Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Fall Short

“I’m the actual owner of Paradigm Co. because it belongs to the Reed Family, and I’m my father’s only biological daughter!” A bizarre and pleased smile appeared on Jessica’s face. “You are just an illegitimate child conceived after your mother cheated with a random man. You’re the last person that has the right to inherit Paradigm Co.!”

Immediately, the two security guards and Daphne were shocked.

Still, even though the security guards were shocked and wanted to know if Jessica was speaking the truth or not or if Sonia was the biological daughter of the past chairman, they knew their places as mere employees.

Even if the gossip was extremely juicy, they had to act as if they hadn’t heard anything and continue on with their role to not lose their jobs.

On the other hand, Daphne didn’t have much to worry about as she went forward and glared at Jessica in anger. “What are you babbling about? Chairman Reed is not an illegitimate child!”

Truthfully, she knew Sonia didn’t belong to the Reeds biologically, as Sonia had already told her about it because she was Sonia’s secretary. Hence, she knew that Sonia was adopted by the previous chairman instead of being an illegitimate child.

Why is Jessica making outrageous claims here when she doesn’t even know the real situation?

Unbeknownst to Daphne’s thoughts, Jessica looked at Sonia before smiling sinisterly. “I’m babbling? Why don’t you get Sonia to have a DNA test done if you want to know if I’m telling the truth? If the report shows that we are not biological sisters, it would mean that Sonia’s mother gave birth to her secretly after cheating and kept it a secret from our father.

Why would he raise her or let her inherit Paradigm Co and be the chairman if he knew about this? Paradigm Co. is the Reed Family’s family business, and all of it should belong to me because she’s nothing but an imbecile. How could someone like that climb over the shoulder of the real young lady of the Reed Family? Sonia, you better return your company’s share back to me and get out of Paradigm Co.!”

“Haha!” Sonia chuckled before she reached out to pat Jessica’s cheek while staring at her as if she was a fool. “You’re not wrong. I’m indeed not the Reed Family’s biological daughter, but I wasn’t born because my mother cheated as well, so if you want to use this to get me to give you the company share, it won’t be happening.”

“You’re an involved party. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t admit to getting born because your mother cheated,” Jessica looked up and said disdainfully while Sonia snapped her fingers. “I can’t believe you’re that much of a fool. Jessica, don’t you know of the inheritance law? Even if I’m an illegitimate child, which I am not, as long as I’m in the Reed Family’s account, I still have the right to inherit the company, so you have no right to make me return my share of the company.”

“That’s impossible!” Jessica’s expression changed before she snapped.

Meanwhile, Daphne rolled her eyes at Jessica when she noticed Sonia would not say anything. “Vice President Reed, what Chairman Reed said is true. The inheritance law remains the same even in other countries as well. If you don’t believe it, you can always consult a lawyer about it.”

“How is that even possible…” Jessica’s mouth fell open like she had just found out the lie of the century.

“What’s wrong? Are you still in denial?” Sonia’s lips curled up into a smirk. “Well, there is more from where that came from. You kept mentioning that Paradigm Co. is the Reed Family’s family business, so only members of the Reeds will be able to inherit it, but that was Paradigm Co. six years ago. Now, it is no longer a family business.”

“That’s bullsh*t!” Jessica’s face contorted in a twisted manner as she shouted.

“Chairman Reed is not lying.” Daphne adjusted her black rimmed glasses. “Don’t you know that the previous chairman mortgaged 40 percent of the company’s shares to get his funding? From that moment onward, Paradigm Co. became a public-owned enterprise instead of a family business.”

“Daphne, she won’t understand what you’re saying, so make it easier for her to understand.” Sonia gave Daphne a look before bursting into laughter.

“Sure,” Daphne answered before continuing, “Vice President Reed, let’s put it this way. I’m sure you know that the shares that Chairman Reed is holding right now aren’t inherited from the previous chairman when you came to Paradigm Co.. The shares that Chairman Reed is currently holding were brought over by other shareholders with her grandfather and President Lane’s help, so all of them aren’t the Reeds’ original shares. All of Chairman Reed’s shares belong to her only without regard to whether she is a Reed, so you have no right to ask for her share, even if you file a lawsuit.”

“Do you finally understand what she’s talking about?” Sonia patted Jessica’s face again. “It’s impossible for you to s****h my shares away from me using the fact that I’m not a biological daughter of the Reed Family. It is simply impossible, and you have no chance of succeeding from the very start.”

Jessica’s face went blank after she heard them. Her eyes were filled with confusion as she mumbled to herself, “How is it… even possible? How did it end up like this?”

When she came strutting over to Sonia’s office confidently, she had figured that she wouldn’t fail this time.

In fact, she was already plotting how to humiliate Sonia after snatching her shares away from her. No! How did things end up this way?

“Chairman Reed, I think she had gone mad.” Daphne stared at Jessica’s blank state before she lowered her voice.

Meanwhile, Sonia retracted her hand from Jessica’s cheek and went back to her desk to get some wet tissues, and started rubbing her hand before replying nonchalantly, “Wouldn’t she get mad if she can’t get what she wanted?”

“Well, she’s a fool after all,” Daphne quipped. “If she’s smarter, she would have done her research to see if she should waste her time to come over to confront you. Instead, she rushed over blindly upon knowing that you’re not the Reed Family’s biological daughter. Someone with no common knowledge of the law would never be able to be successful.”

“You’re right.” Sonia smiled for a while before an emotionless expression took over as she ordered, “Get her out of my office.”

“Yes, Chairman Reed,” the security guards replied before they carried Jessica, who was still in a daze, out.

Right then, Daphne contemplated for a moment before she spoke up. “I’m leaving, too. I shall remind them not to put anything out.”

“Alright.” Sonia nodded.

After Daphne left, Sonia sat in her seat again before massaging her temples and sighing as her head started aching after dealing with Jessica.

Still, she gained something this time because she finally knew how Jessica found out that she wasn’t a biological daughter of the Reed Family.

Jessica said that she started suspecting my identity of being a part of the Reeds after she found out that my kidney was compatible with Titus Gray, which meant that Jessica overheard me talking to Taylor in the hospital since she was admitted to the hospital at that time as well.

Nevertheless, Sonia didn’t expect Jessica to be so cautious and actually suspected her identity after Jessica found out that her kidney was compatible with Titus’. At least she’s not that dumb.

Still, Sonia had been wondering about why her kidney would be compatible with Titus recently.

Tim had previously mentioned that Titus’ body was different, and he had a rare blood type, so it was harder for them to find someone compatible.

However, Sonia’s body was actually compatible with Titus.

Isn’t that ironic considering the resentment between the Reeds and Grays?

Sonia chuckled coldly before she went to the corner of her office to grab a broom, as she wanted to clean up the mess on the ground.

Nevertheless, having a compatible kidney did not bother her. She did not go so far as to think about her potential relationship with Titus, seeing how her father and Titus were the banes of each other’s existence twenty years ago. It wasn’t too logical to raise the child of one’s enemy.

Father hated Titus so much, so everything is just a coincidence.

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