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Chapter 668 Sonia’s Helplessness

Toby drank too much, and he had no strength left. In fact, he was so foolish that he didn’t know how to swim up after going under the water in the bath.

Maybe he really slid to the bottom of the bath after I left. Maybe he drowned!

When Sonia thought of this, her heart sank, and her face turned pale. The next second, she quickly opened the door and rushed in. After entering, she didn’t see the horrible scene she had imagined, but only saw Toby lying on the edge of the bathtub with his eyes closed like he was asleep.

Seeing this, Sonia breathed a sigh of relief and patted her heaving chest. Great, he didn’t sink and drowned. That really scared me to death! But Toby’s current situation is indeed worrying.

Rubbing her temples, Sonia walked over slowly, squatted by the edge of the bathtub, raised her hand, and then touched Toby’s face lightly, confirming that he was indeed asleep and hadn’t met with an accident. Only then did she feel relieved.

“Ugh, you can even fall asleep while taking a bath.” Sonia flicked Toby’s forehead out of revenge. Immediately, Toby’s forehead became red, showing that she had really hurt him. Serves him right for tormenting me for a few hours!

“Wake up, Toby. Wake up.” Sonia shook the man, trying to wake him up.

“Don’t sleep here as you will catch a cold. Get up, put on your clothes and go to sleep in the room.”

However, Toby only moved a little and did not look like he had any intention of waking up at all. Sonia’s hands were tired from shaking him, yet he didn’t even flutter his eyelashes but simply slept on peacefully. This made Sonia feel a little helpless but also a little amused.

It seems that I really owed him in my last life, so in this life, I will be tortured by him to repay the debt. Oh well, I took off his clothes before, so it’s not a big deal to put them on now for him. Isn’t there a saying that whoever takes off the clothes is responsible for putting them on?

Sighing, Sonia rolled up her sleeves, grabbed Toby’s armpits with both hands, and pulled him out of the bath. Toby was tall and big, so naturally, he couldn’t be light. In addition, he was in a state of drunkenness and sleep, so Sonia felt he was much heavier than his actual weight.

Hence, to pull him out, she almost exerted all of her strength. Two minutes later, she finally succeeded in dragging him out, but because she ran out of strength, she couldn’t stand firm after dragging him out and staggered back two steps. Finally, she fell back on her bottom on the cold ground with Toby in her lap.

Stunned, Sonia took a while to recover. She looked speechlessly at the floor behind her and then at the heavy naked man sitting in her lap.

What is this? How did things turn out like this?

She put one hand on the man’s shoulder and the other on her forehead and suddenly laughed aloud, amused by the funny pose that they were in. After laughing for a while, Sonia took a long breath to calm down, put both hands on the man’s back, brought the man up from the ground, and helped him to the bathroom door. Along the way, she tried to look straight ahead and not at the man so as not to see anything inappropriate.

However, in the room, when Sonia threw him on the bed, she glanced out of the corner of her eye and inevitably saw something inappropriate.

“Ugh!” Sonia’s eyes widened as she gasped for breath, and her entire face turned red right to her neck.

“B*stard!” Sonia blushed and scolded Toby, then quickly covered her face and eyes before she turned away. At this point, her heart was beating so fast that it was about to leap out of her chest.

God, how could I see that thing?

Under her hands, Sonia’s face was full of annoyance and anger. Frowning, she regretted that she shouldn’t have glanced just now. However, what she just saw kept appearing in her mind. That thing is gigantic!

When she had s*x with him the one time before, she was in a state of drunkenness and medication, so she knew little about what was happening and didn’t see his body, either. Now that she saw it, she was really taken aback.

He is really well endowed!

Thinking of that time when something as big as Toby’s manhood entered her body, Sonia felt that she was pretty impressive.

Hey, hey, what am I thinking? Calm down, calm down!

Sonia waved her hand and quickly banished the thoughts from her mind, then took a deep breath and hastened to the bathroom to get Toby’s pajamas. Soon, she came out holding Toby’s clothes and stood beside the bed with a somber expression, as if she was facing life and death. Because next, she was going to dress him, and dressing one was no better than undressing. Undressing was easier and could be done with eyes closed.

But she couldn’t do that while dressing him because it was easy to button the wrong button with her eyes closed. Moreover, he had to wear underwear, and she had heard before about how men had to adjust their manhood while wearing underwear. So, with her eyes closed, how could she adjust? That also meant that she would not only look at Toby again, but also touch him. God, spare me!

Sonia closed her eyes, feeling like she wanted to cry. If only Tom is here now.

Although she thought so, she knew it was impossible. After all, she couldn’t really wait for Tom to come back and let him help his boss get changed.

Who knows when Tom will come back?

Thus, Sonia pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a long sigh.

Forget it! I’ll do it! I’ve seen it all, anyway! So what if I touch it? Besides, in the future, I can’t avoid it.

Thinking of this, Sonia took a deep breath, and then got Toby’s underwear out of the clothes in her arms, ready to put it on. She threw the other clothes aside and began to unfold his underwear.

After that, she held Toby’s ankles and began to put the underwear on for him. When she reached his hips, she paused, as if she was readying herself. After a few seconds, she calmed her fast-beating heart and continued to pull his underwear up.

Finally, Sonia saw that thing again, and her face that was already red reddened even more now, and her breathing became much more rapid. But this time, she didn’t avoid it anymore. Although she was shy, she stared boldly at it.

After watching for a while, she curiously poked at it with her finger. When she realized what she had done, she hurriedly raised her head to prevent blood from flowing out of her nostrils.

God, I’ve just found out that I’m also a lustful person! How could I actually touch Toby’s manhood on purpose… Sonia, nothing can save you now!

Sonia twitched the corners of her mouth, then lowered her head and continued to dress Toby. This time, she was calm and no longer nervous and shy like just now. After all, she had seen and touched it, so the novelty was gone, and she was no longer interested in it. Finally, Sonia successfully put Toby’s pants on the man. She sighed in relief and sat on the bed to rest. Yes, rest. For her, putting Toby’s pants on him was akin to fighting a battle, and her tired back was soaked with sweat.

Turning her head, Sonia glanced resentfully at the man who was still sleeping soundly on the bed and shook her head helplessly. “You’re really my archenemy!”

Then, she stood up, picked up the pajamas on the side, and continued to put them on Toby. It was less stressful to change his shirt than pants, so Sonia quickly pulled his right arm into the right sleeve. When she came to his left arm, she halted.

“This is…”

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