Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 507: Pink Diamond Ring

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 507: Pink Diamond Ring

Caroline’s POV:

On Monday afternoon, Simon asked me to go out for a cup of coffee.

“So, Simon…what’s up?”

“Caroline, remember what happened on Edward’s birthday? I’m sorry that I… I was scared.”

Simon appeared to be feeling guilty.

I gave him a smile and said, “It’s fine.Charles came in to save us.”

After a moment of hesitation, Simon stood from the sofa and said, “Caroline, do you mind if I take charge of the project on the east bank? I’ve put a lot of effort into this project and I’m quite familiar with it now.”

After pondering on the subject, I nodded in agreement.

Ever since Simon became part of the company, the project on the east bank had been the one he took part in the most.

In all honesty, his proposal was undoubtedly the best choice.

Moreover, he had a good working relationship with the architect of the project, Vanessa.

I figured if they would work together, it would spark something between them.

“Thank you.” Simon smiled back.

All of a sudden, my phone rang and I answered the call.

“Where are you?” asked Charles.

“I’m in a cafe with Simon,” I replied.

“Send me the address. I’ll pick you up.”

Five minutes after he dropped the call, Charles arrived at the cafe.

I even thought that he was just near the neighborhood waiting for me.

Simon stood up and greeted him, “It’s nice to see you again, Charles.”

Charles smiled at him as he sat down next to me.

“Nice to see you, too.To be honest, if we had met anywhere else, I would be happier.”

I could sense animosity between them.

“Anyway, I’m done talking to Simon, so let’s go.”

When we went to the cash register, Charles took out his card and handed it to the cashier.

“Here.Use my card,” he said.

Just before the cashier could take the card, someone stopped Charles.

Simon took out a few dollar bills and gave them to the cashier.

“Keep the change,” he remarked.

When we finally got out of the coffee shop, Charles wrapped his arm around my waist all of a sudden.

“By the way, Caroline and I are planning to hold a wedding ceremony again.You’re welcome to attend it,” he said to Simon.

‘A wedding ceremony? Why is this the first time I’m hearing about this?I noticed that Simon’s face turned grim.Thus, I hurriedly left along with Charles.

Once we were in the car, he didn’t say anything.

“Charles, did you just say that we’re going to hold another wedding ceremony?”

“Why did you suddenly go out for coffee with him?” Charles asked in response, ignoring my question.

He spoke in a nonchalant tone, but his eyes were locked on mine.

Clearly, he really wanted to hear my answer.

“Simon said that he wanted to take charge of the project on the east bank. I guess he wants to be in frequent contact with the project’s architect, Vanessa.Thus, I decided to do him a favor.”

Charles nodded in agreement. He seemed satisfied with my answer.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Ugh, men are even worse than women when it comes to jealousy”

“I’m taking you someplace,” he said.

“Where are we going?” I asked curiously.

“Take it easy. You’ll know when we get there,”

Charles replied with a mysterious smile.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a hotel.

Charles took my hand and led me inside.

There, a waiter ushered us to the second floor.

The decoration theme upstairs was different from that of downstairs.

It was simple, yet elegant.

From where we were sitting, we could see the situation of the entire auction hall on the first floor and items put up for bidding.

The auction began shortly after Charles and I sat down.

The auction items were displayed one by one, and the bidding ensued.

However, I noticed that Charles wasn’t attempting to bid for anything.He just sat there, calm and silent.

Out of curiosity, I asked him, “Charles, what do you plan to buy? Why did you bring me here?”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

Charles leaned against the back of the sofa, fiddling with my fingers.

His hands were well-proportioned and much larger than mine.His palm felt dry and warm, tightly wrapping mine.

Since he didn’t want to tell me what it was, I had no choice but to wait.

When the auction was about to conclude, a pink diamond ring of incredible quality was brought to the display stand.

The diamond glinted beneath the light.

Saying that it was beautiful was an understatement.

I held my breath, focusing my gaze on it.

Women always had a hard time resisting the temptation of jewelry and diamonds, and I was no exception.

My very nature compelled me to take it.

At this moment, someone held my fingers.

I turned my gaze toward Charles and saw that he had raised his bidding paddle.

Many others raised their paddles as well.

No matter how high the bid went, Charles raised it even higher.

In the end, he bought the ring for a price of ten million dollars.

Once the bidding was closed, the attendant brought the pink diamond ring to us.

Seeing it up close, I noticed that the diamond’s cut and luster were perfect.

It was free from all flaws.

“What do you think, Caroline?” Charles asked, lowering his head.

My mind went blank for a moment, and it took me some time before gathering my composure.

“Is this really for me?”

Charles broke into laughter.

He rubbed the tip of my nose and said, “Silly girl, who else is there? Besides, I won’t buy gifts for women except for you!”

Upon realizing that I had asked a stupid question, I smiled awkwardly.

He took my hand and slowly slid the ring onto my finger.

The way he looked at my finger was so serious and sincere.

It was as if he was performing a solemn ceremony.

Our wedding ceremony the last time flashed through my mind.

Back then, he once put a diamond ring on my finger just as gently as he did today.

It felt as though a broken part of my heart had finally been mended and something arose.

I sniffled and began to shed tears.

“Caroline, this is my first gift in my attempt to court you.Do you like it?”

Charles looked at me intently.

I could see my reflection in his deep-set eyes.

It was as if I was the only one he could see and there was no room for anyone else.

I threw myself into his arms and embraced him.

“I love it!”

Indeed, I liked it a lot.

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