Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 691

Chapter 691 The Meaning of the Bangle

“Um…” Sonia was taken aback as she reached out to touch her hair and started laughing. “Is that so? I thought you had X-ray vision.”

“I do wish that I had X-ray vision,” Toby raised his eyebrows before replying, while Sonia felt weird when she heard him.

Then, she looked up and narrowed her eyes at him. “Do you wish to have X-ray vision?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded.

At this moment, Sonia got even more curious. “Why would you want X-ray vision? It’s not because you want to see others naked, is it?”

It wasn’t surprising for her to reach that odd conclusion, as it was weird that Toby wanted to have X-ray vision.

Based on Sonia’s knowledge, the usual reason men would want to have X-ray vision was for peculiar reasons such as seeing naked bodies.

Nevertheless, Toby’s lips twitched a little when he heard Sonia before reaching out to flick her forehead. “What are you even thinking? Why would I look at other people’s naked bodies? Even if I can, I would only look at yours instead of other people’s,” he answered earnestly because Sonia jabbed him with her elbow.

Right then, Sonia’s face went red before she glared at him. “What are you even talking about? You want to see me unclothed?”

Seriously?! The thing this man says!

Nevertheless, Toby patted Sonia’s shoulder to comfort her. “Alright, alright. I won’t.”

Despite saying that, he was thinking of the complete opposite.

Even if I don’t see it now, I’d still have to see it in the future, though.

At that thought, a sly glint flashed past Toby’s eyes before it quickly disappeared. Then, he acted as if nothing had happened and held Sonia’s hand.

When he noticed that there was only a woman’s watch on Sonia’s pale wrist and no other accessories, he didn’t look surprised.

Toby didn’t give any explanations when he got his men to send Sonia the bangle, so she didn’t know what it meant or why did he suddenly give her such an old bangle.

Well, it makes complete sense not to wear it.

“Let’s get in the car. It’s cold out here.” Toby placed Sonia’s hands next to his lips before he blew warm breath into her hands so that he could warm up her icy hands.

Sonia didn’t resist Toby’s action. Since they were dating, resisting would make it look like they weren’t a couple.

“Let’s go.” Sonia nodded.

Then, Toby opened the car door for Sonia while she held her hair and bent down to get into the car. Right when Sonia was one foot in the car, she suddenly heard the shutter going off.

Immediately, she frowned before getting out of the car. She turned toward the direction of the sound—the sound came from the back of the bush at the side of the road.

“Did you hear that just now?” Sonia asked the man next to her while she stared intently at the bush, as if she could see the person behind the bush if she stared harder.

Toby nodded slightly. “I heard someone taking pictures.”

“As expected, I’m not hearing things.” Sonia pursed her lips. “It must be those paparazzi again.”

Toby hummed in acknowledgement. “It is.”

Sonia harrumphed. “Seriously? Why do they keep following me instead of the people in the entertainment field?”

Who are they going after at Paradigm Co. if it isn’t me?

“It’s normal. Since the news that we got back together was made public, the paparazzi would surely come over to try to get more details on our relationship.”

Sonia turned toward Toby. “Are there any paparazzi stationed around Fuller Group?”

“No.” Toby shook his head. “None of them dared to station around my company any longer.”

Ever since he got his men to teach those paparazzi stationed outside of Fuller Group a lesson, none of them dared to go around Fuller Group anymore.

Upon hearing that, Sonia immediately felt annoyed. “Wow. They really fear the strong while bullying the weak, huh? They can station around Paradigm Co. but don’t dare to station around Fuller Group? What do they even see me as? This doesn’t sit well with me. I need to go have a look.”

Then, she attempted to head toward the bush.

However, the bush started shaking the moment she took a step forward, and it was obvious that the paparazzi saw through Sonia’s intention.

At this moment, Toby grabbed her by her arm and stopped her. “You shouldn’t confront them. It’s just paparazzi anyway. You don’t have to care about them.”

“But they took our pictures, though?” Sonia frowned while Toby nodded. “I know. Just let them be. After all, we can take this opportunity to let everyone know as well. The news that they reported during the afternoon wasn’t fake anyway, so it’s fine as long as they don’t make fake reports. Of course, if they do that, I’ll take action against them.”

Upon hearing that, Sonia could only drop the topic and get into the car again while Toby glanced at the bush coldly.

Right then, the trembles from the bush got stronger.

Nevertheless, Toby ignored it and entered the driver’s seat.

After the car drove away, the trembling from the bush finally calmed down as the paparazzi hiding behind it patted his chest and sighed in relief. “They finally left. Oh my goodness. I thought I was going to be murdered when President Fuller gave me that look just now. That was terrifying.”

When Toby and Sonia found out that he was hiding behind the bush, he really thought that they would come over to get him to delete the pictures.

Back then, he was so afraid that they might confront him, but he didn’t expect them to drive away in the end.

What are they implying? Does it mean that they allowed me to release these pictures?

The paparazzi looked in the direction Sonia and Toby left before staring at his camera again. At this moment, he didn’t know what they were trying to do or if he should release the pictures that he had taken.

What if they try to look for trouble after I release these pictures? Wouldn’t that mean that it’ll be over for me? Still, it would be a pity if I didn’t release these pictures. It is really rare to snap an intimate close-up of Toby and Sonia.

The cameraman looked conflicted as he held onto his camera. A while later, he suddenly stood up with determination written all across his face.

You know what? Screw it! I’ll upload those pictures!

Since they didn’t confront me and ask me to delete the pictures, I guess they’re allowing me to release them. Worse comes to worst, I’ll quit my job!

You only live once! Go big or go home! I shall take the risk this time around!

At the thought of that, the paparazzi turned around and headed back to his van.

On the other hand, Sonia suddenly recalled something when she was in the car before she opened her bag and took a box out. After opening the box, she turned toward the man in the driver’s seat. “Did you send me this, Toby?”

Toby glanced at the box from the corner of his eyes. Although he couldn’t see anything inside the box from the angle, he knew what was inside the box when he saw the box.

After all, he was the one who prepared the box.

Right then, Toby nodded slightly before admitting, “It is.”

Sonia sighed in relief before she placed the box down. “I really thought I was being pranked by other people. Still, why would you suddenly send me a bangle out of nowhere? An expensive-looking vintage type at that.”

Regardless of how she thought of it, she couldn’t come out with a potential reason behind the gift.

Meanwhile, Toby answered while turning the steering wheel, “The bangle is not from me. It’s actually a gift from Grandma.”

“Grandma?” Sonia was taken aback before she lowered her head and stared at the box in her hands. “Why would she suddenly want to give me this?”

The corner of Toby’s lips curled up into a smile. “You should ask her when we get to the hospital. She’ll tell you why.”

Seeing that Toby refused to answer directly but wanted her to ask Rose about it, Sonia rolled her eyes at him before keeping the box. “I’ll ask her, then.”

Toby chuckled lightly. “Are you upset?”

“No.” Sonia shook her head. “Do you think my temper is that bad?”

“That’s good.” Toby nodded before saying again, “It’s not that I don’t want to explain to you about it, but it’s better for Grandma to tell you the meaning of this bangle herself.”


“It’s a matter of inheritance,” Toby explained.

Immediately, Sonia could already guess the meaning of the bangle before her heart started racing. After humming in acknowledgment, she went quiet while her fingers continued stroking the box that contained the bangle.

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