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Chapter 654 Thrown Gift

Regardless of Toby’s question, Sonia said nothing and merely hugged him tighter. From her memories, he used to be ever so gentle, but he had become a cold and demanding man now. Despite his extreme personality change, it didn’t seem like he had moments of weakness.

However, the truth was, he did. The strong man that looked as if he had no weakness actually had a fatal weakness. It was hard to imagine how much impact witnessing his mother’s death had on him, causing his entire temperament to go through a drastic change during his mother’s death anniversary.

If his trauma couldn’t be resolved, he would still have to repeat this for the upcoming years of his life.

If any of Toby’s enemies or Fuller Group’s competitors found out about this, they might take advantage of it, and that might be fatal for Toby as well. At that thought, Sonia sympathized with Toby even more.

Upon sensing that, Toby had his gaze darkened a little before he returned to normal and used his chin to rub against her shoulder while whispering, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

What Toby meant was that he would get through tomorrow safely and wouldn’t get into any troubles.

When Sonia heard him, she immediately realized that Toby had already guessed why she suddenly got depressed and hugged him.

Initially, she was still worried that Toby might lose it if he learned that she knew about his mother’s death anniversary, but his reaction was surprisingly calm.

It seemed like Toby didn’t mind Sonia knowing about his mother’s death anniversary and his personality change during that day. This showed that Sonia’s act to probe his action previously wasn’t necessary at all.

In fact, Toby might have also guessed that she would look for him during his mother’s death anniversary.

It’s good that Toby didn’t drop me hints to not go over to his place when he already knew what I was trying to do. This means that he won’t mind me going over or seeing him tomorrow.

In that case, Sonia wouldn’t have to worry about Toby reacting badly if she went to look for him tomorrow. Right then, she let go of Toby and looked at him for a long while. “I hope so.”

After that, she lifted her chin and planted a kiss on the man’s cheek. “I’ve given you what you wanted. I’ll be leaving now.”

Then, Sonia opened the car door and got out while Toby, who was still sitting in the car, touched the side of his cheek that Sonia kissed before chuckling lightly.

Rolling his car window down, he then shouted at the woman walking toward Paradigm Co., “Sonia!”

At this moment, Sonia stopped walking and turned around before giving Toby a smile. “What’s wrong?”

She had a warm smile on her face, enough to make her look like a tiny sun and brighten up sadness. Still, Toby shook his head slightly. “It’s nothing. I just felt like calling out for you.”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “How childish can you get? Alright. You should leave now in case of a traffic jam later on.”

After saying that, she waved and motioned for the man to leave quickly while he hummed in acknowledgment. “Alright. I’ll be leaving now.”


“I’m really leaving now!” Toby declared again while Sonia felt like laughing. “Just go.”

Tony pursed his lips and rolled up the car window reluctantly before he finally drove away.

Meanwhile, Sonia stood there and continued waving at him before his car completely disappeared out of her sight. Then, she put her hand down and turned around before she started heading toward Paradigm Co..

When she got to the top floor, she took her office smart card out and wanted to get into her office.

However, she suddenly noticed that the secretary’s office next to her was wide open when she got near her office, and Daphne was sitting inside with a conflicted frown.

Placing her smart card down, she reached out to knock on the secretary’s office door.

When Daphne, who was in her office, heard knocking sounds and looked up to see Sonia, she quickly stood up. “Chairman Reed, you’re back!”

Sonia smiled before nodding and entering the office.

At this moment, every other secretary and personal assistant in the office quickly stood up and greeted Sonia while she returned their gesture with a smile. “Just continue working. You guys don’t have to be bothered by my presence.”

“Alright.” All the secretaries and personal assistants sat back in their seats and continued working after hearing the comment while the chairperson herself headed toward Daphne.

Daphne quickly moved away to give Sonia her seat. “Have a seat, Chairman Reed.”

“It’s fine. I’ll be leaving in a bit.” Sonia shook her head to indicate that she wouldn’t be taking the seat, and Daphne sat back in her seat again. Since they were friends outside of work, it’d be natural for them to omit unnecessary pleasantries.

“Chairman Reed, do you need anything from me?” Daphne asked curiously while Sonia placed her hands against Daphne’s office desk. “I don’t have any work-related issues, but I’m just curious about your well-being because I noticed you looked depressed when I saw you from the outside just now.”

After Sonia’s question, Daphne’s gaze dimmed before she looked down.

Upon seeing that, Sonia got more worried. “Why don’t you tell me what happened? Let me know if you’re facing any difficulties, and I can help you out as much as possible.”

“It’s not like that.” Daphne shook her head. “Nothing happened to me. It’s just that I gave President Lane a scarf that I knitted, and I called him to ask if it suited him, but he threw it away.”

Ever since Sonia encouraged her to pursue Charles, she pondered about it and realized that her boss was right.

If Daphne couldn’t even take the initiative to pursue the person she liked, she shouldn’t expect their romance to blossom because it was impossible to get a response from merely crushing on someone.

Still, even if Daphne’s crush wasn’t reactive to her initiatives, at least she tried. Hence, she wouldn’t have any regrets, as she would really regret not doing anything at all.

Despite that, she didn’t expect something like this to happen after mustering the courage to give her crush a present for the very first time.

Nevertheless, Sonia was stunned when she heard Daphne and frowned. “What?! Charles threw your present away?”

“Yeah.” Daphne nodded as loneliness and bitterness flashed past her eyes. “President Lane doesn’t like me, so it’s natural that he won’t like the gifts that I give him too.”

Daphne’s face darkened immediately. “That’s outrageous. He could have just returned the gift if he didn’t like it instead of throwing it. How can he act like that? I need to talk to him.”

“Don’t do it, Chairman Reed.” Daphne quickly grabbed Sonia by her arm and shook her head with a sad look. “Chairman Reed, please don’t ask President Lane about this. Right now, he doesn’t treat me like how he used to in the past and really hates me. If you confronted him about throwing the scarf, he would surely think that I complained to you and might hate me even more.”

Daphne was rendered speechless.

Indeed, since she found out about Charles discarding Daphne’s scarf through Daphne, he would surely think that Daphne was complaining to her if she confronted him

If that happened, Charles might despise Daphne even more.

“Chairman Reed…” Daphne felt uneasy, and her grip on Sonia’s arm tightened a little when Sonia remained silent. “Chairman Reed, are you still going to confront President Lane about this?”

When Sonia noticed the nervous and scared look on Daphne’s face, she couldn’t help but sigh. “I won’t confront him about it.”

Immediately, Daphne sighed in relief. “Thank you, Chairman Reed.”

Nevertheless, Sonia gave her a look. “Daphne, are you going to just go along with whatever Charles is going to do? He had already thrown the scarf that you’ve spent so much effort on, and you—”

“It’s fine.” Daphne forced a smile on her face. “President Lane hates me, so the chances of him throwing my gift would be higher than him returning it. I’ve already made mental preparation for it anyway.”

After pausing for a few seconds, Sonia poked Daphne’s forehead. “Are you dumb?”

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