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Chapter 651 A Healed Elbow

After her body stiffened for a split second, she then proceeded to slowly stand up and replied cowardly, “I’m sorry President Fuller. I-It was a hot-headed decision on my part. I just couldn’t bear to see Dad suffering this much. That’s why I said those words to Miss Reed; it was all under the heat of the moment. I really did not mean anything by it!”

“Whether it was on purpose or not, I believe you and I know the truth. You don’t want Titus to die because you think that upon his death, everything you have now will turn into dust. That’s why you, who wants Titus to live more than anyone else, wanted Sonia to save him when you happened to bump into her.” A light smirk appeared on Toby’s face as he exposed Rina’s hypocrisy without batting an eyelid.

Shuffling backward, Rina wanted to explain that it was not the case but upon looking into his emotionless eyes, she felt an invisible force choking her again, making her unable to make a sound.

Then, Toby took out a decorative handkerchief from his chest pocket and wiped his hand that he used to choke her nonchalantly. “You should be glad that you did not tell Sonia her real identity. Otherwise, I would’ve killed you on the spot just now.”

The mere thought of Sonia breaking down due to learning about her real identity made Toby’s heart twinge in pain. He just could not accept such an outcome.

Fortunately, the woman in front of him was too greedy and did not want to give up on her current status. If she wasn’t, things would have gotten out of hand.

Hearing the words ‘killed you on the spot’ made Rina’s body go cold as her eyes showed extreme fear.

Turned out that Toby actually had the intent to kill her just now. She was truly hanging onto her life by a thread because back then, she nearly failed to hold it in about the truth of Sonia’s origin.

That was to say, if she hadn’t reacted in time and had let slip the truth, she would currently be…

Not daring to venture further into her imagination, Rina bowed profusely. “I know I’m in the wrong, President Fuller. I really regret my words and I swear I will never do it again!”

Throwing away his handkerchief, Toby warned, “Remember your words now. If you dare to set your sights on Sonia’s kidney, you will be the first to die. Bottom feeders like you who crawled up often cherish their lives the most. I assume you understand what I’m saying?”

The sudden turnaround from poor to rich had caused Rina’s mentality to change along with it.

She had seen prosperity like never before, lavishness the old Rina would not even begin to comprehend. That was why she wanted to continue to live more than anyone. Only by living could she continue to enjoy all these. If she died, all of these would be meaningless.

For this kind of people, death was always the best threat.

As expected, once Rina heard that Toby would kill her, she nodded repeatedly, as if nodding any slower might cost her her life. “Yes, yes, I fully understand. I will never do it again. I will leave Miss Reed alone from now on.”

Pursing his lips, Toby said, “I will not believe what you just said based on your word. From now on, I will have my people watch you all day. If you have any funny ideas…”

Although Toby did not finish his sentence, it was clear what he alluded to.

However, Rina did not think that he would be so ruthless as to send people to keep tabs on herself.

Once that happened, she really would have her hands tied.

Something flashed across her gaze as she lowered her eyes. In an almost inaudible voice, she whispered, “Yes. I understand, President Fuller.”

Without further ado, Toby turned around and left.

His goal in coming here was just to give her a warning and nothing else.

Even if he wanted to take it further, he would not choose to do it in a hospital. After leaving, he could still call on Tom to teach her a lesson.

Toby was not such a generous person as to let Rina off with such a simple warning after she wanted Sonia to give up a kidney.

Returning to outside of the CT room, Toby found Sonia playing a game on her phone.

Hearing the footsteps and the familiar scent emanating from the man, she put down her phone and raised her head. “You’re back?”

On his way back, Toby had already composed his emotions, which was why when he faced Sonia again, there was only gentleness on his face. The cold attitude from dealing with Rina was nowhere to be found.

“Yes.” Nodding, he sat down by her side.

Looking at him, Sonia asked, “What took you so long? Is there something wrong with the company? If so, you can go deal with that first. I can wait for the report here and I’ll call you when it’s done.”

“There’s no need,” Toby said as he tucked her hair that had fallen to the side when tilted her head while gaming just now. Gently, he replied, “There’s nothing wrong with the company. It’s just that the call dragged on for a bit.”

“I see.” Not suspecting anything, Sonia nodded and stopped questioning him.

Then, the door to the CT room opened and Tim came out wearing a lab coat. He had one of his hands inside one pocket and the other holding a folder. His big, wide strides paired with his coat as it flowed at a beautiful rhythm were candy for the eyes.

If not for his extremely cold gaze telling people explicitly that he was not one to be trifled with, he would be an exceptionally charming man.

“Are the results out, Dr. Lancaster?” Sonia stood up as she asked, her voice full of concern.

Seeing Sonia so nervous about the report made Toby smile as he stood up too but instead of looking at Tim, Toby looked at Sonia as he just could not get enough of her.

Seeing Toby being so pathetic made Tim’s eyes flash with a hint of disdain toward the other man. However, it vanished in the blink of an eye.

This is a man who is trapped in love. What a stupid look to have!

Fortunately for Tim, he was not in love with anyone. Otherwise, the thought of having such a dumb look like Toby would make the former want to torture himself.

“The results are out.” Blocking out such thoughts, Tim nodded slightly.

Sonia’s gaze landed onto the file in his hands. “What’s the outcome? Is his elbow healing nicely?”

Looking toward Toby, Tim clutched the file under his armpit as he took out the scalpel he usually played with from his lab coat pocket. In a swift motion, he slashed the strap that was dangling from Toby’s neck.

At that moment, the strap that supported Toby’s left arm broke, causing his left arm to swing downward.

Seeing this gave Sonia a good fright, and she quickly held Toby’s left arm up. She was afraid that the abrupt motion might have caused problems for the still-damaged arm.

“Dr. Lancaster, what are you—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Toby used his right hand to gently pat her back. “It’s alright. Since he did that, it means that my elbow must be almost healed by now and I don’t need to keep it on a strap anymore.”

“Really?” Sonia’s eyes shined as she looked at Tim hopefully.

After twirling his scalpel, he put it back into his pocket and replied, “He’s right; otherwise, I wouldn’t have done that.”

With that, he handed over the file to Toby. “Take a look—this is his CT scan. The bones in his elbow are healing up nicely. Although it hasn’t fully healed, he does not need to support it anymore and he can perform simple rehabilitation. In short, as long as you don’t lift heavy stuff and don’t exert too large of a motion, it should be no problem.”

Hearing that made Sonia’s face light up. “That’s good news! Do you hear that, Toby? As long as you don’t lift heavy things and don’t exert your left arm too much, your arm should be fine!”

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