A Man Like None Other Chapter 916

Chapter 916 One With The Sword

Soon, a sharp wave of martial energy hit Jared.

Clang, clang, clang…

The crowd heard metal clashing when the martial energy came in contact with Jared. Then, the collision produced a cloud of sparks before disappearing.

However, such a terrifying level of martial energy still failed to break through Jared’s defense. He remained unharmed after the attack.

“How is this possible?” Ichiro whispered and was astounded.

At the same time, Anne looked shocked as she watched the battle below the stage. Initially, she thought Jared would die if he proceeded with the fight. However, after witnessing this incredible scene, she had no choice but to look at him in a new light.

Meanwhile, Andrew stared at the battle with his mouth agape. He could not believe what was happening before him. How can a brat like Jared withstand Ichiro’s attack and remain unscathed? That is unbelievable.

“Mr. Chance, you’re doing great!”

“Mr. Chance, get rid of them!”

“Beat them up for good, Mr. Chance!”

Members of the Department of Justice cheered as they watched the battle.

Ichiro glared at Jared and asked coldly, “What technique are you using? How can you block my attack and remain unscathed?”

Jared smirked and replied mockingly, “Why do I need a technique to deal with you? Your weak attacks feel like an itch to me. I suggest you start using your sword!”

Ichiro was smug and arrogant a moment ago, but now, it was Jared’s turn to look down on him.

It was a blow to his ego, prompting him to roar furiously. “I can’t believe it!”

Then, Ichiro shot another punch toward Jared. He exerted an even more intense martial energy this time. It swept across the arena like a tornado.

The tornado-like martial energy sucked up everything in the arena. Even Jared began to float above the ground with his feet hanging in the air.

As Jared floated further away from the arena, the tornado-like martial energy surrounded him and attacked him relentlessly.

The crowd heard a series of loud metal clashing noises. Everyone kept their eyes on Jared, but he began to blur and disappeared in the onslaught of the tornado-like martial energy.

Suddenly, a red glow appeared in the middle of the tornado-like martial energy. It was soon followed by blinding light as if a sun suddenly appeared.


Jared wielded the Dragonslayer Sword and brought it down hard before him.


A crisp noise sounded. Everyone watched in disbelief as the tornado-like martial energy suddenly broke into halves. They soon diminished in intensity and allowed Jared to return to the ground gradually.

Meanwhile, the Dragonslayer Sword continued to burn intensely in Jared’s grip. Blood red fluid flowed unceasingly on the blade, causing the flame to burn even more intensely.

“Is he one with the sword?” Ichiro widened his eyes and looked on in disbelief.

“So, am I worthy for you to use your sword now?” Jared asked.

As Jared spoke, his body flickered before reappearing before Ichiro. He quickly raised the Dragonslayer Sword and brought it down. The sword’s intense flame made Ichiro feel like his skin was sizzling.

Ichiro had lost his initial arrogance and contempt in the face of Jared’s attack. He quickly pulled out his sword.


Ichiro’s sword flashed like a shooting star as he unsheathed it. The blade was as thin as a cicada’s wings, giving off a cold gleam.


The two swords collided with a deafening noise.

The force of the collision sent both of them backwards and widened the distance between them.

They figured out the extent of each other’s strength from that strike. Their wrists throbbed in pain.

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