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Chapter 669 His Wedding Ring

A ring? Why is he wearing a ring on his hand? This ring is also quite familiar. Could it be…

Sonia was taken aback, then she hurriedly dropped the sleeve in her hands and held Toby’s left hand with both hands instead, spreading his fingers apart so that she could see the ring he was wearing on his ring finger more clearly. After looking at it for a while, she was finally sure that it was their wedding ring at that time. When did he put it on?

Sonia touched the men’s wedding ring on Toby’s finger, and her red lips pursed for a moment. She had gone to buy this ring herself at that time.

When they got married, Rose asked him to accompany Sonia to buy the ring, but at that time, he had no feelings for Sonia, so he refused to go ring shopping with her. In the end, she went alone. After looking over many pairs, she finally saw and bought this, then had their names engraved inside.

When the wedding came, the jeweler delivered the rings, and they exchanged them, but he took his off after the wedding and never wore it again. Although she was sad, she didn’t insist on him wearing it because she knew that he did not love her. It was a compromise on his part to wear the ring for her at the wedding and not make her lose face on the spot, so she could not expect anything else.

Then, six years down the line, she did not see him put on the ring again until the time before the divorce. For some reason, he had suddenly put it on again. However, he refused to let her approach him, so she could not see the ring specifically, so much so that she forgot what the men’s ring that she had bought looked like.

If she hadn’t remembered that this ring had the same main diamond as her ring, she wouldn’t recognize the ring he was wearing now to be their wedding ring at that time.

Sonia looked at the sleeping man and then at the ring on the man’s finger. She could guess why he was wearing the ring again. It was because of love and because they were going to be together again. Besides, she realized he had been wearing this ring for some time. When she looked at the ring, she saw the deep ring marks on his finger.

Thus, she believed that he had already worn it before his cast was removed. It was just that his hand had been in a cast for a long time, and she rarely paid attention to it, so she never realized it. Moreover, he didn’t say anything about it.

How could he hold back for so long?

Sonia smiled with emotion, then tucked Toby’s left arm into his sleeve before buttoning up his pajamas. Grabbing the quilt, she covered him up, leaned down, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Next, she got up and walked toward the door of the room.

Get a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, you can no longer be like you are today in such a drunken state. You should be spirited, and even if there is too much pain hidden in your heart, you absolutely can no longer show it like this. Otherwise, if others find such a weakness in you, they will definitely plan to take advantage of it, and the consequences will be unimaginable. So, Toby, you must not be reckless anymore.

When Sonia came to the room door, she looked back at the man on the bed and went out, closing the door after her. She came to the living room and sat down on the sofa before calling Tom. The call soon got through, and Tom’s voice came. “Miss Reed.”

“Tom, how is Grandma now?” Sonia picked up the glass, took a sip of water, and asked with concern. It had been more than two hours since Rose had fainted, and she didn’t know what the situation was now.

Tom stood outside the ward, looked at the old woman in the ward, and said, “Old Mrs. Fuller is fine. The doctor said she only fainted from sudden shock and stress. Now, she has calmed down and has fallen asleep.”

When Tom came to the hospital, Rose had woken up once. She saw him and instantly grabbed him to demand about Toby’s heart failure, and it was only after he explained the reason and said that Toby had found a heart donor, did she finally feel relieved to receive treatment and sleep.

Otherwise, Rose probably would have been worried sick. After all, she had already lost her husband, son, and daughter-in-law, so if Toby had no heart donor and had to pass in front of Rose, the old woman could never accept such an outcome.

“That’s great then.” Sonia did not know what Tom was thinking. Hearing that the old lady was no longer in trouble, she was greatly relieved.

“Right, Miss Reed. How is President Fuller doing now?” Tom pushed his glasses and asked.

Sonia glanced toward Toby’s room and smiled. “He is okay. He woke up for a while after you left, but because he drank a lot, he became rather childlike and annoying, but he has also fallen asleep by now.”

“Okay, that’s great.” Tom nodded and also felt relieved. As for what Sonia said about Toby being like a child, he thought that it was impossible. Toby was so wise and smart; how could he become childish when he was drunk? It must be fake news.

“Tom.” Sonia suddenly thought of something and narrowed her eyes. “What exactly did you say to Grandma that made her pass out? Was it about Toby?”

Tom didn’t expect that Sonia would suddenly be so perceptive and ask about this, so he was caught in a difficult position for a while, not knowing how to answer. Seeing that Tom was silent, Sonia thought that what she guessed was right, so she pursed her lips and said, “As expected, it was about Toby. What was it about? Did something happen to him that I don’t know about?”

“Um… No.”

The corners of Tom’s mouth twitched, and Tom replied sheepishly, “I just told Old Mrs. Fuller that President Fuller drank too much alcohol, and she—”

“That’s impossible!” Sonia’s expression darkened. “Grandma knew that Toby would drink today and even prepared herself for the event that Toby might hurt himself today because she had experienced it before, so it is absolutely impossible that she would be so shocked by this that she fainted. It must be something else.”

Tom was once again silent. Miss Reed is too shrewd. It seems that President Fuller would not be able to lie past her in the future.

“Um…” Tom scratched his head.

With some difficulty, he pleaded, “Miss Reed, please stop asking. I can’t tell you about this matter. Old Mrs. Fuller fainted after I told her. What if you faint too after I tell you? This is not a risk I can’t take, but you can rest assured that although this matter is a little hard to accept, the outcome is good. Besides, when this matter is over, you will know what happened even if we do not tell you by then. In short, President Fuller did not do anything wrong to anyone.”

Hearing him say this, Sonia wrinkled her eyebrows tightly. “Why do I not understand? What is so serious about it that we can’t accept, and we may even faint from the shock of hearing it? Yet the outcome is good? Why is it so complicated?”

Sonia felt her head spin as she tried to make sense of it.

Tom added with awkwardness, “Miss Reed, I know that it is difficult for you to understand now. In any case, I cannot tell you this matter, so if you honestly want to know, wait for President Fuller to wake up. Then, you can personally ask him and see if he will tell you. If he won’t, then I can’t either. But Miss Reed, even if he refuses to tell you, I also hope you can understand him because his present situation is horrible!”

Since Tom spoke with such heaviness in his tone, Sonia also realized that this matter was not simple. She looked at Toby’s room door and finally nodded. “I got it. Since you said that he did not do anything wrong to anyone, that’s enough.”

As long as Toby was not betraying her, she could accept that he was hiding something from her.

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