A Man Like None Other Chapter 915

Chapter 915 The Humiliation

Andrew transformed back to his regular self, for he lacked the amount of aura required to sustain the Werebear form.

Seeing that Andrew could no longer put up a fight, Ichiro withdrew his illusions before rushing to place his blade at the Senerisian’s neck.

At that point, the swordsman could decapitate Andrew with just a flick of his wrist.

However, instead of killing Andrew outright, Ichiro carved a large turtle onto the Senerisian fighter’s chest with his weapon.

Even though Ichiro did not murder Andrew, he did something far worse—he had utterly humiliated the man.

“I’ll kill you for that!” shouted Andrew furiously after realizing what Ichiro had done to him, but before he could do anything, the Jetroinian kicked him off the arena.

“You’d be dead already if you weren’t a Senerisian,” sneered Ichiro.

As if he had lost his mind, Andrew desperately tried to get back into the arena.

To him, being humiliated like that was worse than death.

“Andrew!” called out Anne to stop the man. Since Andrew had already lost, Anne refused to let him disgrace their country any further.

After that, Andrew had no choice but to return to the princess with his chest still bleeding, but the wound did not bother him at all.

“I believe Chanaea is next. I hope that you guys will put up more of a fight.” Ichiro shifted his attention to Theodore and taunted the man arrogantly.

Furious, Theodore turned to Jared, intending to say something to the man. However, before Theodore could do that, Jared unexpectedly leaped up into the air and landed in the arena.

Seemingly offended that Jared stepped up to challenge him, Ichiro scoffed, “Is this the best fighter Chanaea has to offer? A Senior Grandmaster?”

“It’s more than enough for me to kill you,” voiced Jared with confidence.

“I love it when my opponent’s full of arrogance. The more arrogant you are, the more bloodthirsty I get!”

After narrowing his eyes at Jared, Ichiro stabbed his sword into the ground and then slowly raised one hand.

It seemed the Jetroinian swordsman intended to battle Jared with his bare hands because he thought the man was not worthy enough for his weapon.

“You plan to fight me without your sword?”

“I need only my fists to beat you. You’re not worthy of my blade,” sneered Ichiro in response.

“If you don’t use it, I’m afraid you won’t get another chance to do so,” warned Jared in all seriousness.

“We’ll see about that!” The second Ichiro was done speaking, he threw his palm at Jared, and immediately, a powerful force was shot out in the man’s direction.

It turned out that not only was Ichiro a skillful swordsman, but he was also an expert in martial energy.

The energy Ichiro shot at Jared was so powerful that it produced a sharp shriek and left a deep mark on the battleground in its wake, even though the arena was specially designed to withstand mighty attacks.

It was clear that Ichiro’s martial energy was even sharper than a razor blade.

In the face of such a fearsome attack, Jared simply smirked as his body began to produce bursts of golden light that seemed to be forming a cocoon around him.

“Huh?” Ichiro could not help but tilt his head in curiosity when he sensed a terrifying level of aura from someone he deemed to be only as strong as a Senior Grandmaster.

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