A Man Like None Other Chapter 919

Chapter 919 I Admit Defeat

“River Cutter…” Ichiro shouted.

Then, energy gushed out from Ichiro’s magic sword and shot into the sky, reaching nearly a dozen meters in height. Then, it crashed down and collided hard with Jared’s sword-like hand.

The impact formed shockwaves and shook the arena. The arena seemed on the verge of collapse from the colossal force.

Jared’s golden blade came in contact with Ichiro’s white energy, throwing them into the sky. As Jared leaped into the sky, the light blue flames that combined to form an arcane array went out and disappeared.


Ichiro’s sword energy formed a wide crack in the arena. The arena could not withstand the force and collapsed in the middle.

Ichiro suddenly found himself falling. He immediately took a deep breath and jumped up in mid-air.

Jared saw what Ichiro was doing and narrowed his eyes threateningly. That was the chance he needed.

As Ichiro shot up into the sky, Jared propelled himself halfway into the sky and sent a punch toward Ichiro.


That punch broke through the void, spreading colossal shockwaves in every direction and creating loud noises in the sky.

That punch contained all of Jared’s power. He did not hold anything back.

Ichiro’s face turned pale when he heard a sharp noise above his head. It turned out that Jared did not leap into the air to escape Ichiro’s attack. In actuality, Jared had planned everything and was waiting for the right moment to give him a fatal blow.

Thus, Ichiro realized that he had been careless. He instantly stopped moving upward and forced his body to descend quickly to the ground.

However, Ichiro was still a step too late. Jared’s fist soon appeared before his eyes.

Ichiro had no choice but to throw out a punch. The magic sword in his hand had become useless. He did not have enough time to utilize the magic sword in his grip.


Another thunderous boom sounded when the two fists collided.

The spiritual energy around Jared’s punch tore through Ichiro’s defense and hit him squarely on the chest.

Ichiro spurted blood in mid-air. A dent immediately appeared on his chest, and he crashed to the ground.

Jared landed soon after. He could not stop his body from swaying slightly. He had used up a lot of energy in this battle.

“The winner takes it all. Since I have defeated you, this place shall be your grave,” Jared said.

Then, he took a deep breath and clenched his right fist. He channeled spiritual energy out of his elixir field and condensed it on his right fist. He was ready to use his remaining strength to kill Ichiro.

Ichiro panicked when he saw that Jared wanted to kill him. He tried to get up and dodge the fatal blow. Unfortunately, his injuries were too severe, and he could not get up no matter how much he tried.

“Kill him! Finish him off…” the crowd shouted.

A large number of people stayed to watch the battle. Even representative teams from other countries urged Jared to kill Ichiro.

After all, Ichiro had many enemies. Those who had lost to him were either dead or heavily wounded. He rarely ever showed mercy to anyone.

Now that it was his turn to face defeat, Ichiro’s expression turned white as a sheet, and his eyes filled with terror.

Everyone feared death, especially someone like Ichiro. Prominent men like him had numerous enemies. Thus, they feared death even more.

Jared was about to kill Ichiro with a fatal punch, but Ichiro said, “I admit defeat…”

He dropped the sword in his hand and kneeled humbly on the ground. He admitted to his defeat without hesitation.

Ichiro knew the rules of the competition. The participants were not allowed to continue attacking if their opponents admit defeat.

Therefore Ichiro had always hurt and killed his opponents in the arena swiftly before they could surrender.

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