Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Angered Sonia

Despite Sonia’s demand, Jessica wasn’t at all intimidated. Instead, she sneered disdainfully before walking toward Sonia’s desk. Right then, Sonia clenched her fists and snapped with a rage-filled voice, “Jessica, how daring of you!”

Nonetheless, Jessica chuckled coldly. “Why would I even listen to you? Do you really think that you’re my sister? How dare an illegitimate child like you compare yourself to the likes of being my sister?!”

Sonia’s pupil constricted immediately. “You—”

“Are you shocked that I found out that you’re not your father’s biological daughter?” Jessica stood at the opposite end of Sonia’s desk and sneered before crossing her arms. On the other hand, Sonia pursed her lips and kept quiet, allowing Jessica to interpret Sonia’s reaction as a silent acknowledgment.

Then, she pushed her freshly dyed red hair to the back of her shoulders. “Initially, I didn’t know your real identity and genuinely thought that you’re Father’s daughter until I overheard something at the hospital a few days ago and got interested in your body. I couldn’t help but wonder why your kidney was compatible with Titus Gray and went to check your medical report before realizing that you two have completely different blood types. Father had B-blood type, and it was impossible for you to be his kid, so you’re surely an illegitimate child of your mother and some other man!”

“Do not slander my mother like that!” Sonia’s expression changed drastically as she slammed on the table and stood up.

At this moment, Jessica, who had no mental preparation for what was coming, got scared by Sonia’s voice before her face turned pale. “Why… Why are you being so emotional?”

Nevertheless, Sonia’s eyes turned red as she glared at Jessica coldly. “Apologize for tarnishing my mother’s image now!”

“Why should I do that?” Jessica got upset after Sonia snapped at her.

Upon hearing that, Sonia slowly reached out for her cup on the desk before her extremely cold voice rang out. “Because you humiliated my mother!”

Yet Jessica rolled her eyes before she laughed scornfully. “I did not humiliate your mother, and I’m only speaking of the truth. If it weren’t so, why would you have different blood types from our father? It’s obvious that your mother cheated, and it’s really pitiful that he was lied to for his entire life to bring up a child who wasn’t even his own. Sonia, your mother is really a b*tch—”

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, Sonia couldn’t take it any longer and threw what she was holding toward Jessica forcefully.

The cup landed on Jessica’s forehead, causing a cut on her forehead, and she looked like a mess as blood started dripping down along with water. Right then, she staggered backward from the impact of the cup before her high heels got caught up on the wrinkled carpet, causing her to lose her footing and fall to the ground.

However, Jessica couldn’t be bothered by the pain of falling to the ground as she quickly reached out to touch her face and felt a wet sensation. When she stared at her hands and noticed the blood on her hands, she got scared and started screaming, “Ouch! I’m bleeding!”

On the other hand, Sonia, who still hadn’t recovered from her anger, was still grabbing onto the corners of her office desk and huffing for breath. Despite that, she didn’t regret her action just now as she panted while staring at Jessica, who was still screaming in pain.

Why would she insult my mother in the first place? No one has the right to humiliate my mother!

“Sonia Reed, how dare you throw your cup at me?!” Suddenly, Jessica got up and looked around before her gaze landed on the pencil holder on Sonia’s desk. At this moment, a hateful look flashed past her eyes before she quickly grabbed the pencil holder and threw it at Sonia.

Nevertheless, Sonia knew that Jessica was a vindictive person, and she knew that Jessica would definitely return her gesture after she struck her just now, so she had already made enough preparation from the start. When she saw the pencil holder heading in her direction, she dodged to the side calmly and avoided it instead of getting caught off guard.

The pencil holder crashed into a bookshelf behind Sonia, smashing the glass cover of the shelf and producing a loud crashing sound.

When Daphne, who was in the office next door, heard it, she dashed over to check on Sonia. “Chairman Reed, what happened?”

Nevertheless, she came to a realization when she saw Sonia and Jessica standing facing each other. It was obvious that Jessica, whose facial expression contorted in a twisted manner, was there to cause trouble.

“Are you alright, Chairman Reed?” Daphne stood at the entrance of the office and asked worriedly while Sonia waved her off. “I’m fine.”

“Chairman Reed, do you need me to get security?” Daphne stared at Jessica cautiously, but Sonia shook her head. “No. It’s fine for now. You may leave now. I can handle this on my own.”


Daphne was still worried. However, Sonia waved her off again when she was about to say something. “Just go.”

Right then, Daphne had no choice but to go along with Sonia’s wishes. “Yes.”

Yet, she didn’t refrain from calling the security guards like Sonia ordered even though she left. Instead, she even ordered the security guards to stand guard at the office entrance and rush inside to help Sonia out if anything happened to her.

Meanwhile, Jessica had a menacing look on her face when she saw Sonia dodging her attack.

Pointing at Sonia, she accused with a shrill voice, “How… How dare you avoid my attacks, you filthy imbecile?!”


A sharp glint flashed past Sonia’s eyes before she walked past her desk toward Jessica and raised her hand to bring it down on Jessica’s face.

Right then, the sound of Sonia’s slap echoed throughout the entire office clearly. Jessica fell down onto the ground once again as she covered her burning cheek with her hand. She was stunned.

Did… Did I get hit again?

Still, Sonia wasn’t planning to let Jessica h**k the h**k with just a slap. Crouching down, she grabbed Jessica’s chin with her left hand and pulled Jessica toward her before she slapped her with her right hand.

Right then, slapping sounds filled the room as Sonia slapped Jessica’s cheeks repeatedly until they were swollen.

When Jessica, who was in disbelief that she was beaten up like some wild animal, finally came back to her senses, she felt anger and humiliation at the same time.

After pushing Sonia away forcefully, she let out a roar before pouncing on her. “Sonia, you little b*tch! How dare you even touch me? I’m going to murder you now!”

At the same time, Daphne, who was standing outside of the office, had a tense look on her face as she quickly instructed, “Get in there and stop her. Do not let her harm Chairman Reed.”

“Yes,” the bodyguards answered before rushing in and subduing Jessica by grabbing both her arms and pulling her away from Sonia.

Finally, Sonia sighed in relief and started stretching her wrists, which were exhausted when she defended against Jessica while looking at Jessica coldly.

Although Jessica’s height and force were no match for Sonia, her force would naturally increase when she had gone on a rampage.

Jessica’s force was insane when she lost her rationality after getting beaten up by Sonia, causing Sonia to struggle against defending herself just now.

Fortunately, the bodyguards came in time, as Sonia would have been beaten up by Jessica eventually if they hadn’t intervened.

“Hey! Let me go! Let go of me! Do you guys know who I am? I’m the vice president and the real owner of Paradigm Co.! Do you guys think that I’ll let you guys off the h**k for treating me like this?!” Jessica roared in anger while struggling against the hold of the two bodyguards.

Nevertheless, Sonia gave the bodyguards a look and signaled them to ignore Jessica and capture her.

The bodyguards obviously listened to her commands as they could tell who was more authoritative between the chairman and the vice president.

“Oh? Paradigm Co.’s real owner?” Sonia walked toward the captured Jessica before chuckling sarcastically. “Are you not ashamed to say that? Who are you to say that you’re Paradigm Co.’s owner with just a little over five percent of the company share?”

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