A Man Like None Other Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Nine Shadow Clones

Ichiro’s expression darkened. His aura grew intense as he gripped his sword tightly.

“It turns out that you are not a Senior Grandmaster but have learned to hide your true abilities at a young age. You are too devious. I can’t let you escape alive,” Ichiro said.

Then, he gripped his sword with both hands and slashed it toward Jared.

The sword moved so fast that sword energy broke through the sound barrier. Jared quickly raised the Dragonslayer Sword to block the attack.


Jared hit Ichiro’s sword with a crisp noise and blocked his attack.

Seeing that his attack failed, Ichiro quickly pulled his sword away and retreated. Then, his sword gleamed as he charged at Jared again.

In a few seconds, Ichiro slashed at Jared a dozen times, surrounding Jared with chilling sword energy.

At the same time, Jared skillfully maneuvered the Dragonslayer Sword to block Ichiro’s attacks. Their blades clashed continuously.

Ichiro smirked when he saw that Jared could only block his attacks but could not retaliate.

“Break!” Jared yelled suddenly. The Dragonslayer Sword immediately burst into flame and shook the surrounding.

The flame from Dragonslayer Sword broke through Ichiro’s sword energy. Then, Jared slashed at Ichiro. He focused the spiritual energy from his elixir field onto the Dragonslayer Sword, causing it to burn brightly and dye half of the sky red.

Ichiro raised his magic sword in a panic to block the attack. However, he could only hear a loud resounding noise like a gong.

Then, energy as heavy as a mountain crashed against his body. He could feel his feet sinking into the arena.

The arena’s floor was made of hard granite, but Ichiro’s legs still sunk in half-a-meter deep.

His eyes widened with shock for he did not expect Jared to be this powerful. Jared’s sword contained enough energy to destroy a mountain.

Luckily, Ichiro was strong enough to withstand the energy. Had he been an ordinary Martial Arts Grandmaster, the sword would have slashed him into halves.

“Brat, you are powerful despite your youthfulness. You have forced me to release my trump card.” Ichiro’s figure shook after he had spoken.

Then, his body began to split up into two, then three…

In the end, four identical Ichiros wielded their magic swords and surrounded Jared in four directions.

Jared looked at the four identical Ichiros and said calmly, “Only four? Aren’t you using the Nine Shadows technique? You might as well project all of them at once. That would save time and trouble…”

“Humph, it is not easy to perfect Nine Shadow Clones. I have trained for decades to produce four. However, this is more than enough to kill you…” Ichiro snorted.

His words came from four directions as if all four Ichiros spoke. Jared could not differentiate which one was the real Ichiro.

“Since you are that confident, you should experience my shadow clones,” Jared replied.

Then, Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword suddenly disappeared. Instead, two light blue flames danced on his palm.

He flicked his finger and scattered the blue flames onto the surroundings.

The flames burned brighter and surrounded Jared and Ichiro. The crowd below the stage could only see the dazzling flames but could not see what was happening beyond them.

Ichiro furrowed his brow and slashed his sword at Jared. All four Ichiros attacked Jared at the same time. They closed in on Jared, giving him no room to escape. His only option was to choose one of them to attack. If he made the wrong choice, he would be doomed.

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