A Man Like None Other Chapter 921

Chapter 921 A Rare Opportunity

Meanwhile, in the Deragon residence, Ryker had an unreadable expression as he received news about Jared’s victory.

He looked at Godrick and asked, “Godrick, do you think you can win if you fight Jared alone?”

Godrick hesitated for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m not sure…”

Previously, Godrick would have nodded without hesitation. He had looked down on Jared then.

However, Godrick lost his confidence after finding out that Jared defeated someone as powerful as Ichiro.

Ryker looked at Godrick and replied, “I don’t think you will stand a chance if you enter a one-on-one battle with Jared. Do you know why?”

“Why?” Godrick looked at Ryker with a confused expression.

“It is because Jared has the true Deragons bloodline in his veins. On the other hand, yours is only a collateral lineage,” Ryker answered.

Godrick looked down immediately upon hearing Ryker.

He had always felt ashamed about his status as a collateral lineage of the Deragons. Therefore, he cultivated hard and used his talent to become Martial Arts Grandmaster at a young age. He wanted to depend on his hard work to enter the core of the Deragons. However, that was not an easy task.

“Mr. Deragon, are you sure that Jared is the child Ms. Beatrice lost all those years ago?” Godrick asked.

“Other than those from the Deragons bloodline, no one could reach Martial Arts Grandmaster in such a short time. Furthermore, I have sent someone to investigate Jared’s background. He learned cultivation from an elderly three years ago while he was in prison. Moreover, I suspect that the elderly was-”

Godrick widened his eyes slightly and interrupted, “Could he be Mr. Draco?”

Ryker nodded. “That’s right. Mr. Draco and Rayleigh escaped from the Deragon residence three years ago. We still do not know where they are now. It seems they have found Beatrice’s child, and that child is Jared.”

“Mr. Deragon, what should we do? Should we send someone to capture Jared? Since we have confirmed Jared’s identity, we should capture and bring him here,” Godrick suggested.

“If we capture him now, it would be akin to opposing the officials. Jared has just defeated Ichiro and is now a hero. Furthermore, the team event is in three days. Don’t you think the officials would come after us if we abduct him now?” Ryker replied solemnly.

Godrick seemed ashamed of his suggestion and said cautiously, “Mr. Deragon, what should we do?”

Ryker did not answer Godrick but asked, “I sent you to the Warriors Alliance to find out something. Have you found the answer? Do you know where they will hold Trial this year?”

“Mr. Deragon, even the Warriors Alliance has not received confirmation about Trial’s location. The higher-ups have not discussed this matter with them. However, President Zeigler said he would inform us immediately once the higher-ups announced the location. But I feel it is coming soon. We should inform Mr. Edgar to rush home,” Godrick answered immediately.

“Edgar will not be coming back this year. Therefore, I permit you to attend Trial. You must make the most of this chance.” Ryker patted Godrick’s shoulder solemnly.

Godrick was stunned and began to tremble from excitement.

“Thank you, Mr. Deragon. I won’t disappoint you.” Godrick quickly kneeled before Ryker.

One should know that the annual Trial was the best opportunity for young martial artists to grow their powers. There were unknown magical items to be found. Since Trial was usually held in ancient ruins, caverns, or ancient tombs, no one knew the kind of magical items one could find there.

Previously, Ryker always sent his son, Edgar, to attend Trial. However, it was finally Godrick’s turn this year, so he was determined to make the most of it.

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