Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 685

Chapter 685 The Antique Bangle

At that, Daphne smiled in embarrassment. Then, Sonia added to the other end of the phone, “It seems that he has spent a fortune this time.”

Toby was wealthy, so with his financial ability, the kind of employee benefits he gave would definitely not be cheapskate.

“Miss Reed, don’t worry. This amount is nothing for President Fuller,” Tom clarified with a polite chuckle.

Sonia leaned back in her chair. “Did he bring this up himself?”

Hr shook his head. “No, actually it was me. I was the one who knew that you and President Fuller had reconciled and asked him for some benefits, so he simply prepared it for the employees of both companies.”

“I see.” She suddenly understood the situation. She was aware that Toby had no knowledge of social etiquette, so if no one had reminded him, he simply would not have done this. However, once he realized it, he would be able to deliver the best. Thus, this was something exceptional and valuable about him.

“Miss Reed, those gifts are all from President Fuller’s heart and it’s for good luck too, so I hope you won’t send them back,” Tom pleaded.

After all, considering her previous rejection of Toby, Tom was really afraid that she would send the gifts back.

She heard the worry in Tom’s tone and knew why he was concerned, so she ruffled the hair around her ear and coughed lightly. “Those won’t be sent back. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good then.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

Sonia asked again, “Where is he, though? Why are you the one who called?”

“President Fuller is talking with Old Mrs. Fuller, so he has asked me to call to tell you about this.”

She nodded. “Got it. Thank you, Tom.”

“You’re welcome,” Tom replied.

The two spoke a few more words before the call ended. As she placed the phone down, Sonia looked at Daphne and the assistant before saying, “The gifts are indeed sent from Fuller Group. Daphne, you and Gretchen should both go and receive them before allocating them to the other employees.”

“Okay,” Daphne answered with a nod.

The assistant also happily echoed, “Thank you, Chairman Reed! Thank you, President Fuller!” She really had not expected that Sonia and Toby would reconcile and him to actually give them many gifts. Earlier, when she took a glance, she saw that there were many valuable items. President Fuller is really generous.

Sonia looked at the excited assistant and laughed lightly before turning to Daphne. “After you give these out to the staff, inform them that I’m giving all of them a day off too. Of course it should be rotated; otherwise, nobody will be around to work.”

When the assistant heard this, she interrupted in glee before Daphne could even answer, “Chairman Reed, are you really giving us a holiday?”

“Of course.” Sonia nodded. “Toby has given you and his own staff these gifts, so how can I not do something too? However, I’m not as rich as him, so I can’t give you gifts. What I can give is a vacation instead.”

“Thank you! A vacation is good enough; we haven’t had a break in a long time.” The assistant was so thrilled that she was about to burst into tears. As Paradigm Co. had been in the development stage these few months, they all rarely had a vacation and to have a day off was the biggest gift for them all.

“I’m sorry.” Sonia looked at her assistant and felt more or less guilty in her heart. “It’s been hard on you guys over these few months.”

“No, no, no.” The assistant quickly waved her hand. “We are fine. It’s all for Paradigm Co. and we can’t blame you, Chairman Reed. We know what Paradigm Co.’s previous situation was like, so we haven’t really complained about the lack of holidays and all the overtime work. I believe that in the future, when Paradigm Co. is fully developed, we can all return to a more regular schedule.”

“That’s for sure.”

Sonia then looked at Daphne and added, “As for the Fuller Group, just send them some small candies as gifts in return.”

Toby had sent so many things to her company, so she naturally needed to give something in return. Although she couldn’t afford to send valuable items to him, she could still at least afford some candy.

“Okay, Chairman Reed. I’ll go and have it arranged now,” Daphne answered with a smile and she thereafter left with the assistant.

An hour later, Daphne returned with a gift box in her hands. “Chairman Reed, we’ve handed out the gifts that President Fuller has sent us and the announcement of the holiday has been published. As for the candies, I’ve also ordered them and the candy shop will send those out directly to the Fuller Group before the end of the day.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Sonia smiled.

“You’re welcome, Chairman Reed.” After that, Daphne handed over the gift box in her hand.

“Chairman Reed, this is what the staff from the Fuller Group has asked me to give you, saying that it’s personally from President Fuller.”

“Oh?” A surprised Sonia reached out to take it. So, he didn’t just give something to the employees when he had also prepared something else for her.

She let out a slight smile and did not immediately open the gift box as she left it aside. “Has the staff from the Fuller Group left?”

“Yes, but they’re not returning to their company. They’re going to Lane Corporation and Coleman Villa.” Daphne nodded.

Sonia frowned in suspicion and asked, “What for?”

The corners of Daphne’s mouth twitched. “To deliver gifts.”

“What?!” Sonia froze for a moment.

Daphne repeated, “To deliver gifts. The staff said that President Lane is your friend, so President Fuller also had gifts prepared for all the employees of Lane Corporation. Mr. Coleman is President Fuller’s friend, so President Fuller also wanted to deliver gifts to him to share the joy.”

Sonia was speechless. Share the joy? I don’t think this is Toby’s true purpose. His real intention is probably to anger Charles and Zane since both of them had feelings for me, especially when Toby is well aware of it.

Since Toby was concerned about it, he had people deliver gifts to both Charles and Zane to anger them while using the opportunity to gloat about how he had reconciled with Sonia.

When she thought of this, she felt amused. “How childish.”

Daphne had also guessed Toby’s true intentions, so she looked at Sonia with worry. “President Lane will definitely be exasperated.”

Sonia waved her hand. “It’s okay. I’ll just apologize to Charles later.”

After nodding, Daphne thought of something and looked at her with clenched fists. “Chairman Reed, when you contact President Lane later, will you please omit me? Especially the fact that I threw up today.”

If Sonia had mentioned this to Charles, he would definitely think of pregnancy. In that case, it would be troublesome for Daphne. Although Sonia didn’t understand why Daphne had to specifically instruct her about this, she still nodded and agreed when she saw Daphne’s pleading look. “Okay, I won’t mention it.”

“Thank you, Chairman Reed.”

“No need to thank me.”

“Chairman Reed, I’ll head out first.”

“Go ahead.” Sonia smiled a little.

Daphne let out a breath and turned to leave the office.

Moments after Daphne left, Sonia retrieved the gift box that she had set aside earlier and opened it since she wanted to know what Toby had sent her. Soon, she managed to open the gift box where there was actually a jade bangle inside. The jade was emerald green and was of the best quality, but it didn’t have a shiny appearance and even had scratches on it, which indicated its age. This bangle is quite old, and perhaps it is even antique. Why did Toby give me this?

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