Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Daphne’s Pregnancy

Tom exclaimed aloud before he hurriedly clapped his hands to congratulate Toby. “Congratulations, President Fuller! Your difficulties have finally come to an end.” He was really happy for Toby because he had seen how hard Toby tried to win Sonia back and almost endangered his own life. So, knowing that Toby had finally reconciled with Sonia, Tom was exhilarated.

Upon hearing Tom’s congratulations, Toby huffed. He’s not bad at sweet talking.

“By the way, President Fuller…” Tom looked at Toby and grinned. “President Fuller, now that you and Miss Reed are back together, will there be any benefit for us? You see, when other bosses become taken or get married, they either invite their employees to dinners or give bonuses to employees for them to obtain more good luck. Do you also wish to do something like that?”

Tom expectantly rubbed his hands together.

At that, Toby’s face instantly darkened. “Benefits?”

I’m already being benevolent by not blaming him for stimulating my grandmother. How could he be so bold as to ask for benefits?

Of course, although Toby was extremely dissatisfied with Tom’s behavior of asking for benefits, he thought that Tom had a point. Giving benefits to the staff was one way to obtain good luck for both himself and Sonia. As he and Sonia had just reconciled, they really needed all the good luck that they could receive. Although he personally didn’t believe in these, he had to do his best in this relationship.

Thus, it was necessary to give benefits to Tom. Thinking about this, Toby said with a cold face, “All the company employees will be paid an extra month’s salary.”

Tom’s eyes instantly lit up at that. “Thank you, President Fuller!”

Toby coldly snorted. Then, he no longer cared to pay any attention to Tom but instead leaned back in his seat to close his eyes.

He did not mind Toby’s indifference either as long as he could receive the benefits.

“Drive,” Toby impatiently ordered.

Tom straightened his tie and hurriedly buried the excitement in his heart to start the car.

On the other hand, Sonia finally returned to her office. Daphne followed her in and looked at her unchanged clothes, then couldn’t help but tease, “Chairman Reed, are you and President Fuller already living together?”

Knowing that Toby had helped to answer the phone for her earlier this morning, Sonia pulled a chair over and sat on it. “No, it’s just that I stayed overnight at his place last night for a personal reason.”

“Ah.” Daphne smiled. “But you’re about to live together, right?”

Then, her gaze fell to the ring on Sonia’s left ring finger. The ring wasn’t there yesterday, yet it was now here after Sonia’s overnight stay at Toby’s place. It clearly meant that they had officially reconciled. Nowadays, it was common for lovers to live together, which was why she guessed that Sonia could be living with Toby. Even if they were not, it definitely wouldn’t take long for them to do so.

To be honest, she was relieved when she saw the ring on Sonia’s finger. Although it was embarrassing to admit it, Daphne was actually ecstatic to see them together. Only when they were together could Charles give Sonia up, right?

Sonia didn’t know what Daphne was thinking about. She wanted to say that it was impossible for her and Toby to live together so quickly, but she thought about the tricks that he used in order to stay overnight at her place. Then, she quickly realized that it seemed not as impossible as she thought.

After all, the probability that Toby had the cheek to make her live with him was extremely high. Thinking about this, Sonia suddenly felt a little amused. She rubbed her temples before responding, “Well, let’s not talk about that for now. How was the morning meeting?”

When Daphne heard Sonia talking about business, her expression also became serious. “The morning meeting had ended early because you weren’t around, but the good thing was that it’s not a very important meeting. That was the reason why I did not ask you to rush over. Those higher-ups were not satisfied that you did not attend, but due to your identity as the current chairman, they did not say anything about it. I recorded the meeting so that you can review it later.”

“Okay! Thank you for your hard work.” Sonia nodded.

Daphne was just about to answer something when a sudden wave of nausea came up. Her expression changed and she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and lower her head to heave. Seeing this, Sonia hurriedly stood up from her chair and walked around the desk to approach Daphne to check on her condition. “Daphne, what’s wrong with you?”

Daphne was feeling terrible as her stomach was churning and her nausea refused to go away. She couldn’t even answer Sonia’s question as she ran directly toward the bathroom in Sonia’s office before bending over the sink to continuously puke.

Hearing Daphne’s horrifying vomiting sounds coming out of the bathroom, Sonia hurriedly rushed to the water fountain and took a disposable cup. After putting a little honey in it, she stirred some warm water into the honey with a clean straw to dissolve the honey, after which she placed the cup down and followed Daphne into the room. When she arrived at the bathroom door, she saw that Daphne had already switched on the tap and was splashing water on both her mouth and face.

Only after Daphne finished rinsing her mouth and turned off the tap that Sonia entered and handed a paper towel to her. “Daphne, is everything okay?”

Taking the paper towel, Daphne wiped water on her pale face, nodded her head, and replied in a weak voice, “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Sonia looked at her. “Are you in pain or are you catching a cold? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary for a look?”

“There’s no need, Chairman.” Daphne dropped the paper towel and shook her head to indicate her refusal. “I don’t have a cold. Maybe it’s because I haven’t paid attention to my eating habits for the past two days, so it has caused some discomfort in my stomach. It’s fine. Maybe I’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

How could she say that she might be pregnant with Charles’ child? If Sonia knew about it, she would definitely tell Charles. When the time came, he would definitely drag Daphne to the hospital for a checkup and if it revealed that she was really with child, he would definitely force her to abort it. How could he allow her to deliver his child?

Daphne lowered her eyes gloomily and sadness emanated from her.

Sonia raised her eyebrows when she sensed it. “You said it yourself that there might be something wrong with your eating habits. Daphne, don’t you know how grave the consequences will be? You might suffer from food poisoning or gastric issues. Besides, it’s been two days. How could you neglect your health like this? Look at how you vomited just now. No, you have to see a doctor. Come on, I’ll take you there or perhaps I’ll call the doctor over.”

After saying that, she took out her phone.

Daphne immediately pressed Sonia’s hand down and replied with some agitation, “Chairman Reed, don’t call a doctor. I don’t want to see a doctor. I really don’t want to see a doctor, please. Don’t force me, okay?”

She looked at Sonia with a pleading look.

It took a while before Sonia responded, “W-What is wrong with you? Daphne, why are you so resistant to see a doctor? Are you lying to me? It’s not about eating habits, is it? You have some kind of disease and you know it, so that’s why you don’t want to see a doctor, right?”

The first thought Sonia had was that Daphne suffered from an extremely serious disease like stomach cancer. Otherwise, why would Daphne have reacted like that?

Seeing that Sonia only thought she was sick and didn’t guess that she could be pregnant, Daphne decided to go along with it. After thinking hard, Daphne squeezed out an extremely forced smile on her face and admitted, “Yes, I have a cyst growing in my stomach.”

“What?” Sonia’s face changed slightly. “A cyst? Benign or malignant?”

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