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Chapter 652 He Has Emotions

Sonia looked at Toby’s left arm before patting it gently. Then, he moved his arm a little before asking with a soft voice, “I heard it all, but I’m not sure if I can remember everything, so, Sonia, can you supervise me after this?”

“Supervise you?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded. “Supervise me to prevent me from lifting heavy objects or doing strenuous exercises so that my arm can heal faster.”

Right then, Sonia’s lips moved slightly, as if she wanted to say something. Meanwhile, Tim, who was standing at a side, commented nonchalantly, “Supervise? I think he just wants you to accompany him more after this.”

Immediately, the warm look on Toby’s face disappeared and was replaced by a disdainful look before he gave Tim a dark look. “No one would think that you’re mute if you don’t talk.”

Nevertheless, Tim shrugged in an unfazed manner. “I just don’t want her to get tricked by you.”

At this moment, Toby was so pissed off that he wanted to punch Tim. How is this trickery when it is just harmless flirting between a couple? What can a person who is single know about this?!

Staring at those two throwing snarky remarks at each other, Sonia massaged her temples as she didn’t know how to react. “Alright. Stop fighting with each other.” Then, she turned toward Tim and thanked him. “Dr. Lancaster, thank you for your kindness, but I knew what he was trying to say.”

Sonia wasn’t a fool, and it was impossible for her not to realize that Toby just wanted her company. Although Toby didn’t make himself clear and asked her to ‘supervise’ him instead, she didn’t feel like she was lied to because such was common among couples.

Sometimes, beating around the bush could sound way more flirtatious than being straightforward, and that was the fun of being in love. However, Tim had never been in a relationship, so he didn’t understand how things worked in a relationship.

Nevertheless, Sonia was still touched by his kind gestures for not wanting her to be tricked.

“You knew?” Tim was shocked while Sonia hummed in agreement. “Of course.”

Toby put his arm around Sonia’s shoulder before giving Tim a disdainful look. “How does it feel to fail in kissing a*s?”

Right then, Tim’s mouth twitched a little before he went quiet while Sonia jabbed the man next to her with her elbow and motioned for him to shut up before she gave Tim an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, Dr. Lancaster. He’s—”

“It’s fine.” Tim waved them off. “I really don’t understand what people are thinking about when they’re in a relationship. Why can’t you guys be straightforward? Why must you guys beat around the bush and be all ambiguous? Thank god I lack emotions. Else, I would have been so annoyed.”

After being diagnosed with antisocial and affectionless personality disorder when he was a child, Tim had been treated badly by his parents as well as the people around him. They’d even call him an emotionless monster at times.

Nevertheless, Tim couldn’t understand how he was emotionless until he grew up and noticed the invisible bond between the people around him that could make them closer to each other. At that moment, he realized he had no emotions and couldn’t sense any emotions or humanistic bonds.

From then onward, he harbored a great interest in the idea of relationships. He was eager to know how a relationship worked and how it could draw humans together. Hence, he focused his research on relationships after his undergraduate studies and found out that there was not just one type of relationship. Instead, there were many types of relationships.

As Tim continued researching, he got more confused and felt that relationships were complicated to the point of incomprehension, so he dropped his research.

Tim knew that continuing his research would only bring to naught, as he had no emotions, and his studies wouldn’t bear any fruits. Hence, he couldn’t understand that what Toby said to Sonia just now was just a way of him flirting instead of tricking her.

“Dr. Lancaster, who said that you’re emotionless? You do have emotions,” Sonia said to Tim.

Immediately, Tim’s pupils constricted a little. “What did you just say? Did you just say that I have emotions?”

“That’s right.” Sonia nodded. “Your protection toward me is a type of emotion. If you don’t feel any emotions, why are you so protective of me?”

She had heard of rumors of Tim, as his nickname, Demon Tim, was a notorious one. Everyone in the field knew that an emotionless freak came out from the famous medical family, the Lancaster Family.

At first, Sonia genuinely believed that Tim was emotionless, as she couldn’t sense any respect toward life or law from him after all. However, she realized that he might not be emotionless after seeing how he took care of Tina and herself, coming to the conclusion that he only harbored emotions toward certain people.

Still, Sonia was sure that Tim’s feelings toward her weren’t love or friendship. Instead, he looked up to her as if she was his gospel, a goddess, perhaps. Considering Tim’s childhood, she believed he looked up to her because she had once saved him. It was Sonia who made Tim realize that there were people that didn’t hate the demon.

“Are you for real? I… actually have emotions?” Tim pointed at himself. The man, who was usually smart and calculating, suddenly had a confused look on his face.

Right then, Sonia hummed in acknowledgment. “Of course. Although you act indifferent around people, that doesn’t mean that you’re emotionless. You’re not the monster others call you to be.”

Upon hearing that, Tim felt his heart skip a beat before his gaze landed on Sonia. Immediately, Toby got annoyed and grabbed Sonia’s hand before pulling her behind him and taking a step forward to block her from Tim. Then, he stared at Tim coldly. “Have you stared enough?”

Yet, Tim ignored him before he lowered his gaze and chuckled. “This is the first time someone told me I’m not a monster. Sonia, you’re really an angel.”

He went into a pond when he was a kid. As the cold pond water slowly drowned him, he could only struggle and shout for help as he didn’t know how to swim.

Despite many adults and kids his age walking past him, not one person was willing to stop by to save him. Instead, all of them gave him a disgusted look and left quickly, as if they would be murdered by a monster if they didn’t.

Yet, what they did not know was that Tim wasn’t interested in ordinary people like them. He could only get excited by being able to control the life of people who were extremely sinful. Still, no one gave him the chance to tell them that.

As Tim was slowly losing his strength and was starting to drown at the bottom of the pond, an angel appeared. Sonia found a wooden stick and pushed it toward him for him to grab it before pulling him up and saving him.

At that moment, Tim suddenly realized that he wasn’t hated by everyone. At least, there was actually a person who didn’t look at him with hate-filled eyes but worried ones instead.

It was right then that he swore to protect Sonia forever. She was the one who showed him color in the world he had once accepted to be monotonous. Losing her was, to him, losing the only patch of color in the black and white world.

Sometimes, Tim would wonder if he wasn’t emotionless, would he have been head over heels for her. When Sonia told him he actually had emotions, it became clear to him that his feelings toward her weren’t one of love or friendship but something rare.


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