Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 698

Chapter 698 A Warning to Jean

Sonia implied that Jean would still retaliate against her despite her verbal promise to leave her alone. In fact, Sonia was right about Jean, as she was indeed not going to let it slide like that. After all, her strong grudge and ego wouldn’t allow her to swallow the humiliation that Sonia brought upon her.

Nonetheless, Sonia, who knew Jean well, directly pointed out what was on her mind in front of Rose, catching her off guard and forcing her to give up the idea of retaliation.

Upon hearing Sonia’s words, Rose glared at Jean with a cold and sinister gaze. “I doubt she dares to do that, but if she ever has the guts to mess with you, you must let me know.”

“Thank you, Grandma.” Sonia seized Rose’s arm, resting her head on the old lady’s shoulder with a smile. “Thanks for backing me up, Grandma.”

“Don’t mention it, girl. We are a family, and you’re Toby’s future wife. If I wouldn’t help you, who would?” Rose gently caressed Sonia’s hair as the latter responded with an affirmative hum.

Meanwhile, Jean was fuming at the sight of their warm interaction that she had to take a few moments to calm herself down. Then, she decided to excuse herself and make a move. “It’s getting late, Mom. I came here to see how well you’ve recovered, but since you’re fine, I guess I should probably get going. After all, I still need to get back to the Fullers’ Residence to do some cleaning before Tyler returns in a few days.”

Fearing that Sonia would abet Rose in giving her a hard time, Jean decided not to stick around anymore. At that moment, she began to understand that everyone in the Fuller Family was on Sonia’s side while she was on her own.

I’m just one woman, and how can I hope to fight so many of them? I’m going to find a chance to make Sonia pay when she marries into the family later. I spent six years keeping her under my thumb, so I could do it again. At the thought, Jean lightened up just when the irritated look on her face disappeared.

“Alright, please go. I don’t want to see you any longer either.” Rose impatiently waved her hand.

Jean was rendered speechless, nearly biting her own tongue when she heard Rose’s reply. That is mean! I’m her daughter-in-law too, so what have I done to deserve such a harsh attitude from this old lady?! Was it because I was a mistress? But I thought she knew I was a different mistress from the others, so why does she hate me so much?

Unlike her nonchalance when interacting with Jean, Rose’s loving attitude to Sonia created a huge contrast that stabbed Jean’s heart like a blade. A few moments later, she closed her eyes, thinking she had seen enough, so she grabbed her purse and left.

Sonia kept her eyes on Jean’s back as she walked away with a gleeful expression that flashed across her face. Soon, she stood up beside the bed and said, “Grandma, let me see Mrs. Fuller off.”

“Why would you want to do that?” Rose furrowed her eyebrows and asked.

Sonia smiled and replied, “Well, she is still Toby’s stepmother who raised him up, whether I like it or not, and that is something I can never deny. So, I’ll be right back.” Sonia went after Jean as soon as she finished her sentence. Soon, she managed to catch up with Jean not far from the ward’s door. “Mrs. Fuller.”

Jean stopped in her tracks and turned around, letting loose of the anger she had been bottling up in the ward while glaring at her like a madwoman. “What’s wrong? Did you come out here to gloat?”

“For what?” Sonia walked up to her.

“For my humiliation of being lectured by that old lady like a slave.” Jean’s response was sarcastic.

Sonia stopped just right in front of her. “You’re right. I came out here to gloat.”

“You…” Jean was taken over by her aggression as she raised her hand to give Sonia a slap in the face. However, her hand was caught by the latter in the air shortly before she was overwhelmed by the pain caused by Sonia’s firm grip. Overwhelmed by the unbearable pain, she moaned with her puckering cheeks. “Ouch! Let me go!”

Sonia then shook off Jean’s hand as hard as she could and spoke with a crisp voice. “You should be grateful that I’m now back together with Toby; otherwise, I would have slapped you in the face when I caught your hand in the air just now. For that, you wouldn’t be standing here and talking big now like nothing ever happened.”

Upon hearing Sonia’s serious tone, Jean was seen with a fearful look on her face that was accompanied by her puckering her lips. Oh gosh! So, Sonia was really going to give me a slap!

Seeing the fear on Jean’s face, Sonia smiled with glee. “Honestly, I’m not here to gloat but to give you a warning.”

“What do you want to warn me about?” Jean clenched her fists.

Sonia flicked her hair and folded her arms. “I’m warning you to forget about whatever monkey business you have in your mind. You’d be a fool if you think that I really don’t know what you’re up to. In spite of the promise you just made, I know you haven’t given up on your plan to retaliate against me, which means you just lied to Grandma.”

“Nonsense!” Jean raised her voice, as if it was the only way to prove that Sonia was talking nonsense.

Sonia chuckled and answered, “Nonsense? I don’t have to convince you about that because you know that best, but on the other hand, I know what kind of a person you are pretty well. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m no longer the same person you used to bully six years ago. Now that Toby and I are back together, it’s only a matter of time for us to get remarried. Therefore, I’m going to become a Fuller once again, but this time is not the same as the last one. Because if you dare to take advantage of me, I won’t stand by and let you boss me around like I’m your servant, as I always did six years ago. Instead, I’m going to stand up for myself and fight back.”

“Do you think so little of me?” Jean rolled her eyes upward, appearing unconcerned about Sonia’s warning. Unknown to herself, Jean hadn’t realized Sonia had changed and become a different person from who she was six years ago, just like she had mentioned. Instead, she still believed that Sonia was still a pushover whom she could bully as always.

While Jean’s expression was expected, Sonia didn’t seem surprised to see her reaction. For that, she continued to smile calmly and coldly. “You’re going to believe it soon.” Sonia puckered her lips and added with a calm tone, “Grandma told me to let her know should you mess with me.”

“So, your solution is to alert Old Mrs. Fuller after all your big talk about me no longer being able to bully you like I did six years ago?” Jean gazed at Sonia contemptuously. “And here I thought you were up to something else.”

“Of course not.” Sonia shook her index finger. “In fact, I don’t plan to alert Grandma either because I can deal with you by myself without her help.”

“By yourself?” Jean reacted with a haughty attitude.

Sonia curled her lips upward and said, “That’s right. I can deal with you by myself. Now that Toby’s heart is with me, I can think of a million ways to make you suffer so long as things remain the same. In fact, after Toby and I get married, I’m going to be the matriarch of the Fuller Family. By then, dealing with you will only become a piece of cake while you may even find yourself at my mercy. If you get on my nerves, I could freeze your bank account or even cast you out of the Fuller Family. By then, do you think Toby and Grandma are going to side with you? If you ask me, I don’t think they will, except Tyler since you’re his biological mother after all, but again, what else could he do? Nothing, because he is at my mercy too. If he upsets me, I’m going to freeze his bank account too, so that he won’t be able to help you financially.”

“You dare?!” Jean screeched. “I’m Toby’s mother, so how dare you treat me that way?!”

“You’re only just her stepmother, so don’t you get carried away with that.” Sonia pursed her lips. “You might have raised Toby, but did you pay everything for him? No, you used the Fuller Family’s money instead. Thus, the most you ever gave Toby was just your motherly love, which means he doesn’t owe you anything from a materialistic standpoint. Therefore, how much love do you think you both share with each other? Which one of us do you think matters more to him? You or me?”

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