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Chapter 653 Are You Still Coming Over Tonight?

Even so, Tim remained content. At least he wasn’t entirely emotionless.

“Angel?” Sonia’s head peaked out behind Toby’s back curiously when she heard how Tim addressed her.

Right when she wanted to ask Tim why he’d given her such an intimate nickname, a large palm appeared before her head and pushed her back.

“Be obedient and stay in the back. Stop moving or looking around, please.” Toby turned around and told her.

Upon hearing that, Sonia felt her mouth twitch a little, and she really felt like laughing.

They were both well aware that he just didn’t want Tim to look at her, as Tim was staring at her intently after her question. What a possessive man. It’s not as if Tim will fall in love with me. What’s the point of doing so?

Still, Sonia obediently stayed behind Toby’s back and stopped moving as she respected his feelings. After all, it was better to go along with a jealous man, as it would be harder to appease them if they got even more jealous.

When Toby saw Sonia going along with his request, he nodded before turning around with satisfaction. Then, he removed all traces of emotions on his face and stared at Tim coldly. “Why are you giving her weird nicknames now? Stop calling her that from now on.”

Even if Sonia is an angel, I’m the only one allowed to call her that. She’s my angel and no one else’s.

Tim looked up before replying coldly, “Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Toby harrumphed. “Of course, I can tell you what to do. If I get Sonia to ask you to stop, would you not listen to her?”

He knew Tim was nice to Sonia not because of love but because Sonia was his lifesaver. If it weren’t so, he wouldn’t have allowed Tim to get closer to Sonia.

Still, that doesn’t mean they could be this close!

Upon hearing Toby’s words, Tim pursed his lips and went quiet.

Now that Toby and Sonia were almost together, Sonia would accept it if Toby really wanted Sonia to ask Tim to stop.

At the same time, Tim could only agree with Sonia’s request, as he didn’t want to disappoint her. In other words, Toby would still be the winner in the end. This was Tim’s first time feeling aggrieved as he stared at Toby with a distant glint in his eyes.

However, Toby wasn’t afraid of him at all. Instead, he felt very pleased and delighted as the corner of his lips turned up because he had won.

Tim will never call Sonia such an intimate nickname anymore.

“Sonia, we should leave now.” Right then, Toby turned around and grabbed Sonia’s hand.

Staring at the pleased expression on Toby’s face, Sonia felt like laughing as she shook her head. “Why are you so childish?”

Toby was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Let’s go.” Sonia smiled before shaking her head.

It was better if Sonia didn’t explain that his action to get Tim to stop calling her an angel was childish. If she told him about it, it would be hard to see him like this anymore. After all, she found him cute this way.

At the thought of that, Sonia turned toward Tim. “Dr. Lancaster, we shall leave now. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Tim nodded.

Then, Sonia and Toby turned around and headed to the elevator.

When they left the hospital, Sonia noticed Jessica, who was wearing a hospital gown and sitting on a bench in the garden not far away from her, in the midst of a call. Involuntarily, she paused a little in her steps.

Following her gaze, Toby narrowed his eyes when he noticed Jessica as well. “Should we head over?”

Sonia went quiet for a few seconds before she shook her head in the end. “Let’s go. We can just ask Dr. Lancaster if we want to know about her condition. There’s no need to approach her ourselves, and I’d really prefer not to have an argument now. Since this is a hospital, it will be impolite if we do so.”

Toby chuckled lightly. “I’ll go along with whatever you decide to do.”

“Let’s go.” When Sonia reached out to hold his hand, his eyes widened a little as a delighted look appeared on his face.

Even though she wasn’t looking at him, she could sense that he was in a good mood and couldn’t help but chuckle softly.

Is he really that happy because I took the initiative to hold his hand? Is he really so easily satisfied?

The two of them left the hospital and got into the car. After getting into the car, Sonia received a call from Daphne and started talking about work matters, while Toby took his phone out and started discussing something as well. About two minutes later, he kept his phone and started the car engine.

An hour later, Toby finally sent Sonia back to Paradigm Co.

When Sonia unfastened her seatbelt and wanted to get out of the car, she suddenly thought of something and turned toward the man. “By the way, are you still… coming over to mine tonight?”

During these three days, Toby had been spending the night at Sonia’s. Even if she hadn’t invited him to stay over officially, he’d always find ways to stay over at hers.

Hence, it was possible that he might go over to hers tonight as well. If that was so, Sonia figured she should go for a grocery run, as there was nothing left to c**k at home after all.

Upon hearing her question, Toby had his gaze brightened immediately. “Is that an invitation?”

A guilty look flashed past Sonia’s eyes before it disappeared, and she cleared her throat before answering, “Of course not. I’m just asking.”

Staring at Sonia’s nervous look, Toby laughed a little. “Fine. I’ll take it as an invitation, anyway. Usually, I’d go over happily, but I won’t be going over this time. Tomorrow…”

He lowered his gaze before the atmosphere in the car became tense as his voice became weird. “I have something to do tomorrow.”

Right when Sonia wanted to ask what was going on, she suddenly recalled something.

It was Toby’s mother’s death anniversary tomorrow.

At the thought of Rose’s enjoinment, Sonia took a deep breath and calmed herself down. Then, she acted as if she didn’t know anything and asked in a calm manner, “Where are you staying tonight, then? I heard that you hadn’t been returning to the Fuller residence lately.”

Toby nodded slightly. “I’ve been staying at my flat at Skylark Tower during these few months, as it is closer to my company.”

Besides, he chose to stay there back then, seeing how it was also near Sonia’s place. At this moment, Sonia made a mental note of the name of the place where Toby was staying and planned to visit him tomorrow.

As for his unit number and house floor, she still hadn’t planned to ask him about it yet, as her intentions might be revealed if she asked too many questions.

Sonia was afraid that Toby might stay somewhere else and hide somewhere no one would know if he found out she wanted to accompany him for his mother’s death anniversary. After all, he would be at his weakest on that day, and he might not want Sonia to see him like that.

Hence, Sonia could only ask simpler questions and get more details from the people around him tomorrow. At the thought of that, Sonia closed her eyes and recomposed herself. “I see. Well, I’ll be leaving now. Drive safe on your journey back to the company.”

“Sonia,” Toby suddenly called out.

Immediately, Sonia’s hand pulled back from the door handle. “Yes?”

“Can you give me a kiss before you leave?” Toby was staring at Sonia with his dark eyes. “Just the cheek will do. Maybe your kiss will be able to give me enough power to get through my difficulties.”

Sonia’s heart skipped a beat.

She knew really well what Toby was trying to say, and he meant that he would have the courage to face tomorrow on his own if she gave him a kiss.

It seems like he knows how he will react tomorrow.

Staring at Toby’s expectant face, Sonia moved her lips a little. Nevertheless, she ended up not saying anything before she opened her arms and hugged Toby.

Right then, Toby was stunned. “Sonia, you—”

It was obvious that he didn’t expect Sonia to hug him, as he only asked if she could kiss him.

I guess this is a pleasant surprise?

At the thought of that, Toby chuckled softly before he reached out to pat Sonia’s back. Then, he turned his face toward her ear and asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

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