Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Odin Was
Susana couldn’t believe it. But how could it be her?
She read the message on her phone over and over as if she couldn’t comprehend its meaning.
“No, it can not be! No way!”
Joey couldn’t be Victor’s son. How could Victor have a child? It was absurd! Susan tightened her grip on her phone. Her fingernails seemed to dig into the leather phone case. As she told herself it was impossible, she remembered seeing Joey for the first time. She went to the Sue Garden. She was surprised, to say the least. Joey looked like Victor. 4
The resemblance was remarkable. They were like two peas in a pod. However, Susan dismissed the possibility. A paternity test later determined that Joey was the son of Odin. So even if Joey looked like a mini-Victor, Susan wouldn’t believe the child was hers because
of the paternity test report.
Susan put it in the genes that Joey inherited from the Sullivan family. That explained why he and Victor looked so much alike.
And yet here, in the photo report, she said that Victor was not Joey’s uncle, but his father. Susan was so shocked that she couldn’t think of anything.
Her hands were shaking as she pressed the number of the sender of the message. She had to know the truth. She waited for the call to connect to the sender.
“The number you have called cannot be reached at this time. Please try again later.”
What did it mean? Was the sender out of coverage area? Or had he turned off his mobile phone?
Susan leaned against the wall to keep from falling to the ground. She clicked on the photo again. No, this was not an illusion. So she pressed another number, and this time it was Victor’s. She didn’t believe it! Her call went through. She heard the phone ring once and then hung up as if she had been blocked. Angry, she threw her phone on the ground. Susan crouched on the ground but kept her head up. As she bit her lower lip hard, her tears fell. A moment later, she burst out laughing. She felt like a fool. She told herself there was no way Victor was Joey’s biological father. However, her intuition said the opposite.
But, when did Victor sleep with another woman?
Why didn’t she know? “Here, dry your tears.” It was the voice of a man. And the owner of her voice would lean over her and hand her a tissue. Susan quickly noted her long, graceful fingers. On her wrist was a fancy watch. She slowly raised her head and saw the man. Even if he wore glasses, she could tell that he had a pair of beautiful eyes.
“You…” “You are such a beautiful woman. Crying is not good for you.” The man smiled at Susan and handed her the tissue paper.
Susan took the handkerchief and murmured a perfunctory “thank you.” She looked at the man and felt that she looked
The man straightened up and pushed his glasses up his nose with his finger. He then offered his hand to help Susan up. Susan stood up and looked at the man’s face and was surprised. “You are Odin.” •
I don’t expect you to know me. Odin was amused by the surprised look on Susan’s face. He smiled charmingly as
he took off his glasses. He looked amazingly like Victor.
“But… aren’t you dead? Why…?” Odin took two steps closer to Susan, “Hmm? What?”
Susan pursed her lips and pressed her back against the wall, grabbing her phone. “Do you want to know why I’m still alive?” Odin asked Susan in a playful tone. With one hand pressed against the wall, he looked directly at Susan with her piercing eyes. Susan avoided her eyes. She shook her head repeatedly because she wasn’t sure if the man in front of her was really alive. Or was it just an illusion?
In a panic, she accidentally tapped a phone number in the call log and a call was initiated. A phone rang clear and loud. It was Odin’s phone. She took the phone out of her pants pocket. Susan was stunned when she saw the number that appeared on the screen of Odin’s phone.
It was her phone number.
It was then that he realized that he had accidentally touched the number of the sender of the message. “Did you send me that picture?” Susan asked, her brows furrowed in confusion.
Odin pressed the hang up button on his phone. Looking directly at Susan, he said, “I’d like to hide it from you a little longer, but unfortunately I can’t.” Susan looked at Odin as if he were studying her face. It was the first time she had seen him. The Salazar family used to be a humble family in Apliaria. Susan didn’t really get a chance to see Odin before he left.
When Victor became the CEO of the Sullivan Group, Odin was assigned overseas projects to oversee. He made an outstanding impression in his work that appeared in various business magazines. It was only in these magazines that Susan saw it. Odin and Victor were both from the Sullivan family. They were actually brothers but had different mothers. Although they looked so much alike, their temperaments were opposite. Victor was cold as if no one could get close to him. Odin smiled a lot. Victor was never loquacious; Odin talked a lot. Odin always wore glasses, and with his winning smile, he looked like a refined scoundrel. “Why did you send this photo? What were you trying to say?” “What do you think?” Odin asked as he approached Susan. Susan felt trapped. “I dont know. ME…”
“You really don’t know? Or do you refuse to believe it? Susan, I really can’t stand to see you being cheated on, so I sent you that picture.” There was a touch of softness in her voice.
Susan swallowed and looked away from her.
“You’re not angry? My brother has a son. “Nope!”
“Nope? It is impossible? Are you saying that he can’t have a child? Why are you so naive, Susan? Odin laughed. “Have you forgotten that my brother had a son four years ago?” Susan’s face turned as pale as a sheet. Odin was reminding her of things she had long forgotten.
“Yes, whatever you think is right. Joey is the son of Victor and Rachel. What a pity that he made a fool of you. And now, the woman he loves is back. How could Victor be so cruel to you! He abandoned you. He alienated you and your family.” Odin snorted. “Victor is so ruthless.”
Susan looked into Odin’s eyes with red eyes.
Every word she said pierced her heart.
Susan wasn’t sure how her father could survive if she had known this. Her mother was very worried because she was lying in bed. And the Salazar family was on the verge of bankruptcy. Her career in the entertainment circle was. almost over and she would become a nobody.
Did she hate Victor?
How could I not hate him? “You want revenge, right?” Odin asked softly. “Maybe I can help you.”

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