A Man Like None Other Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Illusion

However, Jared chose not to fight back. Instead, he mumbled something, causing the blue flames to connect and form an arcane array.

These flames became reflective like mirrors, reflecting Jared and Ichiro. Lights reflected from one flame to another. Suddenly, a dozen shadow clones of Jared appeared.

Jared’s shadow clone scattered all around the arcane array. Ichiro was stunned. He could no longer differentiate which one was the real Jared.

“What do you think? My shadow clones are quite convincing, aren’t they?” Jared sneered. He had thought of this method the instant he saw Ichiro use the Nine Shadows technique on Andrew.

“Argh…” Ichiro yelled furiously. He immediately slashed his magic sword at the arcane array.

The light barriers disappeared when Ichiro’s magic sword slashed through them. However, they reappeared the instant he removed his magic sword.

Then, Ichiro realized that the blue flames sustained the light barriers. He had to put out these blue flames to destroy the light barriers.

Ichiro exerted martial energy onto the blue flames, but none of them went out. They did not even flicker from his attacks.

“It seems we can finally battle fair and square. Your illusions are useless now,” Jared said as he looked at Ichiro’s sullen expression.

Ichiro looked at Jared grimly and removed all his shadow clones. Then, he replied, “What makes you think this is enough to overcome my Nine Shadows technique? Nine Shadow Clones are only a small part of the Nine Shadows technique. You have yet to witness its true power.”

Ichiro quickly raised the thin-bladed magic sword high and roared. A burst of green light appeared in his eyes. At the same time, his fighting spirit rose drastically, and his whole body gave off a murderous aura.

“The first technique from the Nine Shadows technique, Colossal Sword Energy!” Ichiro shouted.

Immense martial energy gathered on the magic sword. Then, Ichiro threw the magic sword up before flipping it in mid-air. The magic sword sparkled with a green light and enveloped Jared’s head with its energy.

Ichiro looked on solemnly. His internal energy had risen to its peak. At the same time, he used his martial energy to make the magic sword hover in the air.

Seeing the sword, Jared immediately clenched his right fist and formed a dazzling golden glow around it. Then, he shot a punch into the air.


Jared’s fist collided with the energy from the sword. The impact shook the whole arena, triggering an immense shockwave. It spread like a hurricane in every direction.

The shockwave caused Ichiro’s magic sword to wobble in the air before falling.

Ichiro quickly parted his arms like a bird expanding its wings and leaped into the air to catch the falling magic sword.

“The second technique of Nine Shadows—Heart Stalker!” Ichiro shouted.

His sword continued to glow with green light. Ichiro held the sword and leaped into the air, merging with it. His body appeared like a sharp sword as he shot straight toward Jared’s heart.

Meanwhile, Jared released a burst of aura and extended his hands to retaliate. He stopped Ichiro’s magic sword with his bare hands and channeled a colossal wave of spiritual energy from his body. The spiritual energy traveled down the magic sword’s blade and struck heavily against Ichiro’s chest.

Ichiro could not resist the energy. He crashed to the ground and skidded a couple of steps back.

Jared’s attack further infuriated Ichiro. He immediately got up and attacked Jared for the third time.

Meanwhile, Jared shaped his hand like a sword and caused a ray of golden light to surround it. The golden light was so bright that it looked like something had torn through the sky and left a golden gash.

That flash of golden light caused Ichiro’s expression to darken dramatically. He yelled ferociously and shot out radiant white lights from his eyes. At the same time, he raised his magic sword above his head and condensed all the martial energy from his body onto it.

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