Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Mother-child Relationship
About half an hour later, a red Ferran stopped at the roadside just opposite Jimenez Group building
Carson’s slender finger tapped the steering wheel from time to time. He turned to look at Joey who was sitting in
the passenger seat while staring at the entrance of the edifice.
“This is the place you asked me to take you, isn’t it?” Carson asked,
The sign “imenez Group” was especially prominent. It was a working day. As a result, there weren’t so many people coming in and out of the building
What has captured this kid’s attention so much?” Carson’s mouth twitched.
it was hard to tell what attracted him so much. But whatever the thing was, it couldn’t possibly be more fun than playing games. For a split second, Caison thought of the last round of the game in which he finally emerged victorious. And this ignited his desire for another match, Joey ignored him. The child just kept staring at the Jimenez Group. But he also took a quick peek at the time on his
Carson yawned. “What do you want? Are you looking for anyone in particular? Tell me who tre person is. I’ll help vou find them. It’s a waste of time just waiting at the roadside for so long!”
“You are being so noisy right now!” complained Joey. When Carson heard those words, he was at a loss for words.
There was a frown on Joey’s face. He puffed out his cheeks and checked the time again. He appeared to be thinking about something “Did you ask me to bring you here because of a girl you like? Is she in there somewhere?” At this juncture, Carson was in a state of confusion. “I find it hard to believe that you’ve had a crush on some girl at such a young age. Well, I’ll have to see who she is that has made the heir of Sullivan Group in love.” Carson tried to tease him. “I don’t have a crush on any girl!” Joey was both helpless and irritated by Carson’s absurd conclusion. Carson stretched his hand and pinched the child’s puffed cheek lightly. After doing that, he was very pleased with himself. “You don’t have to be shy, alright? Tell me, who are you waiting for? I promise not to make mention of it to anyone.” Joey rolled his eyes. He thought that Carson was just being clamorous. This made the boy question why he came with him in the first place.
“I want to drink some milk!” Joey did not allow Carson to finish what he was saying.
Carson was stunned for a while. “Milk?”
Joey nodded affirmatively. “Yes. I want chocolate and banana flavor.”
“Is that even a thing?”
“Of course it is! Mommy used to buy it for me.” After a short pause, Joey’s voice changed. He said in a sullen tone, “If only Mommy were here by my side right now…”
As soon as he finished saying those words, he raised his eyes to look at the expression on Carson’s face.
Just like Joey expected, Carson thought he was missing his mother. After all, he was only a three-year-old child.
‘Banana and chocolate flavor?’ Carson looked at the convenience store on the roadside. “Alright, I will go buy it. Do
not run around. Just wait here in the car.”
“Okay,” Joey replied.
Carson unfastened his seat belt. After that, he opened the door, But he thought for a while and turned around with a bit of concern. “I mean it. Don’t run away, I’ll be back before you know it.”
“There’s no reason to worry. I won’t! But the milk that I asked for isn’t for sale at ordinary stores.” Joey’s eyes glimmered while his. canine teeth were revealed.
But the expression disappeared quickly before Carson could even notice it.
“Did you just say that it is not for sale in ordinary stores? Where am I supposed to buy it then?”
“You can buy it at the supermarket.” Joey blinked his eyes while he spoke. “I mean the large one.”
They were situated in the center of Apliaria. It was surrounded by the buildings of the headquarters of various
groups. How could there possibly be any large supermarket around such a place? The nearest one from where their car was parked would take at least fifteen minutes’ walk. Carson placed his hand on the car door. Then he coughed slightly “Kid!”
Carson tapped the door frame with his fingers. “The milk you mentioned is not very good for children’s health if they drink too much.”
“What exactly do you want to say?”
“How about i buy you some pure milk instead?” “No!” Joey shook his head. “I want chocolate and banana flavor.”
Carson’s eye twitched. “Very well then! I’ll buy it.”
Joey was a clever and mischievous child. Carson thought about pulling a fast one on him. But after considering it a little bit, he finally decided to go to the supermarket. Carson locked the door and opened the window slightly in order to ensure adequate ventilation. Then, he took the car keys. Joey looked at the rearview mirror. He saw that Carson was walking farther and farther away. The little boy smiled triumphantly. It was finally quiet around him now! 1 The little boy unfastened his seat belt and sat cross legged in the passenger seat. He looked at his watch in order to know the time. After that, he tapped on its screen twice and dialed a number. There was a connection in no time. “It’s four o’clock in the morning over here! Why did you call me?” Quintin’s voice could be heard clearly. It came from the watch. “Did you catch a cold?” Joey asked. He noticed that Quintin’s voice sounded somewhat hoarse. “Yes, just a little bit. But I’m fine.” His grumpy feeling after waking up in the morning disappeared in an instant. “What’s going on? What’s your reason for calling so late? Is anything the matter?” “Everything is alright. I just want to ask you about someone,” “Oh! Is that so? And who is the person in question?” “Do you happen to know a certain Roger Jimenez?” Joey asked while gazing at the Jimenez Group. His head was slightly tilted. : “Roger Jimenez?” Quintin searched for any information about this man in his mind. “If I remember correctly, he is supposed to be the only heir of the Jimenez family in Apliaria, right? Why are you asking about the man?” “Do you have a clue as regards the kind of relationship Roger has with Mommy?” He asked another question. The reason behind the boy’s waiting at the gate of Jimenez Group building was that he actually wanted to see Roger. This morning, after Rachel went out, Joey went back to his room with an iPad. Not long after, the device rang all of a sudden and it received a message. Only then did he find that Rachel had logged into Instagram with his account
the day before. And she hadn’t logged out yet. As a result, the messages had been sent in sync.
It contained an introduction of the potential investor of the welfare house project. The message came from Andy.
The investor took part in the investment in the name of the company. For some reason best known to him, Joey opened the folder and casually searched for the boss. While doing so, he discovered that the company was newly
established and its boss was none else but Roger, the current CEO of Jimenez Group
How could a new company spend so much money on a public service project before even starting its business? And
why did he choose to do so in the name of a small company? From the look of things, it seemed that he was
approaching her on purpose. i “The relationship between Roger and Rachel?” Quintin asked in confusion. What he knew of the man was only limited to him being the CEO of Jimenez Group. Besides that, he didn’t know much about other things.
All of a sudden, a thought flashed through Quintin’s mind. He had just remembered something! “Rachel and Roger were classmates back in high school,” he said. ”
While the conversation was going on, a flashy automobile was seen moving slowly on the roadside just opposite their vehicle. Then, it stopped before the building.

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