A Man Like None Other Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Promise

“General Jackson, why don’t you make the introductions?” Jared said as his glance swept around the room.

Theodore nodded. “Gather around, everyone.”

Upon hearing the order, all the members of the Department of Justice came together and stood at attention, their faces happy and expectant.

“I’m sure you’ve all witnessed Mr. Chance’s strength. He’ll be training everyone from now on and helping you increase your abilities in the shortest time possible. That said, I’m happy to announce that Mr. Chance is now officially the instructor at the Department of Justice. Everyone is to obey his orders, and if anyone dares defy him, you can leave immediately,” Theodore announced in a stern voice.

“If anyone doesn’t obey Mr. Chance, you’ll have to answer to me too,” Shane chimed in.

“Yes! We’re at your command, Mr. Chance!” the members replied in unison.

Jared’s display of power had already won the hearts of everyone, and even without Theodore’s reminder, no one would dare to defy their new instructor.

“Mr. Chance, why don’t you say a word or two,” Theodore urged.

Jared nodded. “Truth be told, I don’t have much time to spend teaching you guys. You’d still have to rely on your own training. What I can do, however, is write down and share the lessons I’ve learned through my cultivation so it can accelerate your progress. I can also get the Medicine God Sect to send us pills that benefit cultivation. With ample training and supplements, your skills will improve even faster.”

“Pills from the Medicine God Sect?”

Everyone, including Theodore, was stunned.

After all, it was a monumental task to ask for pills from the Medicine God Sect. Many people had tried begging for it, only to be turned down and chased away.

Furthermore, there were more than ten members in the Department of Justice, so why would Medicine God Sect willingly give out that many pills to them?

“Mr. Chance, the pills from Medicine God Sect are expensive and almost impossible to get for us ordinary folks. Besides, we have many members, which means we’d need a significant number of pills. Are you sure that’d be feasible?” Theodore asked while staring at Jared in bewilderment. “Or could it be that you’re on friendly terms with Medicine God Sect, Mr. Chance?”

A smile instantly crept across Jared’s face. “I’m not sure about any friendly terms, but as their lord, I’m sure my words will carry a significant weight.”

“Oh!” Theodore replied before realization struck him and almost reeled him back in shock. “M-Mr. Chance, what did you say? L-Lord? Are you saying you’re the Lord of Medicine God Sect?”

“Why else would I have made such a promise if I wasn’t?”

Jared’s words shocked everyone to the core. He had given them surprise after surprise, and they no longer knew how to react to them.

It was a few minutes before Theodore finally snapped out of his daze, face flushed with excitement.

Oh, my goodness. Who knew Jared had such an impressive status too? Now that he’s the instructor at the Department of Justice, does that mean we’d be able to get our hands on any pills we want?

All of a sudden, a voice rang out. “You’re the best, Mr. Chance!”

Before long, everyone else started chiming in, “You’re the best, Mr. Chance!”

“You’re the best, Mr. Chance!”

Many members ran toward Jared and lifted him into the air as they continued to cheer. They were all so excited that they didn’t know how else to express their emotions.

Theodore, too, stared at Jared with gratitude in his eyes. With Jared joining them, the Department of Justice might finally be able to escape its current embarrassing state and soar to greater heights. Even with the support of the various sects and powerful families, there was no doubt the reputation of the Department of Justice had suffered over the years.

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