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Chapter 667 Help Me Take Off My Clothes

As for Sonia and Toby, the two sank to the bottom of the bathtub. Sonia hurriedly held her breath, so as not to choke on the water. But Toby had drunk too much wine and didn’t know what to do, so he foolishly opened his eyes and let the water go into his mouth and nose. When Sonia saw his face change, she knew he was choking on the water. After a quick frown, she hurriedly reached out and lifted his chin, bringing him out of the bathwater.

After getting out of the water, Sonia coughed twice and hurriedly took a big breath of fresh air. However, Toby, who was beside her, was lying motionless by the edge of the bath. After Sonia took several deep breaths and felt her breathing gradually return to regular, she turned to check on Toby’s condition. He was staring at the bathroom floor with his eyes open, appearing dazed.

Even though Sonia pushed him, he did not respond, as if he had lost his soul. Nevertheless, Sonia knew he had not lost his soul but had almost drowned and had not come back to his senses yet. Helplessly shaking her head, Sonia patted his back while muttering, “Toby, what do I owe you in my past life? Hurry up and open your mouth! Spit out the water you just swallowed.”

She slightly increased the strength of her pats on his back, trying to force out the water he had swallowed. After a few more hard pats, Toby came back to his senses. His eyes gradually focused, and he also obediently opened his mouth. Soon, he spat out a few mouthfuls of water. When Sonia saw this, she stopped patting his back. As long as the water is out, I won’t worry about water accumulating in his lungs and causing inflammation.

After doing this, Sonia leaned on the side of the bath, slightly panting in fatigue. Looking at the man also leaning on the side of the bath in frustration, she said, “Toby, you’ve tormented me so much within these few hours. I’m more tired than I’ve ever been in a year. When you sober up, you’ll get it.”

Toby blinked, then suddenly swam to her side and hugged her. “Sonia…”

“You still remember my name?” Sonia pushed him, but he did not budge.

Next, Toby buried his head in her shoulder and called again, “Sonia…”

“What?” Sonia wearily rolled her eyes.

“I don’t feel too well.” Toby rubbed her shoulder.

Sonia lifted her hand to push at his head, then asked, “Where? Are you sure you got all the water out of you?”

Then, Toby rubbed her hands. “My body feels weird and heavy!”

Finally, Sonia understood. Looking at the wet clothes on his body, she pursed her lips and said, “Your clothes are all wet and have stuck onto you; how could they not feel heavy? I feel the same too.”

She was dragged into the bath by him, so the clothes on her body were all wet and now stuck to her body too, making her feel very uncomfortable. If not for the fact that he was now a drunk and his IQ had regressed to about the IQ of a 10-year-old child, she would have beaten him up.

“What to do?” Toby held the clothes on his body and asked her how to get the wet clothes on his body off.

Sighing, Sonia replied, “What else can we do? We take them off and get into the bath.”

She pushed him away and stood up from the bathtub, saying, “You hurry up and take off your own clothes, then have your bath. I’m going out to get changed.”

Sonia was soaked from the fall, so she had to wear his clothes. Thinking of this, Sonia had just taken a step out of the bath when Toby took her hand again and pulled her back into the bath. The water once again splashed and drenched them both, causing Sonia’s dry face to get wet again. Sonia shut her eyes fiercely and then opened them again, shouting angrily at Toby, “Toby Fuller!”

This man! How dare he?! Why have I never seen him being so annoying before?

Toby stared at her with an innocent face. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What the hell do you want?” Sonia’s chest rose and fell.

“I want to take a shower,” Toby lowered his head and replied.

It took a while for Sonia to calm down. “Since you want to take a shower, you can do it yourself. Why do you have to drag me in with you?”

“I don’t know how to undress; you help me undress.” Toby took her hand.

At that, Sonia fell silent. Okay, I get it now. He was determined to let her help him take his clothes off. Otherwise, he would never let her go.

Sonia took a deep breath, resisted the urge to shake him off and walk away, then held his face and squeezed it hard. “Toby, listen to me carefully. If you still want to mess me up after I undress you, I will really leave. You can try if you don’t believe me.”

“I will not,” Toby shook his head and whispered back.

The corner of Sonia’s mouth lifted as she replied, “It seems that your mind is still very clear. Knowing that I’m going to leave, you hurriedly stop acting crazy. I suspect you are sober now, and you’re just deliberately putting on an act.”

Toby looked at her with a calm gaze, the confusion in his eyes undisguised. Sonia was not sure whether he was sober for real, and she did not bother to think about it.

After releasing his face, she reached down to unbutton the buttons on his shirt. It was not the first time she had changed his clothes; she did it once before in the cave under the cliff, so she didn’t feel strange undressing him.

However, when it came to taking off the pants, her heart could no longer be calm. With trembling hands, Sonia reached out to Toby’s belt, then turned her head to the side, not wanting to look at something inappropriate.

Luckily, Toby was not too sober at the moment, so he just simply let her help himself undress without any other intention. Thus, when Sonia turned her head to the side, he did not force her to turn around. Of course, if he was sober, he would have done so.

Sonia couldn’t see Toby, so she took off his clothes without looking. As her hands were still trembling slightly, she couldn’t help coming in contact with certain inappropriate places. When her fingertips grazed through a particular part, she drew her hand as if she was electrocuted. However, even though she retracted her hand, she’d accidentally touch him again. Frowning hard, Sonia had to desperately calm herself down and stop moving unnecessarily.

Thinking of this, Sonia quickly calmed down. Then, she grabbed his underwear and pulled it down, then removed his pants. After taking his clothes off, Sonia hurriedly stood up from the bath and stepped out, turning her back on the man behind her and saying, “Okay, you quickly get into the bath. I’m going out first.”

After saying that, without waiting for the man to respond, she hurriedly rushed out of the bathroom, leaving a trail of water behind her. Next, she went into Toby’s room and found a new set of pajamas inside, ready to change into. His pajamas were huge, and on her body, it was like she was wearing a loose dress. Thus, she found a belt and put it around her waist so that the originally loose pajamas became a fashionable dress.

After changing her clothes, Sonia threw her soaked and dirty clothes into a clothes basket. Then, she took the basket and a blow dryer out of the room and went outside to blow dry her hair. It was already ten minutes later when her hair finally dried.

She walked in the bathroom’s direction, ready to ask Toby if he had finished bathing. Since it had been so long, he should have been almost done. She came to the bathroom door, raised her hand, and knocked on the door. “Toby, are you done yet?”

However, there was no response from inside the door. Thinking that he might not have heard her, Sonia knocked and called out again. “Toby?”

There was still no response from inside. Frowning, Sonia put her ear to the door, trying to listen to the movements inside. However, there was no sound inside, which made her worried.

Has something bad happened?

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