Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Jessica’s Evil Scheme

Toby’s brows were knitted tightly together as he spoke in an eerily cold tone. “What is the trending topic about?”

“It’s about how Miss Reed isn’t a biological daughter from the Reed Family. The news is out,” Tom replied in an anxious tone.

“What?” Toby straightened his back as his expression turned grim. “Are you saying that the truth is out?”


“How did it happen? Who exposed her?” Toby asked sternly. There were only a few people who knew about the fact that Sonia wasn’t biologically related to the Reed Family. Both Grandma and the Lanes would never reveal such a thing, and the only other people who know about this are Tim and me. I don’t think Tim’s the one—he isn’t the type to start troubles with others. Furthermore, he’d never betray Sonia. Something’s wrong here, Toby thought.

Right as Toby was thinking about who might have possibly exposed Sonia, Tom parted his lips to give Toby the answer. “It was Jessica.”

“What? Jessica?” A dangerous look flashed in Toby’s gaze.

Tom nodded. “She was the one who revealed all of this information. She even made posts complaining about how Miss Reed had stolen all of Paradigm Co.’s shares. Furthermore, Jessica started a bunch of rumors online, claiming that Miss Reed bullied her, and that Lina had cheated on Henry and gave birth to Miss Reed after sleeping with another man. Everyone on the Internet is criticizing Miss Reed now. The news is spreading extremely quickly.”

Toby tightened his grip on his phone as he listened to Tom. By the end of Tom’s sentence, Toby’s grip on his phone was so strong that he looked like he was about to crush the device. There was a threatening aura surrounding his figure. Of course. How could I forget about Jessica? Tim just told me about Jessica sneaking into the hospital’s file storage room a few days ago. He said that she checked Sonia’s report, so she may be suspicious of Sonia’s identity. I knew Jessica would do something with this information, but I didn’t expect her to act so quickly! I thought she’d wait for a while more, but…

Toby was no longer in the mood to hear about this matter, and he punched the bed with a grim look on his face. “I got it. I want you to contact all the major media companies and tell them to cool off the heat surrounding this topic. I also want you to hunt down the company that accepted Jessica’s request to expose Sonia. I want to destroy that company!” His voice had no emotion to it, and his order sent chills down Tom’s spine.

“I got it, President Fuller!” Tom replied in an equally serious tone. Once they got off the call, Toby held his phone in front of him before tapping on one of his browser applications. Perhaps Jessica had pulled some strings to ensure that this topic would trend, for Toby found himself staring at one of the related headlines the moment he opened his browser.

An icy look flashed in his eyes as he tapped on the recommended topic, and a live broadcast started immediately. The live broadcast showed Jessica with a handkerchief in her hand. She was sitting on a couch in an office, and her hair was a complete mess. There were fresh, red slap marks on her cheeks. It was clear that Jessica was trying to show others that she had been slapped. Judging by how swollen her cheeks were, it seemed like the person who hit her had used quite a lot of strength.

At that moment, Jessica was crying and wiping her tears away as she attempted to speak through her s**s. Everything she said had to do with Sonia. Her words reflected what Tom had told Toby earlier—she claimed that Sonia had always been a domineering kid who had never treated her like a sister. “Sonia would criticize and hit me all the time, and I grew up being bullied by her. Although Henry was my father, he had never done anything to help me. In fact, he even supported Sonia in bullying my mom and me.”

Upon finishing her words, Jessica got to her feet and edged her face toward the camera. “Look at this. Sonia was the one who hit me,” Jessica cried in a pitiful tone. “When I found out that Sonia isn’t my father’s biological daughter, I approached her to ask her if it were the truth. However, once I asked her about it, her expression completely changed, and she started slapping and strangling me. She even told me not to tell anyone because she was worried that she’d get exposed for holding onto all of Paradigm Co.’s shares. After all, it’s not nice for someone unrelated to hold all of the shares of the company, so she…”

Jessica stopped talking after that. Instead, she covered her face with her hands and continued wailing.

When the audience saw the way she acted, they probably assumed that she was too sad to continue talking. However, Toby knew that Jessica had intentionally stopped at that point so that the audience could put the pieces together to criticize Sonia. Jessica’s throwing Sonia into a flaming pit!

Toby cracked his knuckles as he glared at Jessica on the screen. He felt the urge to tear her into pieces. He knew that Jessica was a heartless woman, but he also knew that the blindsided netizens and fans contributed to worsening this matter. When Toby saw the emerging comments that criticized Sonia, he clenched his jaw in anger.

‘F*ck. She’s so ungrateful! This is the first time I’ve witnessed an illegitimate child who doesn’t even know her father to shamelessly bully the actual biological daughter in a family. Ahh, this is just so…’ someone commented.

‘You shouldn’t just blame Sonia for this, dude. The father’s in the wrong too! Didn’t you hear Jessica saying that her father was only nice to Sonia but not her? He even helped Sonia to bully Jessica. A sh*tty father like him is the worst,’ someone else commented.

‘Exactly. When I heard that his ex-wife had cheated on him and made him think he was a father, I felt sorry for him. However, it looks like he was blinded to a point where he helped an outsider to bully his own wife and daughter. A man like him deserves no pity!’

‘That’s right. Also, I bet Sonia knew about her identity a long time ago. That was why she snatched all of Paradigm Co.’s shares without leaving any for the Reed Family’s biological daughter. Sonia’s probably afraid that she’d lose everything and be kicked out of the family once her identity was revealed. That’s why she concealed her true identity and tried to kick Jessica out to ensure that she’d get all of the shares. She’s such a disgusting woman! These shares belong to Jessica. Sonia is just an illegitimate daughter—she has no right to inherit Paradigm Co. She should return the shares to Jessica!’

‘Yeah, return the shares to Jessica! Also, didn’t Sonia and the Fuller Group’s president get back with each other? I’m starting to wonder if President Fuller’s taste in women is really that good. He probably isn’t that great of a man if he fell for someone like Sonia.’

‘You sure are a brave one to say that President Fuller isn’t that great of a man! Aren’t you afraid that someone might avenge President Fuller? Anyway, I was wondering why President Fuller would date a woman like Sonia, but I was thinking… Perhaps he doesn’t know Sonia’s true colors.’

There were tons of comments popping up all at once, and many of them were starting to mention Toby’s name. A raging storm gathered in Toby’s eyes as he skimmed through all the comments. He didn’t even need to search for such comments—they had surfaced all over the Fuller Group’s official site, their Facebook account, and the comment sections of other social media platforms. Everyone was tagging Toby to get him to see Sonia’s ‘true colors’!

Hah! What a joke. Do they think I don’t know the sort of person Sonia is? Do I need these idiots to tell me anything? They are the ones who should be opening their eyes wide to look for the truth. They’re being used as puppets, yet they seem so proud to be able to participate.

Toby’s thin lips were pressed in a flat line as he gazed down to turn off the live broadcast he had been watching. All of a sudden, the live broadcast’s stream of wordy comments disappeared from his screen, leaving only a few unimportant spam comments.

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