor was she able to strike back.

Face burning with pain and humiliation, she could only nod in submission.

Satisfied, Arielle finally retracted her hand. Shaking out her palm, which was sore from all that slapping, she turned to Marcus innocently. “You saw that I was only defending myself, didn’t you, Mr. Brown?”

Marcus decided to take Arielle’s side. “Yes, indeed, you were. How could you hit her, Wendy?”


Wendy stared at him, flummoxed and speechless.

A smile graced Arielle’s lips. Her mood was indeed significantly improved.

Then she approached Marcus, stating earnestly, “Although I was only defending myself, it looks like Wendy’s injuries are much more severe than mine. So, to make amends, I’m willing to leave this school on my own account.”

Marcus’ eyes widened in shock. “L-Leave this school? B-But Arielle, you only struck Wendy in self-defense. There’s no need to quit school because of that.”

“I’ve made up my mind, Mr. Brown. I’ll come over to sign the paperwork tomorrow.”

Marcus stared at her, utterly perplexed. “W-Why are you doing this, Arielle?”

Wendy was just as dumbstruck.

What is she trying to do? Was she just attending this school for fun? She’s leaving now that she’s had enough of it?

“I only came to this university to experience university life again. Now that I’ve gotten what I came for, then it’s about time for me to quit this place,” Arielle responded mildly.

Wendy listened in stupefaction, unable to believe her guess was correct after all.

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