Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 706

Chapter 706 You’re No Match For Her

Jessica’s teeth were chattering as she chewed on the nail of her thumb. Her bloodshot eyes were glued to her phone screen. She was on the verge of snapping when she saw the netizens gaining clarity of the situation and speaking up for Sonia and Toby. What’s wrong with these netizens? Are they noticing so many things just because Toby posted a status? Do his words carry that much power? Jessica gritted her teeth as she stomped her foot angrily.

No way! I worked so hard to influence the netizens to side with me, and I finally managed to get them to curse Sonia to her death. I was so close! Sonia was about to collapse under the public’s words, and she was about to give in and hand the shares over. I can’t believe Sonia might be gaining the upper hand now just because of Toby’s post! I have to defeat her once more! At that thought, Jessica typed furiously to make a call to someone.

However, the dial tone indicated that the other person’s phone was switched off. She nearly slammed her phone onto the ground when her call couldn’t get through. “I can’t believe that useless b*stard is unreachable during such a critical moment! I guess I have no choice but to contact other media outlets,” Jessica grumbled. After taking a deep breath, she suppressed all the rage within her before she made another call.

Someone picked up her call this time. “Who is it?” The husky voice of a man came from the other end of the line.

Jessica frowned in disgust. “It’s me.”

The man laughed when he recognized Jessica’s voice. “I was wondering who you could be. So it’s you, Miss Jessica. Do you have any orders? Please tell me what you need. I’d climb mountains and dive into oceans just for you.”

“Enough with your lies.” Jessica rolled her eyes. “When I was staying at the hospital, you didn’t put up an article on Sonia’s bad deeds even though I told you to do so. How could you say that you’d do anything for me? What a joke!”

The man didn’t seem the least bit infuriated by Jessica’s condescending tone. He let out a laugh instead. “I’m sorry, Miss Jessica. It’s true that we didn’t get our job done the last time, but I promise you we had our reasons. President Fuller from Fuller Group was around Sonia all the time back then, so we didn’t have the guts to stalk her and make a report. We’d be digging our own grave if we did that!”

“Forget it.” Jessica waved her hand as she spoke in an exasperated tone. “You can forget about what happened last time, but I want you to get things done for me this time.”

“What do you need?” he asked.

“I have some more information about Sonia, and I want you to release it. Please make sure these go up to the headlines of your website’s official page. I want—” Before Jessica could finish her words, the man interrupted her. “That’s not possible,” he said while stroking the stubble around his chin.

Jessica widened her eyes in dissatisfaction. “Why not?”

“I’ll be honest with you, Miss Jessica. I didn’t know you’d call to ask me to make another report on Sonia. If this were to do with something else, I’d help you without any hesitation, but I really can’t do anything if it’s related to Sonia. I bet you don’t know this—something happened to Trevor.” The man lowered his voice as he uttered his last sentence.

Jessica’s expression changed upon hearing the man’s words. “What happened?” Trevor was the person Jessica had contacted during the day, and he was the reporter who had helped her to publish the news about Sonia. When Jessica heard that something had happened to Trevor, her heart sank as an uneasy feeling spread across her stomach.

The man took a deep breath on the other end of the line. “Trevor and I aren’t from the same media company, but we’re all in the same circle. You told Trevor to make the report on Sonia. He’s a newbie in the field who’s attracted to the large sum of money you offered, and he doesn’t know what it means for Sonia to have President Fuller backing him up. In the heat of the moment, Trevor agreed to help you with the article, so he’s now suffering the consequences. President Fuller has decided to take revenge, not just on Trevor but also on Trevor’s media company. How could a tiny company go against the almighty Fuller Group? I’m afraid their whole organization will be gone by tomorrow morning,” the man explained.

“What?” Jessica’s face turned pale as her pupils shrank in terror. How did things end up like this? That explains why Trevor didn’t pick up his phone earlier. He has already been caught! Jessica felt her body trembling with uneasiness.

“That’s why I can’t help you out this time, Miss Jessica. I’m not the only one—I don’t think any other media companies, private marketing firms, or online trolls will agree to help you out. At this point, anyone is afraid of triggering President Fuller and following in the footsteps of Trevor and his company. Look, Miss Jessica, considering the fact that we slept together once, I’m advising you to give up on this. I don’t know why you insist on going against Sonia, but you should know that you’ll never be a match for her as long as she has President Fuller’s support.”

“No. I’m never going to give up!” Jessica bit her bottom lip. “She treated me so badly. If I don’t get revenge, I—”

“That’s enough!” The man rolled his eyes. “Do you think we don’t know that the things you posted online are all fake? You might be able to fool those dumb netizens, but do you think you can fool a reporter? Perhaps you can try again after practicing for another 200 years.”

“You—” Jessica’s face turned beet red when she realized she had been exposed. She was too furious to speak for a while.

“Alright. You can stop debating with me. I’ve given you my advice, but it’s up to you whether you want to take it or not. I have a better picture of the entire situation now, and even I don’t think you can defeat Sonia even if President Fuller wasn’t there to support her. What do you have against her? Are those forged lies all that you have? Your lies are completely useless. Perhaps Sonia might resolve this issue before President Fuller gets involved. I’ll see what becomes of you then,” the man uttered before ending the call.

Jessica was so furious that she stomped her foot against the ground while crying and shouting like a madwoman. It took her a while to calm down. “You’d like to see what becomes of me, huh? Hmph! Maybe in your next life! How could I possibly lose to Sonia?” Jessica hissed with an evil, twisted look on her face.

She wasn’t about to give up—she picked her phone up once more. This time, she contacted the people behind social media accounts that were specially created for advertising and online trolls to get them to generate more heat surrounding this topic. However, the man’s predictions earlier were spot on. None of the advertising accounts and online trolls took up her job. Some of them even ended the call the moment they heard her name.

At this point, Jessica was so furious that she felt like she was about to faint. Meanwhile, she also sensed a growing uneasiness within her chest. These people are afraid to take my orders because they’re afraid to get on Toby’s bad side. Toby is someone they can’t afford to mess with. Am I really going to fail again? No, I can’t. Although some of the netizens are claiming that my posts are fake, some of them are still in the midst of observing the situation, while others are still on my side. As long as some people stay on my side, it means that I have not lost, Jessica thought.

Regardless of how powerful Toby may be, all he can do is control what they post. He can’t control their minds. So, as long as Sonia and Toby don’t have any evidence to prove my claims are fake, the netizens will continue to suspect Sonia’s identity. They will continue to wonder if Sonia used to bully me in the past. In that case, Sonia’s reputation will still be tarnished.

Even if Jessica couldn’t manage to get the shares from Sonia, she’d still be satisfied even if all she did was ruin Sonia’s reputation. At that thought, a light-hearted smile spread across Jessica’s face once more. She was certain that Sonia wouldn’t have any evidence to prove her wrong. All of this happened such a long time ago. It’s impossible for Sonia to have any evidence, right?

Meanwhile, Titus collapsed because of the immense pain he felt, and he was sent to the hospital once more. It was a few hours before he gradually regained consciousness. When he woke up, the first thing he saw was Julia sitting by his bedside with her head lowered as she sobbed.

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