Captivation: Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Homeless (Part Seven) 

Rachel paused her sipping of the aromatic tea and glanced up at Clara. Clara grinned and said, “On second thought, I think heard it wrong.”

“No, you didn’t.” Rachel placed the teacup carefully. Even though she spoke in a soft voice, Clara heard it clearly.

Clara’s mouth dropped open as she gasped in disbelief. “Isn’t Odin the father of this Joey? Are you familiar with

Odin, Rachel?” “Not at all.” After Rachel was reborn, she might be said to have never seen Odin. “Joey is a wonderful child, and I decided to be his sworn mother,” “Seriously?”

Rachel nodded and ran her fingers down the rim of the teacup. She spoke it in a nonchalant tone. Once she did that, she didn’t say anything else. Having recovered from her shock, Clara saw Rachel dropping her gaze and seemed to be forlorn. Clara’s brain had a sudden epiphany, Rachel seemed to be thinking about her own kid, she reasoned.

Joey was Odin’s son, yet he had many characteristics with Victor. Besides, he had a slightly striking resemblance to Rachel. Clara was taken aback at first sight of him, much alone Rachel, who had previously fathered a child with Victor

If Rachel’s kid was still alive, it would be Joey’s age. That explained why Rachel adored Joey and decided to become his sworn mother. Clara’s skepticism was wiped away as she contemplated this.

Justin descended from the second level at about 4 p.m.

He stepped up to them, spectacles off. When she saw him, Rachel sprang to her feet. However, he had no one to follow in his wake.

“Is this it?” Following Rachel’s gaze, Clara turned around to face Justin.

“It’s over for the day.” Recognizing Rachel’s search for Joey, Justin pinched his nose and stated, “He is still sleeping. He hasn’t slept well in a while. You can go upstairs and take a look at him.” “Thank you.” Then Rachel made her way to the second story. When Clara saw this, she intended to follow her upstairs, but Justin reached out his extended arm to stop her. “Hello there. You asked for my help, and yet you don’t want to talk to me? The tiny man upstairs is still sleeping. I doubt he’ll wake up any time soon.” “Well, how about I treat you to dinner this evening? Bring your wife, of course, I am yet to meet her.” Clara recognized right away when she heard Justin’s remarks that he wanted Rachel and Joey to have some alone time. “Okay, then, I’ll choose the restaurant myself.” “That’s no issue at all.” Rachel was also making her way up the stairs at the same moment. The second floor’s decor was similar to the first floor’s. Visitors were made to feel at ease thanks to the thoughtful use of warm colors. The scent in the air was much more potent. A set of apricot-colored, plush sofas occupied the middle of the floor.

Joey slept out on the couch. He was just wearing a light blanket to keep him comfortable in the warm room.

Rachel took a cautious stroll across to him. “Mommy…” She could hear Joey’s mumbling as she neared him. Rachel assumed he was having another nightmare since she couldn’t hear him well. “Mommy, Uncle Quintin bullies me…”

Rachel then understood the situation. In this case, the small kid didn’t have a bad dream. Today’s dream was

exciting. She and Quintin were everything he dreamt of.

Rachel exhaled a relieved sigh. Slightly stooping, she stroked his short hair before kissing him between the brows. Rachel emerged from the room ten minutes later. Clara and Justin were having a conversation. Rachel had Joey in her arms when Clara heard footsteps behind her. Clara sprang to her feet and hurriedly approached them. Rachel held Joey in her arms as he still slept. Afraid she’d alter his sleep, Clara said in a whisper, “Rachel, why did you take him down?” “I agreed to accompany him to visit a long-lost acquaintance.” Rachel remained silent. She turned to Justin and said, “Thank you, Dr. Hall.” “It’s my responsibility. You’re welcome. However, it will be some time before he’s back to his old self. At this point, he is still quite protective. You must mentally prepare yourself. It’s going to take a lot of effort.” “I get it.” Counseling took time, and Rachel understood this better than anybody else. “If it’s good with you, Dr. Hall, you may set up the meeting. I’ll do my best to make it work with you, and I look forward to it.”

Justin agreed.

Clara ceased trying to persuade Rachel to stay when she saw that she was eager to leave. “Where exactly is that old friend, Rachel? I’d be happy to take you there.” “Thank you, but the driver has to be outside waiting now. It’s a pleasure to have you on my side today. Within the next several days, I’ll come to see you and Riley.” “Well…” Clara wanted to speak more, but seeing the tenacity in her eyes, she stopped. “All right, if you need anything, I’m at your full disposal.” “I sure will.” After saying goodbye to Clara and Justin, Rachel left with Joey in her arms.

Clara and Justin watched Rachel and Joey get into the vehicle from the gate of the estate. Eventually, the Cayenne sped away and was no longer visible to the naked eye. “Clara, your friend is a one-of-a-kind individual,” Justin said. Clara gazed towards the direction where the automobile departed. She remained quiet for a moment after hearing Justin’s words before nodding in agreement. “She’s such an inspiration.”

Justin was a little taken aback when he heard this.

Clara had always been the center of attention in the eyes of others, and it was uncommon for her to be impressed

by another person.

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