Boss Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce Again Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Julia’s Mixed Emotions

Titus knew what happened when he saw the look on Julia’s face and the room that he was in. “I fainted again, didn’t I?” he asked in a hoarse and tired voice. Julia immediately looked up when she heard his voice. “Are you awake, darling?” Her tear-stained eyes were filled with surprise.

“Help me up,” he groaned. Julia reached for him and helped him up so that he could lean against the bed’s headboard. She even added an additional pillow to make sure that he was comfortable in his spot. Once she was done with all of this, she poured him a glass of water. “Darling, how many times have you fainted already? Why don’t we admit you into the hospital to receive treatment?”

He took the glass of water over with a shaky hand. “I can’t do that,” he replied with a sigh. “I’ve lost my last few court cases with Sonia, and Triforce Enterprise has been suffering as a result of that. The shares I have are barely enough to suppress the power of the remaining shareholders, so I have to stay in the company for now. If I get admitted into the hospital now, those shareholders are going to find a way to team up against me and overthrow me while I’m not around. Things will be more troublesome then.”

Although Julia wasn’t too familiar with how a company was managed, she understood what it meant for a CEO to be overthrown. She had tried extremely hard to stop her tears earlier, but they trickled down her cheeks once more. “How can all of this be happening?”

“Alright, stop crying. You’re giving me a headache,” Titus said as he massaged his temples. Julia immediately stopped before giving her husband a sympathetic look. Julia felt a stinging pain in her chest when she saw Titus’ white hair and the wrinkles around his forehead and at the corners of his eyes. Back when the Gray Family was rich, both Titus and Julia had put a lot of effort in maintaining their looks. They were in their fifties, but they used to look like they were in their thirties.

Although Julia still looked the same, Titus looked like he had aged more than ten years as a result of the torments of his kidney failure. He no longer looked like he was thirty, but older than his age at that point. Some might even believe him to be in his seventies. “Have you heard any news from the organ bank?” Titus asked in a weak voice.

“No…” Julia shook her head. It was hard for Titus to find a suitable kidney because of his unique blood type, and the hospital had already put out an emergency notice. Titus only had six more months to look for a suitable kidney. If he doesn’t manage to find one by then, he… Julia didn’t want to go there. She rubbed the corners of her eyes as she looked at her husband. “Darling, do you feel any discomfort? Should I get the doctor to check on you?”

“It’s fine. I’m okay. You can get me discharged from the hospital. I can’t stay here for too long as Triforce Enterprise has a large meeting tomorrow. Apparently, the higher-ups are sending some people to inspect the company, so things may get messy if I’m not there tomorrow. I have to be present,” Titus uttered as he looked at his wife.

“Okay. I got it.” Julia nodded.

“Where’s Rina?” Titus asked after taking a sip of water.

“She went home. I thought it’d be better for you to get admitted, so I told her to go home to pack your stuff and bring it over tomorrow, but since you’re not staying, I’ll phone her in a while and tell her not to pack anything,” Julia replied. Titus nodded without saying anything else.

After a while, Julia picked the TV remote up to turn the TV on. “I don’t think you can sleep since you just woke up. Why don’t you watch some TV to relax?”

“Sure,” he replied while massaging the space between his brows. Julia was flicking through the channels when she heard Titus’ voice ordering her to stop. “Hold on,” he cried.

“What is it?” Julia was stunned.

“Go back to the previous channel,” Titus ordered.

“Oh.” Julia didn’t know what was going on, but she followed his orders and switched to the previous channel. Soon enough, she realized why Titus wanted to watch that channel. It was an entertainment channel that was broadcasting some news related to Sonia. That explains the stern look on Titus’ face. It’s because Sonia’s on the news again, huh. I wonder what it could be about this time, Julia thought as she watched the news with Titus.

She widened her eyes after hearing the news. “Sonia isn’t Henry’s biological daughter?”

Titus was just as shocked to hear this news. “Well, that’s what Jessica claims. She’s saying that Lina cheated on Henry and got pregnant with Sonia. If that’s really the case, this would be great news!”

A cheerful look spread across Titus’ face as he gloated. “Everyone says that Henry was a good man. Everyone from his higher-ups to his low-level employees always praised him for being a good man, and some of them even put me down to further emphasize how great he was. They’ve been putting me down for more than ten years, yet it turns out that this ‘perfect’ man was still betrayed by his closest family member in the end. I can’t believe his wife cheated on him! Hah! I’m so happy!”

Titus and Henry were good friends when they were younger. However, Titus’ nightmare began when Henry began excelling in school. Everyone made comparisons between Titus and Henry—even Titus’ parents would blame Titus for being academically weaker than Henry. Sometimes, others would come over and point at Titus, demanding reasons that Titus wasn’t doing as well as Henry since they were both good friends. Some of Titus’ staff members thought that Henry was a better boss, and a few teams even switched over to work under Henry, where they developed a new machine. Titus had tons of reasons to wish for Henry’s death.

However, a quick death also meant that one wouldn’t suffer much. So, Titus took his time to destroy everything that Henry had, and Henry died after losing all hope in life. To Titus’ surprise, the news of Henry being cheated on came out a few years after Henry’s death. Perhaps God doesn’t like Henry that much, either, Titus thought with a smirk.

Julia, on the other hand, didn’t smile along with Titus. She had a complicated look on her face as her eyes remained glued to the TV. “What is it?” Titus cleared his throat before asking.

She shook her head. “It’s nothing. I just felt an inexplicable sensation after hearing that Sonia isn’t Henry’s biological daughter. It’s a really odd feeling,” Julia uttered as she pressed her hand against her chest.

Titus waved her off. “What’s so odd about this? Stop overthinking it. I need you to go through the procedures to have me discharged,” he ordered.

“Okay.” Julia nodded and put down the TV remote before she walked out of the ward. Her movements were slow, and she stopped for a while to turn and look at the TV before she left the room. She didn’t understand why she cared about whether Sonia was Henry’s daughter or not. All she knew was that she could feel a whirlpool of emotions that refused to settle within her. It felt like something was being awakened within her, but she couldn’t tell what it was, which made her more frustrated than ever.

The sky had turned bright when Sonia woke up. She found herself in Toby’s arms, and she was greeted by the man’s dark pupils the moment she opened her eyes. He was lying sideways beside her, with one arm supporting his head and another hand playing with her hair. He had been twirling her hair in his fingertips in a leisurely manner when she woke up.

“You’re up,” he muttered in a deep and s**y voice.

“Mhmm.” Sonia stuck her hand out of the sheet to s****h her hair back. “When did you wake up?”

“A while ago,” he replied.

She raised an eyebrow. “Have you been staring at me ever since you woke up?”

He nodded. “I wanted to catch you waking up.”

“Haha.” Sonia rolled her eyes. “You should be glad that I remember where I slept last night. Otherwise, I would have gotten a heart attack if I woke up to find someone staring at me.” She gave the man a playful shove before she sat up in bed.

Toby fell flat on the bed after she pushed him, but he sat up beside her two seconds later. “Are you getting out of bed?”

“I need to open the safety deposit box at the bank to get the video recordings,” Sonia muttered as she narrowed her eyes.

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