Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 693

Chapter 693 A Gift for My Daughter-In-Law

Thus, when Rose heard from Tom yesterday that Toby’s heart condition was worsening, she got so anxious she fainted.

Although Sonia didn’t know what was going on in Rose’s mind, she stood up and bowed to Rose apologetically after knowing that Rose had found out about the cliff incident. “Grandma, I’m sorry for frightening you regarding the cliff fall.”

She thought that Rose had fainted after finding out about the cliff accident. Toby had previously mentioned he wasn’t planning to let Rose know about the fall because he was afraid that she might not be able to handle it well.

“Grandma, regarding the accident at the cliff, I was kidnapped by Declan from the Hayes Family in Westsanshire. Declan wanted to get back at Carl. Toby wasn’t involved in anything and only jumped off the cliff to save me. In fact, he almost lost his life for me, and I’m really, really, sorry for that. I’ve almost caused you to lose your grandson.” Sonia gave Rose a guilty look.

Nevertheless, Rose got Sonia to stand up again. “You don’t have to apologize, Sonia. I know everything that happened, so I won’t blame you because you never wanted to involve Toby in it, and you weren’t the one who made him jump off the cliff. Everything he has done was his own decision, and I won’t blame you for it, so stop feeling guilty.”

“Grandma, do you truly think this way?” Sonia looked up at Rose while Rose chuckled and shook her head. “Of course. I’ve already mentioned that Toby did everything on his own accord, so I can’t blame you for things that you didn’t ask for. I’m not an irrational old woman, after all. Besides, you guys managed to survive in the end, didn’t you?”

Right then, Sonia felt touched as she sat down again. “Although you don’t blame me for everything that has happened, I still feel really guilty, though.”

“There’s nothing to feel guilty about.” Rose tried to comfort Sonia by patting the back of her hand. “Truthfully, I’m really happy that Toby did everything that he could to save you because you’re the person that he loves. If he doesn’t even go all out for the person he loves, I’ll look down upon him, and he would have no right to tell you he loves you. In fact, the Fuller Family would be ashamed to claim an imbecile like him to be our grandchildren.”

“Is… Isn’t that a bit too serious?” Sonia motioned around awkwardly.

Nevertheless, Rose shook her head. “Of course not. Men in the Fuller Family are supposed to be brave enough to sacrifice everything for their loved ones without backing down. It was the same way with his great grandfather, grandfather, and even his father… Although I dislike Jean, I had to admit that that vulgar woman won over Homer’s heart completely. To be able to marry her, Homer was willing to accept the family rule to give up on all of his shares for Fuller Group to be an unnamed president.”

“I see how it is.” Sonia nodded her head lightly.

All of the men from Fuller Family sound noble.

Rose continued speaking. “Men in the Fuller Family are known to be loyal. Back when Toby’s grandpa, Norman, and I were young, we had gone through a lot together. Norman almost lost his life to save me without an ounce of hesitation when he was younger, even though I told him not to. So, it is impossible for me to blame you and think that it’s your fault that Toby saved you when I’ve experienced the same thing.”

“Grandma…” Sonia felt herself tearing up, as it really felt nice to be understood.

Rose grinned. “What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“No.” Sonia lowered her head in embarrassment before she rubbed her eyes and changed the topic. “By the way, Grandma, what do you mean when you ask me whether I got back together with Toby because of love or because he saved me?”

She turned toward Rose while Rose tidied up the young lady’s stray hair by her ears and explained, “I just thought of it myself as well. I know that you’re in love with Toby now, but the pain that he had caused you in the past was real as well, so I was wondering if you’re dating Toby again to give him another opportunity or because he saved you without any regards to his own safety, so you felt bad? It would be good to know if you guys got back together because you love each other, as the latter would definitely strain your relationship. Even if you guys love each other, your hearts won’t be able to align with each other, and you won’t ever be happy.”

By then, they would end up breaking up again.

In fact, the relationship would even end on a bad note, and Rose really didn’t want to see that as their elder.

Nonetheless, Sonia chuckled when she noticed the worried look on Rose’s face. “Don’t worry, Grandma. Toby and I are together again because we have feelings toward each other, and it wasn’t due to kindness. I’m rational enough to know not to mix my feelings and my kindness in a relationship, as they are two different things. If I got together with Toby because I felt bad, it would be unfair for both of us because if I do it out of kindness, I’ll remain distant even though we were together. If we cannot be intimate with each other out of love, what’s the point of being together? I might as well use other methods to repay him.”

“That’s true.” Rose nodded before Sonia continued on, “You don’t have to worry about us, Grandma. If I were to date Toby out of guilt, I would have already done it earlier instead of waiting until this moment. I know what I’m doing, and I know that I forgave him and got back together with him out of love.”

Rose felt relieved when she noticed the serious expression on Sonia’s face.

Then, she reached out to pat the back of Sonia’s hand. “I understand now. Since you guys got back together out of love, you two must be good to each other. What do you think about letting me see my great-grandchildren within two years?”

“Grandma!” Sonia’s face went red as she was embarrassed.

However, she couldn’t help but worry because of the miscarriage that she had in the past.

Still, Rose didn’t notice Sonia’s dejected look. Instead, she pursed her lips before smiling when she thought Sonia was embarrassed. “Alright, alright. I won’t mention it anymore. By the way, Sonia, did you bring the bangle with you?”

“It’s here.” Sonia came back to her senses and opened her bag before taking the box out and giving it to Rose.

Then, Rose took the box and opened it before taking the dark green bangle out.

Staring at the bangle, Rose felt a wave of nostalgia. “Sonia, did Toby tell you about the story of this bangle?”

“No.” Sonia shook her head. “He did mention that this bangle is related to inheritance and takeover.”

“He’s right.” Rose placed the bangle down before she explained in a nostalgic tone, “This bangle is passed down by the Fuller Family’s ancestors. The Fuller Family’s ancestors used to be ancient aristocrats, and the bangle was the King’s gift for the family’s matriarch. However, after years of modernization, the bangle is now a token of appreciation for the wife of the inheritor of the family.”

“The wife of the inheritor of the family?” Sonia stared at the bangle. “That’s what he meant by inheritance and takeover, huh? It seems like my guess was correct.”

Rose smiled. “Well, it’s not really that hard to guess, considering how old the bangle looks.”

Sonia hummed in acknowledgment. “You’re not wrong.”

“Toby’s great grandmother gave this bangle to me when I married his grandfather. After that, I gave it to Toby’s mother, but she didn’t love Toby’s father and never thought of herself as the daughter-in-law of the Fuller Family, so she never accepted this bangle. Hence, I kept this bangle and planned to give it to Toby’s future wife, which is you.”

After saying that, Rose sighed. “I was supposed to give this bangle to you six years ago, but Toby stopped me when I was going to. You, too, knew that there was something wrong with Toby’s mind back then, so…”

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