Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Don’t Kill Him
Hearing that, the two burly men at the door darted toward Joey and reached out to catch him.
Joey stepped backward, put his hands behind his back, and tried to take off his watch.
He had been calm all this while because his watch was equipped with the location feature. As long as he had the watch, his mom would find him. But the head of the kidnappers was a smart man, and Joey couldn’t fool him. He noticed that Joey had put his hands behind his back. His brows shot up in suspicion. “What’s in your hands?”
Joey’s pupils began to shrink. He shook his head and tried to remove the watch as fast as he could. However, ever
since he left the watch in the hotel last time, he had improved its belt, and it was a bit cumbersome to remove it
He was anxious. After a while, his wrist turned red after tugging at the watch belt. Finally, after a lot of effort, he finally removed the watch
Joey’s jaw tightened as he warily stared at the three people in front of him. Then, he stepped backward, hoping to find a spot from where he could throw the watch without being noticed. But there was nothing behind him except for the cold wall. People would definitely find the watch if he threw it out.
The head kidnapper strode to Joey. “Take it out!” he bellowed, grabbing his collar.
Joey swallowed and clenched his watch without uttering a word. Seeing his reluctance, the leader lifted Joey off his feet to grab onto what Joey was holding. “No! Let go of me!” Joey squealed. He couldn’t breathe because the collar was choking him.
The leader glanced at his men. Understanding their gesture, they all lunged forward and grabbed Joey’s hands, and one of them snatched the watch with all his strength. After all, a three-year-old child couldn’t fight two strong men.
“A watch?” one of the men exclaimed in confusion.
The leader threw Joey on the sofa. Then, he took the watch from his subordinate and examined it. The watch didn’t look anything extraordinary. It was just a normal kid’s watch.
“Give it back to me!” Regardless of his pain, Joey tried snatching the watch.
The leader effortlessly dodged his move. Seeing that, the other men held Joey’s arms, stopping him from moving.
Seeing that Joey cared a lot about the watch, the leader felt it wasn’t just a simple instrument to check the time but had something more to it. He remembered the commission his employer had given him. He had kidnapped and blackmailed several people, and his employer always rewarded him with a lot of money. However, this time, his employer gave him one hundred million dollars.
Moreover, he had entrusted him with the unusual task of kidnapping a little kid.
The leader looked at the watch and felt he could make a big fortune through this deal.
“Do you really cherish this watch?” the leader asked. Joey’s eyes reddened. He gritted his teeth and tried wriggling out of the man’s hold. “Let go of me! Give it back to me! Do you know who I am? You better let go of me. Otherwise, you’ll regret kidnapping me.” One of the men sneered, “Speak your age! You are a little boy, but you talk like you know everything. How dare you threaten us? Do you know who we are? Do you know that we get to decide whether you can live or not? If you don’t listen to us, you will be…”
He slid his finger across his neck, gesturing that he’d kill him. The blood on Joey’s face drained in an instant. He clenched his fists and kept reminding himself not to be afraid. But regardless of how much he tried, he couldn’t muster the strength to remain calm.
The leader walked toward Joey and squatted before him. “Little guy, what’s in this watch?” “I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Joey looked at the watch. There was a hidden press button on it. If he managed to press it, he could send a signal to Quintin. He had been overconfident at first, thinking that the kidnappers were idiots. Therefore, he didn’t press the button Now, the watch was right in front of him.
“Well, it looks like you don’t want to tell. But that doesn’t matter. Anyway, this won’t affect our plan in any way.
This watch…” The leader raised the watch high, pretending to throw it at the wall. “Little guy, you better not play tricks, thinking that someone would come and save you. Otherwise, I will break you like this d**n watch.” with that, he threw the watch against the wall with a malicious look on his face.
The watch smashed against the wall and broke into pieces.
Joey’s eyes widened; his jaw dropped in horror.
Everything happened too fast, and he didn’t have the time to react.
“No!” Joey struggled hard, but the kidnappers held him tightly. “Behave yourself! Ah!” Before the man could finish his warning, Joey bit his arm. The man subconsciously withdrew his arm and waved his hand. Using the man’s distraction to his advantage, Joey rushed toward the wall. But before he could move further, someone caught him again.
“You brat! How dare you bite me?” The man looked murderous. He raised his hand and slapped Joey hard across the
The loud thud of the slap resonated across the room. Joey clutched his cheek. The slap was hard, and he began to feel dizzy.
However, the man wasn’t satisfied. He grabbed Joey by the neck and growled, “Come on! Try biting me now! Bite! I’ll beat you to death!”
Joey’s face turned red; he struggled to breathe. He tightly grasped the man’s hand and tried unclasping his finger off his neck. “Ahem!” The leader feigned a cough to grab the man’s attention.
Sensing the warning, the man returned to his senses and saw that Joey’s face had turned red-he was struggling to breathe.
“Watch out! Don’t kill him!” The leader yawned and glanced at Joey. “I’ll go upstairs and get some sleep.”
“Don’t worry, boss! We know what to do.”
The leader turned around and went upstairs, and his subordinates threw Joey on the sofa.
Joey’s back hit the sofa’s armrest, and he yelped in pain.
He covered the back of his neck, and his breathing came in pants. His face turned pallid as tears welled up in his eyes. 2
A loud bang echoed across the room as the glass fell to the floor and shattered to pieces. Rachel returned to her senses and looked down at the broken pieces on the floor. She quickly sprang to her feet to pick up the pieces. As soon as Andy finished the call and came in, he saw Rachel squatted on the floor, picking up glass fragments. He hurried forward and stopped her. “Miss Bennet, don’t touch them or you’ll hurt. I’ll ask the waiter…
Even before Andy could finish his words, Rachel cut her finger. She winced in pain as blood trickled down her hand. Andy quickly took out a piece of tissue and handed it to Rachel. But to his surprise, she didn’t even notice it and was staring at the blood on her hand.
“Miss Bennet, I’ll call the waiter. Don’t touch it,” Andy reminded her.
Still, there was no response from her.
Seeing that Rachel didn’t respond, Andy worriedly called her, “Miss Bennet? Miss Bennet?”
“Hmm? What?” Rachel came to her senses and took the tissue from Andy. “L…”
“What’s wrong with you? Why do you seem absentininded? Did it not go well with the investor?” By the time Andy arrived, Rachel had already finished talking with the potential investor of the welfare house project. He didn’t even
have the time to see who the investor was.
“It’s not like that.” Rachel pressed her lips, wrapped the tissue around her finger to stop the bleeding, and stood up. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have been restless ever since I went out this morning. I have a strange feeling that something is about to happen.

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