Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Good Luck

Daphne lowered her eyes and replied sheepishly, “I don’t know yet; I haven’t gone to confirm the diagnosis.”

These days, she often vomited like she just did. In addition, her period did not come this month, so she suspected that she might be pregnant. However, she didn’t actually know whether she was indeed pregnant or not, so she planned to head to the drugstore after work today and buy a pregnancy test to check for herself. Nevertheless, she didn’t expect to dry heave in front of Sonia before she could even get off work.

In order not to expose the fact that she could be pregnant, Daphne had to lie and deceive Sonia. I’m really, really sorry, Chairman Reed.

“That’s such a serious thing, yet you actually haven’t gone to confirm the diagnosis!” When Sonia heard Daphne’s words, she was stunned. How little attention is she paying to her health?

Looking at how angry Sonia was, Daphne felt even more ashamed of the coverup in her heart. However, she still had to continue with the lie. She lowered her head further and said in a low voice, “My mom is recently staying with me, so that’s why I didn’t rush to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. I’m just afraid that if my mom sees me taking medicine or something, it would be bad for her. She’s old and sick herself and I don’t want her to worry about me.”

“Even so, you can’t keep dragging it out, can you?” Sonia pursed her red lips.

Daphne agreed in a small voice. “I’ll go this afternoon.”

“Really?” Sonia narrowed her eyes at her.

“Really. I’m also aware that I can’t delay any longer.” Daphne nodded.

In the event that she was really pregnant, after she confirmed the diagnosis, she could also arrange to apply for her leave earlier. If it wasn’t pregnancy, it would be some kind of disease and she could also have it treated sooner. This was not a bad thing for her.

When Sonia heard Daphne’s affirmative reply, her expression looked much better, but worry was still etched on her face. “Since you know you can’t delay it, then you must follow up with your words and visit the hospital this afternoon. You are my secretary and my only female friend now, so I don’t want anything to happen to you. If something happens to you, who can I look for to talk to in the future? Who will help me at work?”

Hearing Sonia’s words, Daphne felt warm inside and her eyes reddened. “Chairman Reed, thank you for caring about me.”

Sonia patted her shoulder. “You are my friend. Of course I care about you, but are you sure you don’t need to head to the infirmary now/’ She was still a bit uneasy.

Nevertheless, Daphne nodded. “No, I’m fine now.”

She had repeatedly insisted that she would not go to the infirmary, which left Sonia with no choice but to give up. After all, Daphne had said that she would go to the hospital for a checkup in the afternoon, so there was no need to force her to head to the infirmary.

“Okay, then. Let’s go out first.”

Sonia withdrew her hand from Daphne’s shoulder while Daphne agreed and followed her out of the bathroom. Back in the office, Sonia handed the cup of honey water that she had made to Daphne. “Drink this. It’s good for your stomach.”

Daphne looked at the yellowish honey water in front of her and felt so touched that her nose burned again. She took the cup of water with both hands and replied with a choked voice, “Thank you, Chairman Reed.”

“Well, as I said, we are friends. This is nothing. Don’t thank me; just drink up.” Sonia pulled her office chair back to sit down again.

After Daphne repeatedly nodded, she then took a small sip of the honey water from the cup. When Sonia saw her drinking it, she smiled before she took her phone out for a quick check.

There was a message from Toby, so she clicked on it to read it. It was only one sentence long: ‘I have arrived at the hospital.’

The time of the message was one minute ago. Sonia began to type her reply: ‘Good, remember to say hello to Grandma for me.’

After sending it, she waited for a while, but did not receive his reply. She guessed that his phone was not in his hand at the moment, so he didn’t see her message. It made her a little as she placed her phone aside.

Seeing this, Daphne smiled and asked, “Chairman Reed, are you contacting President Fuller?”

Sonia didn’t hide it from her either and nodded slightly. “Yup.”

“You and President Fuller are really close. It hasn’t been long since you’re apart from him, yet you’re already missing each other,” Daphne noted with a smile as she threw the cup she had finished drinking from away.

Sonia also laughed a little. “We’re happy together right now, but who knows what the future holds? Love is just like this. When two people have just entered a relationship, they’re infatuated with each other, but when they’ve been together for a long time, the feelings will dissipate. So, what’s important now is to grasp the moment.”

Now that she and Toby had good feelings for each other, naturally she would fully cherish the moment.

“I think you and President Fuller will definitely be happy for life.” Daphne looked at Sonia and gave her sincere blessing.

Sonia smiled back. “I hope so. Thank you.”

“Then, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first?” Daphne pointed to the door.

Sonia nodded slightly. “Go ahead. By the way, go and contact those who attended the meeting in the morning. Just apologize that I’m sorry for keeping them waiting during the morning meeting—”

Before she could even finish her words, there was a knock on the office door.

Sonia frowned and looked at the door. “Come in.”

The door of the office was pushed open to reveal an assistant coming in, thereafter the person arrived in front of Sonia and greeted, “Chairman Reed.”

“What can I do for you?” Sonia asked as she retrieved her own cup of tea and took a sip.

The excited assistant reported, “Chairman Reed, some staff from the Fuller Group are here with lots of gifts.”

“What?!” She initially froze before she hurriedly put down the cup of tea in her hand. “Did you say that those from the Fuller Group have sent a lot of gifts?”

“Yes, those staff said those are gifts from President Fuller to all of our employees at Paradigm Co..” The assistant nodded in a hurry.

Daphne pushed her black-framed glasses up. “Chairman Reed, I think this should be a celebration that President Fuller arranged to celebrate you two reconciling. It’s just like giving out wedding favors to friends, family, colleagues and employees.”

Sonia raised her eyebrow. “I just think that with his knowledge of social etiquette, he isn’t the one to have thought about this.”

After eavesdropping on Sonia’s conversation with Daphne, the assistant asked excitedly, “Chairman Reed, have you and President Fuller really reconciled like what the news reported the other day?”

After looking at the sudden interest in the assistant’s eyes, Sonia nodded her head in amusement. “Since you all know about it, why are you asking me?”

“I’m just confirming the rumors.” The assistant grinned, feeling delighted. Oh my God, they’re really back together! This is really exciting and big news!

Sonia ignored the assistant’s elation. Instead, she took her phone again to unlock the device. “I’ll ask Toby first what the hell he is doing by sending all these.”

After saying that, she was ready to give Toby a call. However, before she could do so, her phone rang—it was Tom calling her instead. She answered it as Tom’s voice came over the phone. “Miss Reed.”

“Hello, Tom.” Sonia nodded and replied.

Tom stood outside Rose’s ward and asked, “Miss Reed, have the staff from the Fuller Group arrived yet?”


Sonia then asked, “Tom, what’s going on with all these gifts?”

Tom smiled. “To celebrate your relationship, President Fuller has specially asked me to prepare these for all the employees of Paradigm Co. in order to bring good luck. Not only Paradigm Co., but all our employees at the Fuller Group are getting them too.”

Hearing this, Sonia looked up at Daphne and told her, “You’ve really hit the nail on the head.”

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