Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 692

Chapter 692 Private Conversation

The words ‘inheritance’ and ‘takeover’ reminded her of scenes in drama series where influential families had family heirlooms given to the son or the family’s daughter-in-law. That’s probably this bangle’s purpose.

After all, scenes in drama series were based on real-life stories. The Fullers were influential, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they had a family heirloom that was inherited by the son or the daughter-in-law of the family.

Nevertheless, Sonia had no plans to share her thoughts with Toby, as he had already mentioned that Rose would explain the bangle’s meaning at the hospital later. Besides, it would be awkward if the honest answer wasn’t what she was expecting.

Those who didn’t know might even think that she was hoping to inherit a family heirloom from the Fullers, so it was better if she didn’t say anything.

In a blink of an eye, Toby and Sonia reached the hospital. After Toby parked the car, the car door was opened by Tom. It was obvious that Tom was positioned there to pick them up.

“President Fuller, Miss Reed,” he greeted after the two of them got out of the car.

While Toby didn’t reply to Tom, Sonia smiled at him as an acknowledgment. After that, Tom motioned for them to go ahead. “President Fuller, Miss Reed, Old Mrs. Fuller had instructed me to bring the both of you over to her room.”

“Alright. Thank you, Tom.” Sonia smiled politely.

“You’re welcome.” Tom adjusted his glasses and walked ahead of them to lead the way.

However, Toby frowned when he saw the direction where Tom was leading them to. “This isn’t the way to Grandma’s room.”

“It isn’t?” Sonia was shocked while Tom smiled before replying, “Indeed, it is not. Old Mrs. Fuller complained that her previous room was too noisy, as there was a noisy kid that stayed in the room next to hers, so she requested me to arrange a new room for her. We are heading to her new room now.”

“I see,” Sonia commented while Toby nodded slightly and said nothing.

Then, the three of them headed to another hospital building for hospital wards. There were VIP wards in this building as well, and Rose was currently staying in one of them.

As Tom brought Sonia and Toby to the area outside of Rose’s ward, they could clearly see what was happening in the ward through the glass window on the door entrance of the ward.

When Sonia saw Rose sitting on her bed while having a conversation with Mary, she smiled. “Looks like Grandma is in a good mood today.”

Toby agreed. “Indeed. Let’s go in now.”

Upon hearing that, Tom reached out to open the door to the ward for Toby and Sonia to enter.

When Rose and Mary saw the couple who came in hand-in-hand, they gave each other a look before smiling with gratification.

“Young Master Toby, Miss Reed, you guys are finally here,” Mary stood up before greeting them cheerfully.

“Grandma, Mary.” Sensing Rose and Mary’s gaze on her and Toby’s intertwined hands, she felt somewhat embarrassed and wanted to pull away from Toby.

Nevertheless, Toby tightened his grip on her hand as if he had already predicted that this would happen, not giving her the opportunity to retract her hand.

Right then, Sonia couldn’t help but turn around and glare at him before signaling for him to let go, as Rose and Mary were still watching them. Still, Toby was unbothered as he pulled her toward the hospital bed nonchalantly. He didn’t care if other people saw them holding hands.

When they were in front of Rose’s bed, Toby didn’t shy away from Rose and Mary but raised their intertwined hands up so that they would take a closer look.

At that moment, it was already too late for Sonia to pull away from him. After all, it’d be rude and disrespectful for her to fight Toby off in front of Rose and Mary. Even if they liked her, they’d probably feel uncomfortable if they saw her doing that. Thus, Sonia had no choice but to turn toward Rose and Mary with a forced smile on her face. She still hadn’t thought of a way to face the two elders as Toby’s girlfriend again, but Toby had forced her to the edge of a cliff right then.

“Grandma, I’ve brought Little Leaf over to see you,” Toby held Sonia’s hand before greeting Rose. The older lady then glanced between Toby and Sonia before she nodded with a smile. “Hello… Hold on…”

The smile on Rose’s face disappeared when she realized that something was wrong before she frowned. “What did you just say? Who did you bring to see me? Little Leaf? Who is Little Leaf?”

She looked at Toby with a stern expression on her face. “You little punk, have you been sleeping around again?”

Right then, Mary gave Toby a displeased look, as if she was staring at a womanizer.

Upon noticing that, Sonia covered her mouth and turned around before giggling secretly. At the same time, Toby ruffled her hair and stared at Rose helplessly before explaining, “Grandma, Little Leaf is Sonia.”

“What?” Rose looked visibly stunned before she turned toward Sonia while Sonia nodded with a smile on her face. “It’s me, Grandma.”

“Sonia, when did you change your name?” Rose was confused.

At the same time, Mary nodded along curiously as well.

Right then, Sonia politely said, “That’s a nickname that my mother had given me before she passed away, and my father had been addressing me with this name ever since, so it’s kind of a special name that my parents addressed me.”

“I see.” Rose nodded in realization. Looks like these two younglings are really close if she allows him to address her using a nickname that was only used by her parents. I won’t have to worry any longer if that’s the case.

“By the way, Toby, I’ll need your help to settle the discharge procedure. I’m well now, and it’s really boring staying in the hospital, so I’m leaving tomorrow,” Rose said while staring at Toby.

At this moment, a knowing look flashed past Toby’s face before he nodded and agreed. “Alright. I’ll do it now.” Then, he gave Sonia a look and left the ward.

Toby knew Rose only wanted him to excuse himself, so she could be alone with Sonia. An easy task like filling in the discharge paperwork could be done by their staff, after all. I shall let them talk, then. Nevertheless, he wasn’t planning to expose her little ruse and left instead.

After pouring two glasses of water for Rose and Sonia, Mary suddenly spoke up. “Old Mrs. Fuller, I suddenly remember that the chicken soup that I’ve ordered still isn’t here yet. I’m not really sure what had happened, so I’m going to go out to make a call now.”

“Sure.” Rose chuckled.

“Alright,” Mary replied before leaving.

At the same time, Sonia also knew that the chicken soup issue was probably an excuse for Mary to leave the room so that Rose and she could speak privately, just like how Toby left just now. Still, she didn’t know what Rose wanted to talk to her about, so she lowered her gaze.

In no time, only Sonia and Rose were left in the room, and it became hushed as Sonia helped Rose to cover her body with the blanket. “Grandma, do you have something that you want to talk to me about?”

Right then, Rose chuckled. “It’s not really anything serious. I just wanted to ask you if you got back into a relationship with Toby because you’re really in love with him or because he was your lifesaver?”

“Grandma, what made you want to ask about this all of a sudden?” Sonia tilted her head in confusion before Rose sighed. “I’ve found out that Toby fell off a cliff with you after he tried to protect you previously.”

“You knew?” Sonia was shocked, while Rose nodded. “Yeah.”

Despite already knowing about it earlier, Rose didn’t know that the fall had further damaged Toby’s heart.

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