Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Jessica’s Wild Ambition

Upon hearing that, Toby stopped frowning and started touching his own face. He knew that he was a few years older than Sonia, but it wasn’t enough to make them look like father and daughter.”

Did Sonia feel like I’m not good enough for her?

When Rose saw the confused look on Toby’s face, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Toby, why have you become such a funny person now?”

Immediately, Toby’s face darkened. “Grandma, were you teasing me just now?”

“If I don’t do that, I’m afraid that you might get sad when it’s time for me to leave.” Rose patted the back of Toby’s hand before saying, “Don’t worry. Although I know that I only have about two years left, and I want to go meet your grandpa, I won’t go immediately as I still want to see you and Sonia getting back together. It’s not too late to leave after I see your children, isn’t it? Two years should be enough for that, yes?”

Right then, Toby’s lips pursed. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he stopped in the end and hummed in acknowledgment when he saw Rose’s expectant gaze. “That’s enough. Don’t worry. Sonia and I will work hard.”

He initially wanted to tell Rose that Sonia wouldn’t be able to get pregnant within these two years. It’s impossible for her to see her grandchildren within these two years.

However, he contemplated for a moment and decided not to tell her, as it was better to keep her expecting. With something to look forward to, Rose would finally have the will to continue living.

Besides, it could be possible that she would still choose to continue living until she saw her grandchildren if Toby and Sonia weren’t able to conceive within two years.

Unbeknownst to Toby’s plan, Rose smiled with gratification when she heard the promise. “That’s good to know. By the way, have you sent Sonia the bangle?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded. “She had probably received it, but she won’t know why we are giving it to her.”

However, it was weird that Sonia didn’t contact him to ask the reason. Nevertheless, Rose chuckled before saying, “It’s fine. Didn’t you say that she’ll visit later this afternoon? It’s not too late to tell her by then.”

“Alright.” Toby nodded.

Then, the grandmother and grandson pair continued chatting with each other, and the atmosphere was pleasurable.

Meanwhile, Charles, Zane, and Jessica were about to go on a rampage. Charles and Zane were pissed after receiving the gifts and desserts from Toby’s men. They weren’t fools, and they knew full well what the presents signified.

It was obvious that Toby was trying to brag to them and laugh at them. It showed how Toby was a cruel man from how he treated them, even though they had already moved on.

Of course, Jessica, on the other hand, was even more furious compared to Charles and Zane. After being discharged from the hospital, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was anyone more unfortunate than her when she saw the news.

Seriously? Sonia and Toby are back together, like really?

In fact, Jessica even suspected that Sonia paid the media firms to release the news.

Sonia knew I liked Toby, so she wanted to anger me! I know she’s capable of doing this! This must have been Sonia’s doing!

At the thought of that, Jessica pushed the gifts and desserts on her office desk to the ground angrily. Not being able to release her anger, she walked toward all the presents on the ground before she started stomping on them and screaming like a psycho.

A while after, Jessica finally calmed down as she held onto her office desk and gasped for air with a twisted expression on her face. Suddenly, a maniac smile appeared on her face. “So what if they got back together? Married couples can get divorced too.”

To Jessica, even if Sonia and Toby rekindled their relationship, it wouldn’t last long anyway.

The two of them had gotten a divorce once because they didn’t love one another, so they might not be as fond of each other as they thought they were, even though they were now a thing.

Moreover, from Jessica’s knowledge, couples who had gotten a divorce and got back together were more prone to separation again. How could they stay together for the second time when they couldn’t even last for the first time?

Hence, their relationship was more likely to face trouble if any misunderstanding or argument happened between them.

Just wait for it. I’ll get you guys to break up sooner or later and s****h Toby back. I must get the man that I desire.

When Jessica thought of Toby’s handsome face and his fortune, her breath started getting ragged, and her heart started racing. Right then, her eyes were filled with ambition.

Jessica would never let go of such an outstanding man, and she believed that there were no men that she wouldn’t be able to get. Moreover, the thought of snatching someone from Sonia made it more exhilarating for her.

At that moment, Jessica clenched her fists slowly as a determined look flashed past her gaze. Still, she wasn’t really in a rush as Toby was still there, and she could s****h him anytime she wanted to.

What is urgent right now is my parentage.

Jessica’s hair was a mess because of the tantrum she threw. When the thought of her parentage came up, she straightened her shirt and tidied up her hair before calling for her assistant.

“May I assist you, Vice President Reed?” A glint of shock flashed past the assistant’s eyes and disappeared as soon as it appeared. She noticed the messy interior of the office, yet she stayed calm and composed.

Right then, Jessica raised her chin up arrogantly. “Clean up my office. Remember to not let any speck of dust remain here. You better clean up my office before I return, or you’ll get it from me. Hmph.”

After that, she strutted out of her office in her high heels and bumped the assistant’s shoulder while the assistant massaged her shoulder with an aggrieved look on her face.

The vice president is just full of herself!

Ever since she was transferred to work under Jessica, she had been subjected to Jessica’s torture. Although Jessica didn’t know how to do anything, she was surprisingly good at making other people’s lives harder.

Just so you wait. I’ll find an opportunity to be transferred away from this stupid vice president.

The assistant sucked in a deep breath and recomposed her emotions before she started tidying the office.

Meanwhile, Jessica had reached Sonia’s office and started banging on the door harshly.

Right then, Sonia, who was about to sign a document, jumped when she heard the banging door and accidentally tore her document with her pen. Staring at the torn paper, Sonia had her face darkened immediately before she was consumed by waves of anger.

“Who’s knocking?” she pursed her lips and asked coldly.

Gosh, this is not knocking! This is slamming, but I shall stay composed for now.

Nevertheless, from the sound of it, it seemed like the person behind the door was trying to enter the office forcefully.

“It’s me,” the person outside answered in an arrogant manner when they heard Sonia.

Upon hearing that, Sonia narrowed her eyes before a smirk appeared on her face.

Why do I even bother asking when Jessica is the only person who would do something like this? Even Asher wouldn’t attempt something so foolish as entering my office forcefully. Why is she trying to cause trouble after getting discharged from the hospital? Is she trying to get admitted to the hospital again?

Sonia placed her pen down and placed the torn document aside, planning to get Daphne to print a new set over later.

Fortunately, it wasn’t an important document or a form that had been stamped by another company that couldn’t be reprinted, or Sonia would surely teach Jessica a lesson for what she had done.

“What do you want?” Sonia asked in a straightforward manner while she exercised her wrist. It didn’t look like she was welcoming Jessica to enter her office at all.

When Jessica noticed that, her expression turned into a dissatisfied look immediately. However, she suddenly chuckled in a pleased manner before pushing the door to Sonia’s office forcefully and entering the office.

The instant the impolite woman entered, Sonia’s expression became darker, and her voice got colder. “Who allowed you to enter my office? Get out!”

She pointed at her door.

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