Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Agreeing to Remarry in the Future

His kiss became even more intense.

It was because the woman’s reaction had catalyzed his courage.

As Sonia didn’t even have time to gasp for breath, she was close to being suffocated.

She lightly patted the man’s back, signaling for him to stop.

Even though the man was overcome with emotion, he still had his wits. After understanding Sonia’s hints, he slowed down his actions and gave her one last bite on her lips before releasing her. He placed his forehead against hers and gazed at her with a deep look, his voice hoarse and sensual as he called, “Sonia.”

Sonia was panting and gasping for fresh air. When she heard him calling her, she responded ever so slightly.

“Sonia,” Toby called again.

She caught her breath and asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “I just wanted to call your name.”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Is it fun to you?”

Toby held her tightly in an embrace. “I’m very happy, Sonia.”

“About what?” Sonia leaned her head against his shoulder, breathing in the peppermint fragrance on his body as she asked a question that they both knew the answer to.

She knew that he was elated to reconcile with her again.

However, she didn’t have to say it loud and clear because she was willing to be his best listener.

Toby lowered his head and kissed the top of Sonia’s head, his voice at its gentlest. “I’m happy that we’re together again, Sonia. Let’s get married again, shall we?”

He looked at her, anticipation evident in his eyes.

Sonia stared at him, almost choking on her own saliva.

“G-Get married?”

“Yes!” Toby hastily nodded.

To him, getting back together wasn’t enough. Getting married again was his ultimate goal.

He would consider himself successful only when they were married again, and she became his wife once more.

Also, he wouldn’t have to worry that somebody else would take her away from him.

A speechless Sonia stared at the man. She didn’t have to guess much to know what he was thinking.

However, she truly was shocked to hear Toby suggesting that they remarry.

They had just reconciled for less than 10 minutes, but he was already thinking about remarrying her. That’s too fast.

“I’m sorry.” Sonia lightly pushed the man away and lowered her gaze to avoid looking at him. “I can’t remarry you right now.”

“Why?” Toby’s expression changed, and he frowned so hard that a bug might be stuck between his eyebrows.

They were back together and officially dating, so remarrying was just a matter of time. Why would she decline?

Toby couldn’t understand why.

Sonia straightened her posture and replied, “Because it’s not the time now.”

“What do you mean by that?” He also returned to his seat as he kept his gaze on the woman.

Sonia sighed. “Because of the Gray Family.”

“The Gray Family?”

“Yes.” The woman nodded. “The hatred between the Reeds and the Gray Family is too deep, so I cannot consider things like marriage before I’m done with my revenge.”

Toby understood what she meant, so his frown eased a little. “So, you want to fully get your revenge before thinking about getting married?”

She nodded. “Correct. Revenge isn’t a small matter, and neither is remarriage. I don’t want to do those two things at the same time. You know that my greatest wish right now is to avenge my father, so I don’t want anything else to affect or delay my quest, not even marriage. Do you understand, Toby?”

He chuckled. “I do. I promise that I won’t talk about remarriage before you’ve completed your quest to revenge. However, Sonia, I want to obtain an assurance from you. Are you willing to remarry me?”

“If there are no other accidents that occur between us, yeah, I am willing,” Sonia replied without any hesitation as she looked at the man.

This was her guarantee to him.

If they could maintain what they were right now, remarriage was not a problem.

Hearing Sonia’s affirmative answer, Toby completely dropped his frown. “This is enough. As long as you’re willing to get married again, I can wait until you’ve exacted revenge before remarrying you.”

Sonia held the man’s hand. “Thank you, Toby.”

His understanding and respect made her feel warmth in her heart, and she was touched.

“No need for thanks. We’ve always done things for each other, haven’t we? You’re considerate of me, so I naturally should be considerate toward you as well, right?” Toby reached up and tidied Sonia’s hair.

She nodded firmly. “You’re right.”

“Even if we can’t remarry right now, can you wear the ring again for me?” He cupped her face with his hand and asked tentatively

Sonia lowered her gaze to see the ring finger on his left hand. “Is it because you’re already wearing it? Is that why you want me to wear it as well?”

“That’s half of the reason.” Toby also looked toward his own ring as gentleness flitted across his eyes. “The real reason is that I want Charles and Zane to know that we’re together again. And that you’re taken.”

Even though Charles and Zane had already announced that they had given up on pursuing Sonia, she still had a place in their hearts.

So, Toby couldn’t help but try to get back at them.

Since they had made him uncomfortable before, of course he had to do something to return the favor.

In that case, the ring would be the best way to get back at them.

Hearing Toby’s explanation, Sonia chuckled. “You’re so childish.”

“I’m not.” He shook his head. “Not only you, I want to show everyone that I’m taken too.”

With that, he raised his left hand to display his ring for her to see.

Sonia didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. “All right, since you’ve gone that far, I can’t possibly decline, can I? I’ll wear it.”

After all, she had already agreed to marry him in the future. She would still have to wear her ring as well, so it wouldn’t matter much if she started wearing the ring earlier.

Toby’s eyes lit up at her agreement. “I’ll bring the ring over now.”

“You’ve brought the ring here?” Sonia was surprised.

She knew that she had donated her ring at the charity auction and he had eventually bought it at the high price of 5 million.

So, her ring was with him all the time.

However, she didn’t expect that he had placed the ring here.

After all, he had just moved here, so the ring should still be in the Fuller Residence. However, now that she knew it was here, she realized that he had always carried the ring with him, perhaps waiting for today.

At that thought, Sonia couldn’t help but laugh.

Toby raised his head a little. “It’s in the drawer in my room. I always carry it with me and return it to the drawer after coming home. I’ll place it in my pocket every morning before I head out.”

She raised an eyebrow upon hearing that.

It was apparent that her guess was correct. He had always been prepared to give the ring back to her, or he wouldn’t have carried it with him everywhere.

“Since when?” Sonia asked.

Toby thought for a while, then parted his thin lips to reply, “Before we went to Kosovo.”

She was dumbfounded. “So, you’ve been carrying the ring with you ever since?”

He nodded. “Yes, I thought that you would notice my wearing the ring again and you’d ask me thereafter. If you had done so, I could have taken your ring out and tried to put it back on your finger, but you never noticed.”

At that, there were hints of exasperation in his tone.

It had been a long time since they went to Kosovo and she only noticed the ring on his finger now. She really hadn’t been paying attention.

Sonia was a little embarrassed. “Sorry, I never really paid much attention to your hands.”

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