Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Where Did You Get the Bangle?

Toby was caught in a trance when he realized Sonia saw through him. Nonetheless, he was quickly prevented by his pride and intuition from admitting it. Thus, he looked down a little and faked a cough. “Well, I’m not.”

“Are you sure you aren’t?” Sonia looked at Toby, expressing her disbelief in his words. “You looked obviously happy because I can stay over. If not, you wouldn’t have suggested that I bunk down in your place, would you?”

“That’s clearly not what I meant.” Toby tried to talk his way out.

Sonia folded her arms and said, “Really? Alright then, since that’s not what you meant, I suppose I could spend the night in the hotel later. Who says bunking down in your place is the best way?”

“No!” Toby grew anxious when he heard the lady say she wanted to go to the hotel.

“Why not?” Sonia intentionally asked Toby with her eyes filled with mischief.

“It isn’t safe to stay in the hotel,” Toby knitted his eyebrows and replied seriously.

Deep down, Sonia was amused by Toby’s reaction; however, she still tried to keep a straight face on the outside. Oh man! I wish someone knew how hard it is to keep myself from bursting into laughter. “Who says it’s not safe in the hotel?” Sonia grunted. “Do you think I’m going to stay in some motel?”

“No way!” Toby pursed his lips.

“Tell me why not then.” Sonia gazed at the man.

While Toby puckered his lips in silence, Sonia’s eyes lit up with glee. It looks like Toby needs a little ‘motivation’ before he decides to admit that he wants me to spend the night at his place. Otherwise, he’ll just keep denying it. At the thought of that, she reached for her phone. “Fine, if you won’t tell me why, I’m going to go ahead and book a room right now. If there’s no available room, I’ll just head over to Charles’s place and bunk down there.”

Upon hearing Sonia’s intention to stay at Charles’ place, Toby was instantly piqued and irritated. No way! How can I allow the woman I love to stay at my love rival’s place? He then snatched her phone and locked it. “No! You mustn’t go to the hotel or Charles’ place.”

“Seriously? You don’t seem to be okay with anywhere I want to go. Why don’t you tell me a place that I should head to? Am I supposed to sleep by the roadside?” Sonia placed her hands on her waist and stared at the man.

Soon, Toby returned Sonia her phone and rubbed his temples, as if he was about to make an important decision. “My place. You can only go to my place.” He especially emphasized his point one more time.

Sonia curled her lips in response. “In that case, it means you’re happy that my heater is acting up so that I can come over to your place. Am I right?”

As Toby signified his admission with an affirmative hum, Sonia chuckled and said, “See? It wasn’t hard to admit it, was it? If you had admitted it earlier, I would have had to come so far just to make you do that. You’re insistent, yet your pride still messes with you sometimes. What’s wrong?”

Upon hearing the lady’s words, Toby was seen with his eyes wide open. “So you did it on purpose when you said you were going to stay in the hotel or Charles’ place?”

“Haha.” Sonia laughed and added, “If I hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have admitted that you’re happy with my malfunctioned heater because you wanted me to bunk down in your place.”

While Toby faked a cough without saying a single word, Sonia shook her head. “Alright, let’s talk later. I’m going to call the technician right now.”

“Sure.” Toby nodded.

While Sonia called the technician and talked over the phone, Toby stood beside her and looked at her with love and affection. When the other visitors and patients saw that, they couldn’t help but think Toby and Sonia were meant to be a perfect couple.

After making the call, Sonia met Toby’s eyes that were staring at her just when she took her phone away from her ear. Uncomfortable with the man’s gaze, she intentionally gawked at him and asked, “What’re you looking at?”

“You.” Toby chuckled.

“Why? What’s so eye-catching about me?” Sonia put away her phone.

“Your beauty is what’s so eye-catching. To me, you’re the prettiest lady ever.” Toby nodded.

“Enough with your sweet-talking. Let’s go.” Sonia appeared with her blushed cheeks as she opened the door and entered the ward with Toby, who chuckled and followed behind her.

Upon noticing Sonia’s return, Rose felt even happier when she saw Toby smiling brightly from ear to ear. “Oh, you both came together.”

“We ran into each other outside the door, so we came in together,” Sonia replied.

“This is all part of fate’s plan. That means you both are destined to meet each other. Otherwise, how do you explain the coincidence?” Rose chuckled and asked.

Sonia curled her lips upward, feeling skeptical about Rose’s reply. What does that have to do with fate? We both came to the hospital to visit you, so of course, we’re going to run into each other. In spite of that, Sonia could tell that Rose was just trying to help her bond with Toby, so she decided to go along with her.

“You’re right, Grandma.” Sonia nodded her head.

In the meantime, Toby didn’t say anything but felt happy enough when he watched the delightful conversation going on between his grandmother and girlfriend.

At that moment, Rose’s phone rang as she checked it out and said, “Oh, Mary is calling.” She answered the phone shortly after that. One minute later, she put down her phone and let out a sigh. “Mary said she drove from the hospital to get us dinner and is now caught in the jam. So, she doesn’t think she can make it back in time and suggests that we buy dinner ourselves. Otherwise, the food will have already gone cold by the time she returns.”

“Oh, in that case, I’ll swing by the cafeteria near the hospital to get us a little something to eat.” Sonia stood up and volunteered to help.

Toby sat her down and replied, “I’ll go. You could stay here and keep Grandma company.” Feeling obligated to take care of that matter as a man, he reckoned that was how his presence could become useful to them. That’s what a man does. Otherwise, what else am I here for?

“That’s right. Let Toby take care of that while you stay here and keep me company.” Rose agreed, seizing Sonia’s hand.

Because of that, Sonia had no choice but to listen to Rose and sit down while Toby walked away to get them dinner.

Not long after Toby left, the doctor came to check on Rose and permitted her to leave the hospital the next day upon examination. Nevertheless, the doctor went on to give the old lady a prescribed list of medicines in order to ensure a speedy recovery. Therefore, Sonia made her way to the dispensary with the prescription to collect the medicine for Rose. When she was done with that, she entered the elevator, where she saw someone familiar—Jean.

While Jean didn’t seem like she expected to see Sonia either, a surprised look flashed across her face. Then, she jutted her chin and arrogantly sized Sonia up. “Oh, poor little thing. Why are you taking so much medicine? Do you have a terminal disease or something?”

“This medicine belongs to Grandma. Are you cursing her now?” Sonia reacted with a glacial look on her face.

Caught in a brief trance, Jean then berated Sonia with a pucker on her flabby cheeks. “Why didn’t you tell me that this medicine belongs to that old lady? Did you do this on purpose to make fun of me?!”

Sonia was pissed yet amused at the same time. “You didn’t ask me who this medicine belongs to in the first place. Instead, you jumped right to the conclusion and assumed it was mine. Then, when you realized you said something you shouldn’t have, you blamed me for not telling you and accused me of my ‘ill intention’ to embarrass you. You’re pretty good at turning the table, aren’t you?”

“You…” Jean was aware of her own intention to mess with Sonia but decided to never admit her mistake due to her seniority and pride. Ugh! Don’t even think I’m going to admit it because I’m not going to do something that’ll embarrass myself.

At the thought of that, Jean folded her arms and was about to refute Sonia until she saw the bangle the latter was wearing. As her face changed, she subsequently stretched out her arm and grasped Sonia’s right hand to take a closer look at it with a darkened look. Oh my gosh! She is wearing that bangle!

“What’re you doing?” Sonia was caught off guard by Jean’s rough reaction, nearly losing her balance due to the latter’s violent approach. Fortunately, she reacted in time and regained her balance by leaning against the wall inside the elevator with her arm.

“How did you get this? Why are you wearing it?” Jean seized Sonia’s wrist and raised it to her eye level, asking with her face twisted in irritation. “Did you steal it?”

“Are you out of your mind or something?” Sonia shook her hand and freed herself from Jean’s grasp. Then, she rubbed her painful wrist with an unhappy look on her face.

“Did I steal it? You’re pretty imaginative, aren’t you? Why don’t you tell or show me how to steal it?”

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