Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 508 Help Me Wipe It

Bye My Irresistible Love, Chapter 508 Help Me Wipe It

Charles’ POV:

By the time we left the auction party, it was already raining outside.

The rain grew heavier with every passing minute, and it showed no sign of stopping.

A gust of cold wind blew over, causing Caroline’s shoulders to tremble.

“Do you feel cold?” I took my coat off and draped it over her. “Caroline, wait for me here, okay? I’m going to fetch an umbrella.”

“No, Charles. It’s raining pretty hard. You’ll just get yourself wet.” Caroline grabbed my sleeve, worried of letting me go.

I stopped in my tracks and tried to comfort her. “Relax, love. I’ll be back soon.”

Thereafter, I ran across the rain to my car, took out an umbrella from inside the car, and went back to Caroline.

Pretty soon, her figure came into view.

My jacket was oversized for her and made her look even more petite than she already was.

I quickened my pace and reached my hand out to her. “Let’s go, Caroline.”


She held my hand firmly.

I held the umbrella with one hand, and wrapped my other hand around her waist as we went on our way toward the car.

As soon as we reached the car and went inside, Caroline took out some tissues from her bag and handed them to me.

She frowned at me and said, “Wipe yourself quickly. You’re sopping wet!”

I spread my arms out, leaning against the back of the seat and refusing to take the tissues.

“Do it for me,” I suggested.

Caroline blushed right away, but she began wiping my

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