Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Give Up the Bangle

Jean was rendered speechless by Sonia’s words as her face twisted in frustration. After all, the bangle was an heirloom passed down to the daughters-in-law from one generation to another in the Fuller Family.

While Rose had always been its keeper, the tight security in the old manor made it hard for anyone to steal it. Moreover, Jean believed that anyone who succeeded in stealing it wouldn’t dare to wear it openly, either.

Thus, she quickly understood the reason Sonia had the bangle was not that she stole it, but because of another reason she probably wouldn’t be able to accept. As a few puckers were seen on her flabby cheeks, she questioned Sonia in an annoyed manner, “Tell me. How did you get this bangle?”

Sonia dropped her wrist and calmly replied, “How else do you think I got it? Of course, it was Grandma who gave it to me.”

“No way!” Jean raised the pitch in her tone, responding with a jarring voice that sounded so unpleasant that Sonia had to look away and cover her ears in agony.

“What’re you doing? Why won’t you believe it?!”

“You must be lying, right?!” Jean approached her intimidatingly, clearly showing her agitation. “This bangle is meant for the Fuller Family’s daughters-in-law, but you’re not one. So, why would Old Mrs. Fuller give it to you? Therefore, I’m pretty sure that you’re lying.” Jean didn’t believe that it was Rose who gave Sonia the bangle because she reckoned she should be next in line to receive that, since she was the daughter-in-law of the Fuller Family. Thus, she was convinced that Sonia was lying.

“Haha. I’m lying?” Sonia was caught in a trance upon hearing Jean’s words but subsequently became amused the next second. “What proof do you have to accuse me of lying?”

“What kind of proof do you need? This bangle is proof!” Jean pointed at the bangle on Sonia’s wrist with an exasperated look on her face. “I already said that the bangle is meant for the Fuller Family’s daughters-in-law, so who are you to have it? Old Mrs. Fuller is the kind of person who plays by the book, so what you said about her giving the bangle to you is pure nonsense! Unless she is old and dumb, that will never happen. Thus, I urge you to give it back!” She stretched out her arm in front of Sonia, hinting to her that she should take off her bangle.

Sonia covered her bangle and stepped back, gazing at Jean emotionlessly. “No way! Grandma gave me this bangle, so it belongs to me now. For that, I won’t ever give it to you. If you’re dissatisfied, take it up with Grandma because complaining to me isn’t going to help.”

“You…” Jean was surprised by Sonia’s reluctance to give in, feeling piqued by her unwillingness to give up the bangle. Overwhelmed by her anger, she began to shiver from head to toe in anger. “Sonia, will you give me the bangle?!”

“Nope, I won’t!” Sonia replied without a second of hesitation, her eyes filled with ridicule. “Jean, don’t you think that I have no idea why you want me to give up the bangle? You’ve been eyeing this bangle for a while, knowing that it is meant to be passed down to the Fuller Family’s daughters-in-law from one generation to another. Nonetheless, Grandma wouldn’t give it to you even though you’re her daughter-in-law, which is what bothers and irks you. Now that you see me wearing the bangle, you feel so disappointed that you can’t handle the truth because you know that Grandma gave it to me herself. Therefore, you’re trying to take it from me now. Aren’t I right?”

Jean’s eyes widened in disbelief when she heard Sonia’s words, her panicky emotions written all over her face. Although Sonia had obviously just stated what was on her mind, Jean denied everything and pointed at the former, grunting and bellowing. “You! What you just said is simply nonsense!”

“Well, you and I both know whether what I just said is truly nonsense. After all, I can tell how much you want to kill me with the jealousy in your eyes.” Sonia chuckled in irony and added, “Actually, you believe that Grandma gave me the bangle herself because there was no other way I would get my hands on it, yet you won’t admit it because you won’t have an excuse to take it from me once you do that. This is clear enough, isn’t it? Do you really still want to deny it?”

Jean’s face turned pale, which was what Sonia found hilarious, as it looked like a palette to her. After clenching her fists for a few moments, she eventually accepted the reality and calmed down, responding with a grunt to Sonia. “What’re you going to do even if you get that right? I still won’t believe that Old Mrs. Fuller gave that to you herself. You must have coaxed her into handing that bangle over to you when she barely knew about what she was doing in the hospital.”

Upon hearing the lady’s words, Sonia rolled her eyes upward and said, “You really impress me with your ‘talent’. Do you know that, Jean? How did that even occur to you in the first place? Grandma has been hospitalized because she was slightly overwhelmed, but in spite of that, she is totally aware of what she is doing, which is nothing like what you just said. As for this bangle, I didn’t even know its existence before I wore it, so tell me how I was supposed to coax her?”

Jean’s avoidant gaze gave away her guilt as she extended her arm in a menacing manner once more. “Who knows how you coaxed her? Anyway, you will have to surrender the bangle, like it or not.”

In the face of Jean’s insistence on getting her hands on the bangle, Sonia showed no signs of backing down. “No can do!” She hid her hands behind her back. While Jean was about to escalate her approach to s****h it from Sonia, the elevator arrived, allowing Sonia to step outside before the former could reach her.

“Stop, Sonia!” Jean was caught in a trance, gritting her teeth as she gave chase, but Sonia pretended like she didn’t hear anything and continued to move forward. Therefore, she picked up her pace and shouted, “I told you to stop! Didn’t you hear me?!”

Only a fool would stop. At the thought of that, Sonia sped up her pace, noticing the ward with her eyes brightening up, whereupon she quickly entered it.

Seeing Sonia enter the ward, Jean thought the former was just hiding there because there was no way else to go. Thus, she chuckled in a sinister manner and ridiculed Sonia. Let’s see where else you can go. No one can stop me from getting that bangle today. Soon, Jean scurried in the direction of the ward without realizing that it was, in fact, her destination—Rose’s ward—thanks to her obsession with the bangle. Unknown to her, every single word she had just said was clearly heard by Rose.

“Sonia, you’d better give up the bangle now. Do you hear me?! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what? What’s going to happen?” The old lady’s glacial voice interrupted Jean’s words before she could finish her sentence.

The voice was like a bucket of ice water that was splashed on Jean, snapping her out of her obsession and taking her back to reality. Upon making sense of what was going on, Jean was instantly overwhelmed by fear as she froze in place, unable to take one step forward.

“Mom…” Jean took a moment to find her own voice and greeted the old lady who was glaring at her in the bed.

“Don’t call me Mom. I’m not ‘worthy’ of being your mother-in-law,” Rose sneered and said.

Sensing the old lady’s anger in her voice, Jean gulped in fear and felt especially anxious on the inside. Oh, man! I’m so screwed this time. Old Mrs. Fuller is super pissed off right now. How did I let her hear everything I said? Jean felt nothing but a huge pang of regret, not because she wouldn’t stop demanding the bangle from Sonia, but because she didn’t keep her voice down, or Rose wouldn’t have heard that. This is all Sonia’s fault.

Meanwhile, Sonia was aware that Jean was hot on her heels, so she purposely entered Rose’s ward without warning her because she was hoping for the old lady to deal with her after hearing what she said. Haha. By pitting Jean against Grandma, I don’t even have to deal with her myself.

Soon, Jean gawked at Sonia, who was preparing Rose’s medicine obediently beside the bed, wishing she could just kill her with her angry stare.

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