Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Toby Is Finally Sober

The person heard Sonia’s question and finally moved and raised their head. Surprisingly, Sonia still couldn’t see the person’s face, but only saw that the person was wearing a black mask, and half of the face exposed above the mask was wrapped in bandages, revealing only a pair of eyes.

Seeing this, Sonia had her eyes widened in surprise. This person was actually undergoing plastic surgery. From the bandages wrapped around this person’s face, as well as the swollen eyelids, it was obvious that this person had undergone a complete face-lift, which would no doubt be excruciatingly painful.

Sonia couldn’t help but shiver and feel awe at the same time as being surprised. That was unexpected. After all, not everyone dared to take such a big risk and do a complete cosmetic surgery on the face.

“Miss, what exactly do you want? Are you looking for someone?” Sonia suppressed the surprise in her heart. When she saw that the person at the door did not answer, she had to ask again. Just now, when this person lowered their head, she could not tell whether this person was a man or a woman.

After all, although this person was sitting in a wheelchair, they were tall and looked to be about 5’6, so it was also possible that they were a man. However, after the person raised their head, she determined that the person was a woman through the person’s eyes and the strand of hair exposed under the brim of the hat. Thus, that was why she addressed the other person as ‘Miss’.

The woman outside the door still didn’t answer but just raised her head and stared at Sonia. She was calm on the surface, but her heart was pounding.

How could Sonia be here? It’s hard to believe that the rumors are true! Have she and Toby gotten back together?

The woman’s hands were hidden in the sleeves, but at this point, she suddenly clenched them hard on the armrests of the wheelchair, her nails digging into the flesh of her palms. In the next second, she hurriedly lowered her head, as her face could no longer maintain calmness. Besides, her pair of eyes were filled with menace.

They are actually together again! They are actually together again!

The woman could not accept such a result, and thus her body trembled slightly. When Sonia saw that the woman still did not say anything, she became more and more alert in her heart, and her voice was no longer as polite and courteous as before. Coldly, she said again, “Miss, if you do not answer me, I will have to call security.”

Upon saying that, she took out her phone. The woman raised her head again, and her eyes, which were originally full of deadly resentment, now returned to the calm naturalness in the beginning, as if nothing had happened. She coughed and said back in a low voice, “Sorry, I seem to have gone to the wrong unit.”

“Wrong unit?” Sonia looked at the woman in front of her suspiciously, while also being surprised at how this woman’s voice was so hoarse, as if sand had been poured into her throat. It was even worse than Toby’s hoarse voice when he was drunk.

“Yes.” The woman nodded.

Sonia obviously was in disbelief. “This is the highest floor, not one of the middle floors.”

So, how could it be possible for the woman to accidentally appear in front of the wrong unit?

After all, only a special elevator could come up to the highest floor of this building. That elevator had only a button for the top floor.

Thus, it was obviously impossible for the woman to go to the wrong floor. The woman saw that Sonia doubted herself, so after her eyes flickered for a moment, she replied without much panic, “I know this is the top floor. The person I’m looking for also lives on the top floor of a building in this luxury district, but I guess he’s not in this building. I thought at first that he’s living in this building, but after seeing you, Miss, I knew that’s not the case.”

“Oh?” Sonia pursed her lips. “How can you be sure that you know you’re in the wrong building when you see me? What if you didn’t go to the wrong one, and it’s just that I happened to come out of the house of the person you were looking for?” She stared hard at the woman, as if trying to see through the latter.

The woman remained calm and responded, “That’s impossible because my friend has a very serious illness, and no one else would be allowed in his house except me and his family.”

“If that’s the case, then why didn’t you answer when I asked you twice?” Sonia asked expressionlessly.

The woman lowered her eyelids, saying, “Sorry, Miss. This is my first time here, so I was surprised to see you. Then, I kept trying to remember which building he was actually in. I’m really sorry, and I’ll leave now.” After saying that, the woman controlled the wheelchair and turned around, heading in the direction of the elevator.

Sonia stood at the door, her gaze on her but not stopping her from leaving. Only after the woman entered the elevator did Sonia carry the trash can out and throw the trash into the large trash can in the stairwell. After throwing it away, she brushed the dust off her hands and went back to the house while thinking about it.

Is there something going on with me and plastic surgery? In just half a month, I actually saw two people with plastic surgery in a row. Once in Kosovo, and once just now. Both were women too. Are there so many people with plastic surgery nowadays, so much so that I’m seeing them so often now?

Shaking her head, Sonia did not continue to think about it, but quickly put this behind her and went to the kitchen to check on her own chicken soup. The time passed quickly, and soon the afternoon passed. In just a moment, it was getting dark. Sonia raised her wrist to look at her watch and realized that it was already 7.30 PM.

Wondering if Toby had woken up, she put down her hand and dropped the remote control, then got up and went to Toby’s room, ready to see him. She was ready to wake him up if he was not awake. After all, she couldn’t let him keep sleeping like this; he had to get up and eat something because he had only eaten a small bowl of food all day today.

When she arrived at the door of Toby’s room, she turned the handle and entered. As she turned on the light, she saw the man she thought was still sleeping sitting on the bed at this moment. Perhaps because she suddenly turned on the light and stimulated his eyes, he frowned and closed his eyes, adjusting to the light. Sonia leaned on the door frame, smiled lightly, and asked, “Are you awake?”

Toby adapted to the light, after which he opened his eyes and looked at her with a trace of surprise. “Why are you here?”

He thought it was Tom who turned on the light.

Sonia raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Why am I here? You wouldn’t have forgotten, would you?”

She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Have you really forgotten?”

Toby lifted his hand to pinch his temples. “Sorry, my head is a little dizzy.”

“Dizzy?” Sonia’s expression tightened, then she raised her hand to touch his head, trying to see if he had a fever or something. After all, many people who were drunk would sometimes be in a feverish state. However, she did not feel any fever and felt relieved. The dizziness should be the after-effects of waking up from the alcohol. So, she brought the glass of water that she had put on the bed earlier and handed it over to Toby. “Drink some, and you will feel much better.”

Thus, Toby reached out to take the glass and slowly drank the water. After waiting for about a minute, Sonia looked at him and asked, “How are you now?”

Toby nodded slightly. “Better.”

“Since you are better, you can now recall why I am here and all the things that happened during the day. There’s a surprise in store for you,” Sonia said with a smile.

When Toby looked at her expression, his heart thumped hard, and he had an inexplicably bad feeling. He was afraid that what she meant was not a pleasant surprise at all.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” Sonia looked at Toby’s trembling gaze and naturally guessed what he was thinking, but she pretended not to know and asked with a smile.

However, Toby’s thin lips twitched, but he didn’t answer. Sonia also did not mind; she stood up from the side of the bed and said, “Well, I will not bother you now. I will go out first to prepare dinner. You take your time to think by yourself, and when you’re done, come out to eat.”

She was looking forward to his awkwardness of not daring to look at her after he came out.

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