Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 676

Chapter 676 It Was All Him

“Then?” Sonia clenched her hands into fists.

So, the Ocean’s Heart wasn’t meant for Tina at all.

It was meant for Sonia from the very beginning.

“Then, after buying it, I suddenly realized that I have no way of passing it to you.” Toby looked right into Sonia’s eyes. “At that time, we were already divorced, so no matter what identity I used, or what ideas I came up with, it simply wasn’t suitable for me to give you the Ocean’s Heart. So, I decided not to give it in the end and I just thought it would be lovely to put it on display, if nothing else. However, I never thought that someone would leak the news of me buying the Ocean’s Heart and even circulated rumors that I bought it as a wedding gift for Tina.”

“However, you didn’t try to mediate the situation, did you?” Sonia bit her lip as she was a little upset.

How could she not be?

Since it wasn’t a wedding gift for Tina, then why wouldn’t he come out to explain the misunderstanding? Why would he have remained silent?

To be honest, Sonia wasn’t quite comfortable with that thought.

Toby smoothed Sonia’s hair and chuckled. “Sorry, it was my fault, but I had my own reasons too.”

“What kind of reasons?” Sonia glared at him, acting like she would duke it out with him if he didn’t give her a good explanation.

He parted his thin lips and replied, “I didn’t know of the rumor at first. You know that I don’t follow news like this often. I only knew of it when Tom told me about it in the end. I was going to clear up the misunderstanding, but something happened at that moment.”

“The incident where Tina accused me of running into her?” She could immediately guess what he was referring to.

After all, that was the largest incident at the time.

Toby nodded. “That’s right. The Grays had spread the rumors that you crashed into Tina, which turned the public opinion against you. The people I sent to watch you told me that you were exasperated, so you worked with Charles and Carl to locate the CCTV recordings of Tina’s accident to prove your innocence. It was at that moment when I realized that I had wrongly accused you and that the Grays had deceived me. You never committed the act of running into Tina. I’m sorry.”

He placed his hand behind Sonia’s head to guide it against his chest as he apologized in a regretful tone.

In their 6 years of marriage, he was cold to her not only because he felt that he didn’t love her; the main reason was because he thought she had crashed into Tina.

So, in the end, when Toby learned that Sonia was searching for the CCTV recordings with Charles and the others, he finally realized that he had been in the wrong.

As Sonia listened to Toby apologizing for his earlier accusation, she felt her nose wrinkle while a bitter feeling welled up in her chest.

She felt wronged for all those years of injustice, but she was also letting it go because of his apology.

She realized then that she had always been bothered by his misunderstanding of her.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so emotional when she now heard his apology.

Toby could feel the woman trembling in his arms, so he held her closer and apologized again, “I’m sorry, Sonia. I’m really sorry.”

Sonia shook her head in his arms as her voice quivered. “It’s okay. You made up for it, didn’t you? We could only locate the CCTV recordings with such ease because you helped us, right?”

She looked up at him.

There was an apparent change in Toby’s expression.

When she saw that, Sonia knew she was correct and leaned her head against Toby’s chest. “It really was you. When I was looking for the CCTV recordings with Charles and Carl, the process was too smooth-sailing to be true. I suspected that someone had helped us out since only the road traffic department had the recordings from that time. It had already been 6 years, so the department should’ve already sealed the recordings. Also, with our level of influence, we shouldn’t have been able to ask the road traffic department to search for the recordings.”

At that, she held the man’s waist tighter. “When we arrived, the department was extremely cooperative with our request, though I was puzzled then, but I was too busy celebrating the found recording that I didn’t give it much thought. When I heard you saying earlier that you knew of my innocence before Tina recovered, I thought you might have had a hand in this.”

“It was indeed me.” Toby lowered his head and kissed the top of her head. He had admitted that he was the one who helped her out behind the scenes.

“I have wrongly blamed you for 6 years, so I couldn’t watch you copping the blame any longer. Also, I wanted to teach the Grays a lesson, for I had wrongly accused you wholly because of the Grays’ insistence that you ran into Tina,” he explained.

Sonia nodded as she realized the truth. “So, that was why you didn’t stop me when I played the recording at the banquet to celebrate Tina’s recovery?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t stop her, but he had only applied minimal force, as if he were simply pretending to do it.

However, as she was occupied with clearing her name at the time, she didn’t notice it.

Now that she thought about it, she finally realized how odd he looked at the banquet.

After all, with Toby’s level of influence, he could have easily stopped her from playing the recording if he had wanted to. He could’ve thrown her out with Charles and Carl, but he didn’t do so.

So, he had definitely held back.

“Yes.” Toby nodded with a faint smile in his eyes. “I told Tom to switch the person checking the invitations at the entrance by replacing them with my own people so that you can enter the venue as easily as possible. If not, you would have been barred outside.”

“No wonder.” Sonia raised her head. “Before I entered with Charles and Carl, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be an easy task to accomplish, that we might suffer some injuries before we could even leave. However, everything went surprisingly well that night and it was so smooth that it even felt eerie. I didn’t know why I felt that way, but now, I know it’s because you had made arrangements beforehand.”


“All right.” He patted his chest. “Seeing as to how you have helped me after realizing that you had wrongly accused me, I forgive you for the 6 years’ worth of false accusations.”

With that, she bit the man’s chest under his clothes.

It wasn’t a forceful bite and his clothes were shielding him, so he wouldn’t have felt any pain.

However, the man still feigned an injury as he grunted.

Hearing the sound, Sonia hurriedly released her grip and rubbed the spot she had bitten moments earlier. “Did it hurt, Toby?”

Toby took her hand and squeezed it. “No, I was just pulling your leg.”

She slapped his hand away in exasperation. “Get lost.”

He gave a low chuckle before he placed his hands back on her waist.

Sonia looked at him. “You still haven’t told me the whole deal about the Ocean’s Heart.”

“So, the person whom I sent to keep an eye on you told me that you were trying to locate the CCTV recordings of the accident with Charles and the others. After you found it, you would cause an uproar at the banquet to celebrate Tina’s recovery. You wanted to reveal their cunning plot to shift the blame and you also wanted to bring shame on the Grays and Tina at the banquet itself.

When rumors circulated that I bought the Ocean’s Heart for Tina, the Grays never doubted it and even thought that the Ocean’s Heart was indeed my gift for her. So, the Grays didn’t suppress the rumors and added fuel to the fire instead. You thought that if you stole the Ocean’s Heart during the banquet, the Grays and Tina herself would be terribly ashamed…”

Hearing that, Sonia finally understood everything as she gaped in shock. “So, you just went along with it and didn’t clear the misunderstanding on purpose. You felt that I would come to steal it if you allowed the rumors to continue?”

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