A Man Like None Other Chapter 922

Chapter 922 I Will Drink With You

The Department of Justice’s martial arts arena was brightly illuminated with more than ten tables arranged in it.

Everyone within the department had gathered there, for it was a day of celebration.

By defeating Ichiro, Jared had brought glory to all of them.

“Mr. Chance, you’re amazing today. I would like to make a toast to you…”

“Mr. Chance, by standing up for all of us, you are the savior of the Department of Justice.”

“Mr. Chance, you’re my idol now, and I’ll be worshipping you from now on.”

One by one, the members of the Department of Justice came to offer Jared a toast.

After accepting every single one of the toasts gracefully, he ended up drinking an entire barrel of beer.

“Don’t drink too much,” Lyanna advised with concern when she saw the amount of alcohol Jared was downing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll never get drunk.” Given that he had achieved Transcendence Phase, his alcohol tolerance was tremendously high.

Anne, who was sitting opposite Jared, commented with a smile, “Jared, your girlfriend cares a lot about you.”

As it was an event organized by the Department of Justice, Theodore had also invited representatives from Seneris. Since they were on good terms with each other, it was a wonderful opportunity to bond.

“Princess Anne, you have misunderstood. We’re nothing more than friends,” Jared explained.

“It doesn’t look that way to me. The look that Ms. Lyanna throws at you is one that’s filled with admiration,” Anne remarked after shooting Lyanna a glance.

“You must have been mistaken,” Jared replied with an awkward smile.

When she saw the look on Jared’s face, Anne burst into laughter. “Since Ms. Lyanna isn’t your girlfriend, where is she then? I’m interested in seeing what the woman worthy of you looks like.”

Just as she spoke, Anne took a seat beside Jared with a drink in her hand. When Lyanna saw what the former was trying to do, she looked displeased.

“Neither is my girlfriend here nor do I know where she is.”

Amidst his reply, Jared’s eyes glistened with a sense of longing. He missed Josephine after being away from her for almost two months. Furthermore, he had no idea where Rayleigh had taken Josephine and the others.

“How can you not know where your girlfriend is? You truly are a terrible boyfriend. That aside, your girlfriend seems pretty easy going to give someone as eligible as you so much freedom. Isn’t she worried that another girl might steal you away?”

While chatting with Jared, Anne moved closer to him and even put her hand on his lap, just a few inches from where his crotch was.

At that moment, he could feel Anne’s breath and the warmth of her hand. It brought chaos into his mind and caused his heart to race.

Meanwhile, the frostiness on Lyanna’s face intensified as she watched Anne come onto Jared.

She had assumed that her actions were forward enough, but didn’t expect a foreigner to be more aggressive than she was.

“Anne, there’s something I need to do. Why don’t you chat with someone else first.”

Jared quickly got up, for he was cognizant that sitting there would allow Anne to have her way with him.

“Jared, don’t go. We haven’t even shared a drink together, have we?”

Just when Anne tried to stop Jared, Lyanna unexpectedly got in her way.

“Princess Anne, let me drink with you.”

After downing a glass of wine, Lyanna eyes bristled provocatively.

Meeting Lyanna’s gaze, Anne responded to the challenge by downing her drink. As Seneris’ princess, she was afraid of no one, especially when it came to drinking.

Ignoring them, Jared found a quiet place to settle down. Despite the star-filled sky, he could barely lift his spirits.

Even though he had defeated Ichiro, Jared was aware that it came at the cost of revealing his true strength to everyone. Going forward, he could no longer rely on the element of surprise to defeat his enemies.

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