A Man Like None Other Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Identity Exposed

Everyone was shocked to see Ichiro surrendering. Even Jared did not expect him to do this. It turned out that Ichiro was a coward in the face of death.

Ichiro was a swordmaster and a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Yet, he kneeled in the view of thousands of spectators.

Ordinary people could not bear to humiliate themselves this way. However, Ichiro had abandoned all shame. He kneeled before Jared and shouted, “I admit defeat. I surrender…”

“Hahaha, what a satisfying sight. I finally get to see Ichiro fall from grace!”

“Awesome. That Jared was something. He is only in his early twenties, but he managed to defeat Ichiro!”

“All hail Mr. Chance. All hail Mr. Chance…”

The spectators and the team from the Department of Justice all shouted excitedly.

However, the representatives from Jetroina looked terrible. All their face turned green from fear.

“That Jared is quite something.” Anne also looked at Jared in a new light.

Meanwhile, Andrew looked at Jared with respect and reverence. He had long lost his contempt and disdain for Jared.

People from Seneris admired powerful martial artists. Therefore, Andrew could not help but feel impressed with Jared’s performance during the battle.

Meanwhile, in the destroyed arena, Jared looked at Ichiro kneeling in surrender and had no choice but to unclench his fist.


Jared spat at Ichiro before heading back to his team.

“Mr. Chance…” Theodore ran excitedly to welcome him.

Jared did not say anything. He placed a hand on Theodore’s shoulder and rested all his weight on him.

Theodore immediately understood what was going on. He quickly supported Jared and brought him back to the team.

Although Jared defeated Ichiro, he had exhausted his strength and forced himself to persist.

When Jared returned to the team, members of the Department of Justice gathered around him, wanting to lift him up in celebration.

“Congratulations…” Anne looked at Jared and offered her hand.

“Thank you!” Jared replied while shaking her hand.

“Jared, I apologize for my behavior. I shouldn’t have looked down on you…” Andrew came to Jared and apologized.

Jared smiled in response. He did not blame his initial arrogance.

The Department of Justice continued to cheer and jump for joy. On the other hand, the atmosphere at Jetroina’s team was tense. Ichiro stood up, wiped the dirt from his face, and slowly walked back to his team.

His eyes gleamed with murderous intent. Although he admitted defeat just now, it was an expedient measure to gain him another chance. He would not give up easily. There would be a team event later on a deserted island. Since there would be no rules, he could take revenge there.

The competition came to an end. Jared’s name became even more well-known after the battle today. Especially among martial artists. Many martial artists looked at him in a new light after he had defeated Ichiro.

Furthermore, many people became troubled and anxious after knowing the outcome of the battle.

Steinar was one of them. He did not expect Jared to attain such astounding improvement in his abilities in just a few days. Jared was now so powerful that he had even defeated Ichiro.

It seemed that they had to alter their plans for revenge and come up with a new strategy to obtain draconic essence from Jared.

Meanwhile, many other prominent families and sects also vyed for the draconic essence within Jared. After witnessing Jared’s true power, they realized their task had become tremendously difficult. Consequently, they had no choice but to reevaluate their plans.

They thought that Jared was only a Senior Grandmaster. It turned out that they had been fooled. They would suffer severe defeat if they challenged him with the assumption that he was a Senior Grandmaster.

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