Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Never Forgive You

Hence, it was merely a coincidence that Sonia’s kidney was compatible with Titus.

Still, this coincidence is repulsive.

Sonia rubbed her cheeks and stopped herself from thinking before she started sweeping her office.

On the other hand, Jessica, who had been thrown back to her office by the security guards, was on a rampage.

Not to mention getting beaten up by Sonia, she was actually dragged past every department in the company for everyone to see her battered look by those two bodyguards upon Daphne’s orders to humiliate her.

“Argh!” Jessica, who had regained her freedom, clenched her fists together before stomping the ground angrily and screaming. “Daphne, I won’t let you off the h**k for this. You hear me? Even if you have Sonia backing you up, I’ll return the humiliation that I’ve felt back to you.”

When Daphne, who reached Jessica’s office along with the two bodyguards, heard Jessica, she paused and turned around to look at Jessica as if she was a lunatic. “Is that so? I’ll be waiting, then.” She wasn’t afraid of Jessica.

Daphne was confident that she could outsmart Jessica, who was simple-minded, not to mention Sonia would never allow her to be bullied.

Upon seeing how unconcerned Daphne was, Jessica got so pissed that she felt as if she was about to faint from anger.

Does this woman actually think nothing of me?! How dare she treat my warning as a joke?! She’s too full of herself!

“You… You…” Jessica’s face went red as she pointed at Daphne with trembling fingers, despite not being able to speak due to anger.

Nevertheless, Daphne adjusted her glasses and turned around, ignoring Jessica as it would be troubling if Jessica were actually about to faint from anger.\

“Let’s go,” she instructed the security guards before leaving Jessica’s office while the security guards followed behind her and closed Jessica’s office door politely.

Once again, Jessica was left alone in her office, and she started stomping and screaming to vent her anger.

Right then, she was so loud that everyone in the office next door could hear her.

In fact, a few people even looked out from their offices in the direction of her office. “What’s happening?”

While some of them didn’t know what happened, there were a few that could guess what happened as they twitched their lips and said, “What else could have happened? She’s obviously throwing a tantrum in her office after getting dismissed by the chairman.”

“Her voice sounds terrifying.”

“Well, that’s nothing compared to how horrifying she is if you’ve seen her face when she’s angry. She looks just like a demon! Can you imagine how scary that is?”

“Pfft! I’m picturing it now with your descriptions. This is funny.”

Immediately, all the secretaries and personal assistants in the office started laughing, and none of them found it wrong for them to laugh at their superior behind her back, as none of them liked the newly appointed Vice President Reed.

Despite not being Jessica’s secretary or personal assistant, Jessica had been treating them like her slaves and scolding them if they couldn’t reach her expectations, so all of them had many complaints about Jessica.

Thus, all of them were ecstatic when they found out that Sonia humiliated her.

Not knowing that she had been given the title of an ugly demon by the others, Jessica was still smashing everything that was smashable in her office while kicking things that couldn’t be smashed.

After venting for a while, she finally calmed down a little and panted for air while sitting on the couch.

Jessica had never been subjected to so much humiliation ever since she was born.

After she came back to Palmont, Sonia had been the cause of all of the humiliation that she had been subjected to, and she would never, ever, let Sonia off the h**k for this!

Since Jessica couldn’t get Paradigm Co.’s shares back from threatening Sonia with her real identity, she had decided to utterly discredit Sonia by letting everyone know that Sonia was an illegitimate child!

At the thought of that, Jessica looked up with her reddish eyes before a sinister smile appeared on her face. Then, she grabbed her phone and contacted someone. “It’s me. I have a huge piece of news for you.”

In a blink of an eye, it was already afternoon.

While Sonia was still busy working, her phone that was placed at a side suddenly started ringing.

Placing her pen down, she glanced at her phone to see Toby’s name flashing on the screen.

Sonia smiled. Right then, she could feel herself freshening up after getting tortured by work for hours.

Leaning back against her seat, Sonia swiped on her phone to accept the call before placing her phone next to her ear. “Hello?”

“Are you done with work?” Toby’s arousing and magnetic voice rang out from the other end of the call, causing Sonia to straighten up her posture instinctively. “Hmm… I’m almost done. Are you here yet?”

“I’m already downstairs.” Toby rolled his car window down before he looked up at the balcony of the building in front of him from his driver’s seat.

Upon hearing him, Sonia got up immediately. “Hang on, let me take a look.”

Then, she rushed to the balcony and looked down while grabbing onto the railing before she noticed the familiar car parked downstairs.

Although Sonia couldn’t see the person in the car because she was too high up, it didn’t stop her from waving at the person in the car from above.

At this moment, Toby chuckled lightly. “I saw you.”

“Alright. I’m coming down now. Wait for me,” Sonia said while moving away from the railing.

Meanwhile, Toby nodded. “You don’t have to rush. It’s fine if you come down later, as I’ll be right here waiting for you. I’m not going anywhere, so you’ll be able to see me when you come down.”

When Sonia heard what he said, her heart started racing before her face went red. “Alright. Stop it, won’t you? When did you learn to say all this?”

“Learn?” Toby tilted his head a little. “Do I have to learn how to say these things?”

Isn’t it normal to say these kinds of things when you’re in love?

Sonia was rendered speechless. “Alright, alright. You don’t have to learn as you’re naturally good with sweet-talking, alright? Well, I’ll talk to you later. I have to pack my things now.”

“Sure.” Toby nodded.

After hanging up, Sonia smiled at the car below her before turning around and returning to her office.

When Toby saw Sonia leaving, he rolled his window up again, blocking off all the weird looks that he was receiving outside.

After returning to her office, Sonia went to her desk and kept all of the documents in her drawer before she took out the bangle that she had kept in a locked safe and placed it in her bag. Then, she turned off her computer and left.

In no time, Sonia reached Toby’s car.

Before she could knock at his car window, the car door suddenly opened before it was pushed forward.

Right then, Sonia took a step back so that the car door could be opened.

When Toby got out of the car and noticed that Sonia’s bangs were messy, he reached out to tidy her hair gently. “Did you run over?”

“How do you know?” Sonia’s eyes widened in shock as she had been jogging to the elevator from her office and here.

When she was on her way out, she’d even run into a department manager that was teasing her for being in a rush to meet Toby.

At that moment, she also came back to her senses that she shouldn’t have been in a rush to meet Toby, as it would give others the impression that she couldn’t wait to meet her man.

Thus, she slowed down after leaving the company before walking toward Toby’s car.

Nevertheless, Toby still noticed that she had run over.

Does he have X-ray vision?

It seemed like Toby could sense what Sonia was thinking about as he chuckled lightly. “Well, I noticed because your hair was messy.”

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