Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Take Me To A Place 

After hearing Joey’s words, Carson cocked his eyebrows. “What do you want? “Is it a car model or the Marvel products? All you have to do is mention it. I’ll buy you anything.”

Joey walked up to him. Cunning was evident in his eyes. “Are you for real? I can have whatever I want?”

“Do I look like someone who doesn’t keep his words?” Carson replied.

“Very well then. I’ll play a single round with you.”

Joey took out his phone and sat on the sofa.

Carson raised the corners of his mouth and spoke to the little boy. “One round is not enough.”

Joey lifted his head and fixed a penetrating gaze on Carson, “Didn’t you just say that you aren’t a man who would break his promises?” “It has got to be five rounds at least! Two out of three sets. I want to make sure you accept defeat wholeheartedly.” He forfeited having a rest just for the sake of proving how good he was at playing games. As a result, he didn’t approve of taking a single round. Joey responded by rolling his eyes. Carson put Joey’s character into his game room. Thereafter, he pressed “Start.” Carson looked at Joey and said, “You haven’t said what you want, kid.” Carson spoke like he was so sure about emerging victorious in the end. There was a little bit of cockiness in his tone. Joey chose a game role rather flippantly. He blinked his big eyes. They appeared so innocent. “There’s no need to be in a rush. You’ll get to know what it is soon.” In no time, the game finally began. . Joey’s character employed an interesting skill and Carson’s game interface made an imminent stop. Messages popped up on the screen. They informed him that his role had died. “It’s such a shame that you have been killed!” Joey put down his phone and stretched himself. “You’ve lost yet another time.”

Carson stared at the time on the left corner of the interface. They had barely played for three minutes! He hadn’t even used his ultimate skill. This was the fifth and final round.

He had never been able to last up to five minutes. At the beginning of every single round, he would be full of confidence. But in the end, he always got beaten brutally by Joey. There wasn’t even enough time for him to fight back.

Given this fact, Carson became really nervous and unsettled, His pretty eyes soon turned red. It was most likely due to how frustrated he had become as a result of being defeated on several occasions. He wanted another chance to compete. “One more round!” Carson’s irritation was obvious. Joey put down his phone. “No. We have agreed to play five rounds and no more,” he said Carson grinded his teeth. “One last round, I promise. You can have double of anything you want later. What do you say to that?”

Joey heaved a sigh. He could see the stern look on Carson’s face. “It’s really going to be the last round, pinkie swear.”

“Yes, it’s going to be. Pinkie swear!” Carson rolled up his sleeves as if he was about to do something very serious.

At the sight of this, Joey couldn’t help but frown. Something told him that this was not going to be the last one. Fifteen minutes later, a familiar message popped up the screen again. “It’s such a shame, you have been killed! The game came to an end. Except this time, it was not on Carson’s screen. Joey lost the game! “This is what I am talking about!” Carson.clapped his hands while he looked at the interface. “Kid, I knew you

wanted to ambush me. But I’ve actually been waiting for you the whole time.”

Joey exited the game interface and got off the sofa. After that, he straightened his clothes.

Carson didn’t notice what Joey was doing. He was still basking in the euphoria of finally winning the game and busy posting the screenshots to his Instagram. “Now tell me what you want. I’ll buy it for you right this very moment. I don’t mind doubling or even tripling the value of whatever you choose.”

“I’m not interested in having things.” Joey looked at him.

With a flick of his finger, Carson posted the pictures to his Instagram account. He looked up and noticed that Joey was standing right in front of him with a serious expression. “I want you to take me to a place,” the little boy said.

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